ACADIAN-CAJUN Genealogy: Step by Step
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Acadian-Cajun Genealogy: Step by Step
Acadian-Cajun Genealogy: Step by Step      There are many good 'How-To' books on genealogy. But genealogy is a large field of study. Each nationality, culture, locality, etc. has its own particular types of information and research methods. Everyone knows of the recent popularity of things known as 'Cajun' ... food, music, and so on. The Cajun people are a rather distinct culture based in south Louisiana. And there are many 'displaced Cajuns' who have moved into other parts of the country. This book addresses the genealogy of the Cajun people in Louisiana. It also goes back, through the Exile of the mid 1700's, to the original Acadians in Canada. It will assist you in tracing your Acadian-Cajun ancestry back to the 1600's with as little trouble as possible. 

     This web site will give you a basic run-down of the publication, and a sampling of its contents. Since the book is well over 100 pages, you may want to obtain a copy if you have Acadian-Cajun ancestry in your lineage. It is published by the Center for Louisiana Studies. It is also available at most libraries in south Louisiana. 

Here is a Word-format  outline of the book with the basic steps. 
Feel free to download, print, and distribute copies.

Acadian-Cajun Genealogy: Step by Step
Copyright 1993: USL
Published by:   Center for Louisiana Studies
                            P.O. Box 40831
                            University of Southwestern Louisiana
                            Lafayette, LA 70504-0831

Where can I get this publication?
   It can be ordered on-line through Amazon Books.
   This book can also be obtained from the publisher, The Center for Louisiana Studies.
   It can be ordered through Frontier Press.
   And several bookstores around Louisiana carry it.

NOTE: Please don't get the idea that I'm using this website to advertise my book for profit.
I earn about $30 a year from the book, so the money isn't even enough to cover 1 month of expenses.

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