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Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
569Micuel BarrieuNo Data1918Sue(?) Padre Familia T Amioos
Number of Plots:1
1932Edward T.18941928
Number of Plots:1
1835William John18781927
Number of Plots:1
Number of Plots:2
9?No Data1877son of Israel & Cath Pearsall
768Abigail R.(31 Aug 1794)20 Apr 1870wife of Peter P. Pearsall75.7.20
811Alden H.19 Mar 186018 June 1881son of Hamiliton & Amanda Pearsall
451Alexander(1816)20 June 1897Footstone A.P.81
943Alfred(3 Apr 1861)24 Jan 1862son of Alfred & Hannah Pearsall0.9.21
636Alice2 Jan 183927 June 1879Prob wife of Oliver Pearsall
1185Aliceno datano datawife of William H. Pearsall
811Amanda18331912wife of Hamiliton W. Pearsall, Footstone A.P.
1333Amos(1826)14 Feb 1882footstone: A.P.56
450Ann(9 Aug 1780)29 July 1864wife of Henry Pearsall83.11.20
1185Anna(8 Sept 1873)8 Feb 1874daughter of William H. Pearsall0.6.0
511Anthony(24 Mar 1825)4 July 185934.3.10
462BatesNo Data2 May 1868NY Vol Engineers
935Bates(7 Feb 1799)14 May 187071.3.7
401Benjamin10 May 18102 Dec 189888.6.22
717Catharine(1795)13 May 1861wife of Charles Pearsall66
241Catherine(1779)20 Dec 1831wife of Thomas Pearsall52
8Catherine LangdonNo Data9 May 18??Wife of Israel Pearsall64.2.14
716Charles(1799)7 Apr 1874American Legon Marker75
1266Clara B.18741888footstone: C.B.P.
936Clarence18 June 187812 Aug 1916
369Cornwall(6 Mar 1800)15 Feb 186665.11.9
87Daniel(25 Mar 1834)7 Sept 1838son of Albert & Mary Ann Pearsll4.5.13
197Daniel(18 Dec 1795)4 Oct 1815Loose stone55.9.18
1271David(20 July 1813)13 Sept 188774.1.24
770Deborah(7 Feb 1817)19 Jan 1883wife of Jarvis R. Pearsall65.11.12
54Demott(3 Dec 1863)3 feb 1869son of Uraih Pearsall Footstone DP5.2.0
1306DeMott(1841)15 May 188039
425Edwin19191956son of Wright & Stella Pearsall
811Eleanor F.18441920dau of Wright/Rebecca wife of Robert W. Jones
404Elisa(22 Aug 1816)22 Dec 1876wife of George W. Pearsall60.4.0
28Elizabeth(1776)12 Mar 1857prob wife of Bates Pearsall81
467Elizabeth(20 Jan 1786)2 Mar 186680.1.20
584Elizabeth A.(4 July 1832)22 Jan 1886wife of Gideon Pearsall53.6.18
588Elizabeth Ann( 5 Sept 1835)2 Oct 1856wife of Charles Pearsall21.0.27
1467Ellsworth19011933My Beloved Husband
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