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The 7 Ships Passenger Lists

In 1785, Spain paid for 7 ships to transport Acadians to settle in Louisiana. For Spain, it meant settlers to buffer the zone between Spanish land and the British land. For the Acadians, it meant a chance to join their fellow Acadians and to regain some of what they lost during the Exile.

     These lists are available in print. The list of names appeared in Winzerlings' Acadian Odyssey back in 1955.  Milton & Norma Reider first published The Crew and Passenger Registration Lists of the Seven Acadian Expeditions of 1785 that first transcribed the entire lists (ie. with ages, jobs, etc.).  The lists can also be found in Gerard Braud's From Nantes to Louisiana.
     Rev. Don Hebert recently published a book (Acadian Families in Exile - 1785) listing both the embarkation and debarkation lists. The first part of Father Hebert's book gives the lists in 4 columns: embarkation list, disembarkation list, possible lineages, and a combined list.  The second part of the book is an index to some of his and Albert Robichaux's works.  This is the best work on the subject.

     Copies of the original passenger lists (on white or natural art paper) are available if you'd like to frame your ancestors' entries or would like to see the actual entries.  Go to the ACADIAN-CAJUN.COM Merchandise page.

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