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Rockville Cemetery
PlotLastFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
54PearsallDemott(3 Dec 1863)3 feb 1869son of Uraih Pearsall Footstone DP5.2.0
55PearsallMatilda(5 Apr 1814)22 Apr 1852wife of Urith Pearsall footstone MP58.0.17
56PearsallHannah(16 Apr 1823)27 Feb 1866footstone H.J.P.42.10.11
57PearsallUriah(17 July 1810)17 June 187857.11.0
59FrostIsaac(8 Mar 1824)8 Nov 1860Footstone I.F.36.8.0
60FrostSarah A.(5 June 1860)3 dec 1872Daughter of Issac & Catherine Frost
61AbramsTownsend(30 Jan 1819)11 Oct 184526.6.11
62BedellHarriet(1807)9 Jan 1846wife of Hewlett Bedell39
63AbramsElijah(2 Apr 1830)27 Sept 1834son of Charles & Phebe Abrams, Footstone E.A.4.5.25
64BurlingLangdon(6 Aug 1813)24 Mar 185844.7.18
65BurlingWilliam(1775)8 Mar 185681
66BurlingAnn(1770)1 July 1847wife of William Burling77
67BedellAnn(20 April 1793)11 Aug 1850wife of Tredwell Bedell57.3.22
68ElderdCatherine(28 Aug 1802)30 Dec 1853wife of Sam. Eldered loose stone 6751.4.2
69ElderdSamuel2 Apr 179611 Feb 1865loose stone behind 70 missing68.10.9
70BedellCapt. Treadwell(23 Mar 1792)8 May 185361.1.15
71ThomasElisa(4 Mar 1825)24 May 1853wife of William j. Thomas28.2.20
72WoodJoseph Sen.(21 Oct 1803)18 Jan 187773.2.28
73WoodElizabeth(1801)10 June 1861wife of Joseph Wood Sr.60
74JohnsonAlbert(4 July 1833)6 Feb 187036.7.2
75ValentineAmelia(1814)5 Dec 1868wife of Ezekiel Valentine54
76ValentineEzekiel(3 Nov 1814)3 Jan 187661.2.0
77ConwayIsaac(6 Mar 1821)4 Nov 1881Co K Reg NY60.7.29
78CombsEmmeline(1817)25 May 190285
79BrowerJesse(1793)23 Oct 1818first part of name probables35
80CarmanHannah(24 Mar 1796)5 Feb 1870wife of Samuel Carman73.10.12
81MottWilliam(1774)11 Apr 184874
82MottSarah(1782)25 Jan 1850wife of William Mott68
83SouthardMorris(1768)2 Nov 185183
84SouthardMary(19 May 1758)13 Aug 1860wife of Morris Southard75.2.25
85SouthardMary Jane18561914wife of Francis M. Southard
86SouthardFrancis M18491902
87PearsallDaniel(25 Mar 1834)7 Sept 1838son of Albert & Mary Ann Pearsll4.5.13
88DavisonJohn(18 Jan 1827)19 Aug 184619.7.1
89DavisonRobert(8 Oct 1787)18 Mar 184153.5.0
90DavisonAnny(4 June 1790)27 Jan 1864wife of Robert Davison footstone AD73.7.23
91DavisonAnthony(31 Dec 1815)3 Aug 1846Footstone A.D.30.7.5
92DavisonWoltner(1846)18467 wk son of Anth. & Susan Davison
93DavisonCharles P.(14 Feb 1838)20 Aug 1846Son of Anth. & Susan Davison8.6.6
94DavisonAnthony(15 Apr 1789)3 May 1832"Father" Footstone A.D.45.0.18
95DavisonFanny(25 Jan 1793)19 Aug 1852"Mother" Footstone F.D.59.6.25
96DavisonAdeline(25 June 1830)18 Jan 1844daughter of Anth. & Fanny Davison13.6.26
97HallWilliam(28 April 1833)12 June 185825.1.15
98HallAnne(10 Sept 1797)10 Mar 181012.6.0
99HallJames(8 July 1822)8 Apr 184118.9.0
100HallMary(1791)19 Mar 1858wife of Joseph Hall67
101HallJoseph(5 Nov 1792)2 Feb 187582.2.28
102JohnsonGilbert(3 Apr 1785)9 Feb 185091.10.16
103JohnsonMNo DataNo DataBrownstone prob wife of 102, footstone M.J.
104JohnsonSilvanus(30 Dec 1790)1 May 185867.4.1
105JohnsonRosatti(30 Mar 1795)5 July 1881wife of Silvanus Johnson loose stone #13486.3.5
106SellMary Ann(24 Feb 1813)24 Oct 1840wife of Thomas Sell27.8.0
107Van PeltHarriet(16 Oct 1796)26 Jan 1815wife of Edward Van Pelt footstone18.3.10
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