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Mcmains Men in the Civil War

Mcmains men served well during the "War Between the States". The descendants of Robert Mcmains are represented in many different Union  regiments.  His descendants also served in the Confederate Army.

State Index

  The Mcmains Men of Iowa (USA)
iowa seal
Six Mcmains men served in Company C, 40th Regiment, Iowa Infantry .  They were all cousins, except two were brothers. One of the six, Alexander Mcmains, was my great-granduncle. Of these six, two died of disease while serving, one was discharged for disability, and the other three remained until mustered out.
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40th Iowa Infantry
Mcmains men from Iowa also served in many other regiments. This link will take you to a collection of military records concerning McMains men who served in regiments beside the 40th.
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Other Iowa Regiments

  The Mcmains Men of Indiana (USA)
Indiana Seal
Before the Mcmains family emigrated westward into Iowa, they lived in Indiana. Many chose to remain in Indiana, and thus there were many Mcmains men who joined regiments in that state. My roster of Mcmains Men in Indiana includes these men. At least one of these men served in both Iowa and Indiana regiments (Anderson Mcmains), showing that the connection between the Mcmains in these two states was still very much intact.
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Indiana Regiments

The Mcmains Men of Nebraska and Kansas (USA)
Kansas Seal;
When the Civil War began, a few Mcmains families had emigrated as far as Nebraska Territory and Kansas. While I have not identified many Mcmains men from these areas that served, I am including the two that I have identified. Hopefully, this roster will grow as others add to my list.

Abraham Ples Mcmains served 6 months in Nebraska Territory. His regiment was not involved in fighting the Confederacy, but did fight  Native Americans, in western Nebraska.  He was a great granduncle of mine. His brother served  in the 40th Infantry Iowa.

Samuel, or Andrew Mcmains (both names are found in records), served in the 19th  Cavalry, Kansas.
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Nebraska and Kansas Regiments

McMains Men of Pennsylvania (USA)

Pennsylvania provided many soldiers for the Union Army. Among those were at least two with the surname of McMains.
These persons remain unknown in that we do not know from what family they hail. We do know that there is a Pennsylvania connection in our McMains ancestry.

In time, we will be able to determine if these lines represent McMains "broken branches" or "other branches" . For now, they are listed as both.

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Pennsylvania Regiments

McMains Men of Texas (CSA)
Joseph Washington McMains was born In Missouri, but moved with his family to Texas  from Arkansas, about 1857.  Joseph had military experience previous to the start of the civil war and served as a Texas Mounted Volunteer, as well as a Texas Minuteman. In 1864, he joined the 36th Texas Cavalry, under the command of Captain John Tom. He was mustered in from Atascosa County.
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Texas Regiments

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