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Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
1675Maria Gertrude18741945Mother
Number of Plots:2
1016AdamNov 1812Nov 1891footstone: Father79
1016CatherineDec 1811Apr 1898wife of Adam Peters / footstone: Mother87
582Daniel T.(16 July 1811)16 Apr 1867Footstone D.T.P55.9.0
1015Edward18651940footstone: Father
1015Mary1876No Datawife of Edward Peters / footstone: Mother
583P.S.No DataNo DataP.S.P
Number of Plots:7
Petersen datano data
Number of Plots:1
1774Abigail(28 Nov 1835)13 Jan 186226.1.16
168Amanda(1843)22 mar 1845dau of Jorden & Elizab. Ann Pettit2
670Amelia(15 Mar 1788)13 Nov 1829wife of William Pettit41.7.29
1556Charles(17 June 1838)24 Dec 1892Father / footstone C.P.54.6.7
1773Elbert15 Apr 184014 Nov 1910Father
845Elisa(27 Aug 1809)30 Apr 1892wife of Jesse Pettit82.8.3
1775Increase(5 Sept 1777)16 Apr 186688.7.11
1765Jane(27 July 1829)14 Apr 1890wife of Lewis Pettit60.8.18
1558Jennie6 May 18839 Feb 1905wife of Grover C. Pettit / Jennie / J.P.
844Jesse(11 Jan 1792)9 Apr 1877Footstone J.P.69.2.29
1771Joel(12 June 1815)10 July 187661.0.28
176Jordan(26 Oct 1825)13 dec 184925.10.18
167Joseph(15 Nov 1820)15 Apr 185532.5.0
1789Lillian A.1870no datawife of William E. Pettit
1772Martha(5 Feb 1792)10 Dec 1814wife of Joel Pettit/dtr of John & Eliz.Sealey22.10.5
185Mary(2 May 1782)23 Nov 1861wife of Stephen Pettit78.8.21
1557Mary Amanda3 Mar 18459 Nov 1912wife of Charles Pettit / Mother / M.A.P.
1770Norchy (Hannah)(11 Jan 1815)19 Jan 189176.0.8
172Sarah(11 Sept 1782)4 April 1872wife of Thomas Pettit89.6.24
668Sarah(7 Oct 1789)1 Oct 1869wife of William Pettit70.11.22
184Stephen(15 Sept 1787)21 dec 185369.3.8
173Thomas(21 Feb 1776)21 Dec 183660.10.0
202William(10 Sept 1754)27 Oct 1813Stone next to him, wife?59.1.17
671William(28 July 1788)2 Sept 186072.1.5
1789William E.18741944
Number of Plots:25
1223Ruthie Ann(31 Mar 1828)15 Aug 1890wife of Solomon Place / footstone: R.A.P.62.4.15
1224Solomon(12 Feb 1830)19 Dec 1893footstone: S.P.63.10.7
Number of Plots:2
1364Elizabeth(1843)23 Aug 1891wife of James Plant48
1365James(1842)22 Apr 1898Co. D. 69th N.Y. Vols
Number of Plots:2
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