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Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
453Amelia(25 Feb 1798)11 Jan 1868Mother Footstone A.D.69.10.17
454Amelia6 Nov 185612 July 1939dau of Oliver & Sarah Davison - Footstone AD
517Ann19 Nov 181713 Apr 1913
90Anny(4 June 1790)27 Jan 1864wife of Robert Davison footstone AD73.7.23
91Anthony(31 Dec 1815)3 Aug 1846Footstone A.D.30.7.5
94Anthony(15 Apr 1789)3 May 1832"Father" Footstone A.D.45.0.18
1206Blanchard12 Aug 187319 Mar 1878son of Lorenzo & Hester Davison
1633Catherine B.4 May, 188310 Oct, 1977
1206Charles E.24 Aug 18763 Apr 1878son of Lorenzo & Hester Davison
93Charles P.(14 Feb 1838)20 Aug 1846Son of Anth. & Susan Davison8.6.6
689Chester D.14 Dec 18945 Sept 1895son of Seamon & Emma Davison
221D.No DataNo Data Undecipherable Footstone D.D.
1206DeMott12 Feb 187528 Mar 1878son of Lorenzo & Hester Davison
1633Doris C.25 Aug, 192314 Jan 1981
1206Edward B.18771940"Edgar"
454Edward S.24 Jan 185925 Aug 1861son of Oliver & Sarah Davison
95Fanny(25 Jan 1793)19 Aug 1852"Mother" Footstone F.D.59.6.25
692George(14 Feb 1809)11 feb 1888Footstone "Father"78.11.28
1206George L.24 Aug 18726 Jan 1873son of Lorenzo & Hester Davison
1312Henry31 July 18178 Sept 1881
1206Hester(28 Feb 1843)26 Feb 1910wife of Lorenzo Davison66.11.26
690Irene A.18881900
454Irene C.21 Nov 187112 Nov 1948dau of Oliver & Sara Davison Footstone ICD
88John(18 Jan 1827)19 Aug 184619.7.1
962Lewis1 Jan 181728 Oct 1874
1206Lorenzo(1840)10 Nov 191575
220MNo DataNo Data Undecipherable Footstone M.D.
686Martha8 Nov 181528 Feb 1992wife of William Davison, Footstone "Mother"77
691Martha(22 Apr 1813)27 Feb 1891wife of George Davison, Footstome "Mother"77.10.5
963Mary DeMott12 Mar 182616 Jan 1904wife of Lewis Davison
222Nancy(12 Nov 1755)26 Sept 1836mother of Robert Davison80.10.14
454Oliver25 July 183022 Jan 1916Foottone O.D.
454Oliver5 Nov 186928 Oct 1916son of Oliver & Sarah Davison footstone OSD
961Phebe(1816)1 May 1895wife of Tredwell Davison79
89Robert(8 Oct 1787)18 Mar 184153.5.0
223Robert(1787)13 Dec 1855Footstone R.D
516Robert(1814)25 Apr 188470
518Robert H.26 Nov 184920 Dec 1907footstone Father
454Sarah13 July 18325 Jan 1896wife of Oliver Davison Footstone S.D.
1312Sarah9 Mar 183011 Aug 1901wife of Henry Davison
454Susan16 Sept 186629 Nov 1934dau of Oliver & Sarah Davison - Footstone SJD
1633Theodore A.8 July, 191315 Nov, 1980
960Tredwell(1814)7 Aug 186652
686William15 July 18117 May 1889Footstone "Father"77
92Woltner(1846)18467 wk son of Anth. & Susan Davison
Number of Plots:51
De Lutio
1801Brotherno datano data
1801Fatherno datano data
1801Husbandno datano data
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