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Rockville Cemetery Lynbrook, L.I., NY
PlotFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
412Elijah17 Mar 186110 June 1916"Father"
854Elijah(20 Mar 1846)20 Jan 1862son of Nathaniel & Sarah Ann Terrell15.10.0
1469Elizabeth7 May 184117 May 1921wife of Daniel Terrell80.0.10
1469Ernest2 July 188921 Jan 1891son of D.F. & A.M. Terrell
488Ester19 Apr 188924 Oct 1918wife os Alfred C. Weidmann
262Ettie(30 Aug 1870)10 Oct 1921Mother51.1.10
412Henirietta15 Feb 186426 Jan 1950wife of Elijah Terrell "Mother"
1270Isaac Philmore31 Mar 189330 Nov 1918
412Lewis2 June 18879 Mar 1923"Lewis"
1470Margaret E.18751945
1470Oscar1875no data
Number of Plots:17
1414Gilson(23 Mar 1841)28 Sept 186322.6.5
1413Margaret E.(24 Mar 1844)18 Apr 1862wife of Gilson Terry18.0.25
1743Melvin S.18521923
1743Susan A.18591939
Number of Plots:4
571Mary El19051945
Number of Plots:1
259Amos(1780)19 May 185676
71Elisa(4 Mar 1825)24 May 1853wife of William j. Thomas28.2.20
906Mary A.(17 May 1825)14 Apr 1870wife of William J. Thomas44.10.28
258Milly(22 Feb 1788)1 Sept 1874Prob wife os Amos Thomas (next)86.6.10
1454no datano datano data"a monument with nothing else on it"
260Sarah H.No DataNo Datadau of Amos Thomas (illegable & sunken)
Number of Plots:6
1759Andrew J., Jr.18851920
1433Burtis E.S.18741926son of John H. & Frances Thompson
1433John H.19 May 18361 Aug 1899veteran 1861-5, 1st Sgt.Co.F.71st Pa.Vol.
Number of Plots:3
1460Margaret Mills18541924
Number of Plots:3
1363Adaline(5 Dec 1841)26 July 1882wife of Thomas Thorne40.7.21
Number of Plots:1
868Mary datano datawife of (remainder buried)
Number of Plots:1
1830Charity18711922founder of 1st Baptist Church, Far Rockaway
Number of Plots:1
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