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Rockville Cemetery
PlotLastFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
439HegemanJohn(26 Jan 1805)17 Aug 1880Next stone unreadable, prob Eliz wife of John75.6.22
440JacksonAndrew(10 May 1836)9 May 1857son of John & Elsia Jackson20.11.23
441JacksonCharlie(17 July 1871)21 Sept 1871son of Henry & Mary A jackson0.2.4
442StringhamSeaman8 Nov 184417 Sept 1846Seaman1.10.9
442StringhamSingleton1 Jan 184012 June 1847Singleton7.6.12
442StringhamLorenso7 May 183011 Dec 1869Lorenso39.7.5
442StringhamCornell28 Aug 182716 July 1866Cornell38.11.18
442StringhamCarman30 Sept 184826 Mar 1847Carman26.6.26
442StringhamCharlotte11 Feb 18117 July 1895
442StringhamCarman19 Nov 180115 Dec 187170.0.24
442StringhamLynda Jane7 July 18527 Mar 1871wife of Carman Stringham "Lydia"20.7.0
443WoodCecelia11 Jan 18556 Aug 1909wife of Henry S. Wood
443WoodHenry S.29 May 184928 Oct 1916
444AbramsMary Elizabeth(10 Sept 1844)25 Jan 1879dau of Elijah & Sarah A. Abrams34.4.15
445AbramsSarah Ann(10 Apr 1821)12 Oct 1880wife of Elijah Abrams59.6.2
446AbramsElijah(10 Sept 1827)12 July 1878son of Whitehead & Sara Abrams50.10.2
447AbramsClarkson(29 Feb 1815)11 Aug 1851son of Whitehaed & Sarah Abrams36.5.15
447RiderElizabeth(24 Nov 1804)19 Feb 1881wife of Stephen Rider76.2.16
448RiderStephen(30 Dec 1799)14 July 186464.6.14
449PearsallHenry(10 Sept 1784)2 June 1849H.P.64.8.25
450PearsallAnn(9 Aug 1780)29 July 1864wife of Henry Pearsall83.11.20
451PearsallAlexander(1816)20 June 1897Footstone A.P.81
451PearsallSusan(1816)20 June 1876Wife of Alexander Pearsall62
452PearsallHenry6 Feb 181119 Apr 1880Footstone H.P.
452PearsallMaria24 Apr 181410 Mar 1898wife of Henry Pearsall - Footstone M.P.
452PearsallHenrietta18 Apr 184019 July 1865Footstone H.P.
453DavisonAlexander(8 Nov 1792)8 July 1868Father Footstone - A.D.75.8.0
453DavisonAmelia(25 Feb 1798)11 Jan 1868Mother Footstone A.D.69.10.17
454DavisonOliver25 July 183022 Jan 1916Foottone O.D.
454DavisonSarah13 July 18325 Jan 1896wife of Oliver Davison Footstone S.D.
454DavisonOliver5 Nov 186928 Oct 1916son of Oliver & Sarah Davison footstone OSD
454DavisonAlice M.22 Apr. 18699 May 1928wife of Oliver S. Davison - Footstone A.M.D
454DavisonEdward S.24 Jan 185925 Aug 1861son of Oliver & Sarah Davison
454DavisonSusan16 Sept 186629 Nov 1934dau of Oliver & Sarah Davison - Footstone SJD
454DavisonAmelia6 Nov 185612 July 1939dau of Oliver & Sarah Davison - Footstone AD
454DavisonIrene C.21 Nov 187112 Nov 1948dau of Oliver & Sara Davison Footstone ICD
455PearsallGeorge(13 Aug 1778)27 Oct 185375.2.14
456PearsallNancy(23 Feb 1780)12 Oct 1857wife of George Pearsall77.7.19
457PearsallHannah(1809)11 Mar 186554
458BrowerCharles20 Apr 1789)25 May 187182.1.5
459BrowerMary E.(18 Apr 1818)29 Apr 1862dau of Charles & Phebe Brower44.0.11
461Tamblyn?No Data1901Baby
462PearsallBatesNo Data2 May 1868NY Vol Engineers
463BrowerWilliam E.(17 Apr 1836)3 June 186650.1.17
464BrowerJoanna(17 June 1845)9 Dec 1859dau of William & Palmira Brower14.5.22
465BrowerCornell Agustus(28 Jan 1845)21 Jan 1845son of William & Palmirah Brower1.11.24
466BrowerTredwell(7 May 1822)7 Mar 1859Loose headstone back 467 is his? T.B.36.10.0
467PearsallElizabeth(20 Jan 1786)2 Mar 186680.1.20
468PearsallWilliam(27 May 1787)9 July 184659.1.12
469AbramsNathaniel(c. 1791)28 June 1857a loose stone back of Elizabeth Pearsallc. 66
470RhamePeter P.11 Aug 182721 Oct 1850Born Montgomery Co. PA, Footstone P.P.R.25.2.10
471RhameMary M.(31 July 1789)18 Sept 1855wife of Anthony H.L. Rhame Footstone M.M.R.61.1.18
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