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Though some Acadians remained at their original exile destinations, there was a good bit of movement from 1763 to 1785.  They were trying to find a place where they could be with family and friends and could obtain good farmland.
1763 to 1785
     The areas of settlement in this time period were covered in the Exile sections.  Most of the Acadians scattered about were assimilated into their surrounding culture.  This happened to hundreds of Acadians in the American colonies and France, as well as the small pockets of Acadians who found themselves elsewhere.  In Canada, some blended into French Canada. 
     The Acadian identity managed to survive in several areas of the Maritimes in Canada.  Even though they have intermarried with other nationalities, there are still a large number of people who consider themselves Acadian (or of Acadian heritage).  The resettlement and development of Acadians in Canada is covered at Canadian Acadians
     The Acadian identity also survived in Louisiana, where the people became known as Cajuns.  About 1500 Acadians made their way from the American colonies and Nova Scotia to Louisiana in the 1760s (after the war was over).  Also, about 1600 Acadians who were in France sailed to Louisiana in 1785. The passenger lists of the 7 ships that made that trip are located at this website.  The Acadians in Louisiana, who became known as Cajuns, became the dominant culture in an area of south Louisiana still known as Acadiana.  The history of Acadians in Louisiana is covered at Cajun history.
1786 +
     Except for miscellaneous movements, the period of Acadian migration was over.  As the years went by, some Acadians moved to and fro ... especially involving Canada, the Northeast U.S., Louisiana, and France.  The Acadians, who exhibited a propensity to staying put, continued to stay put when they found a place where they could make a home for their family.  Some still moved, trying to find family and friends.  With the 20th century came a chance in philosophy.  Jobs move, people relocate often, and the Acadians now find their numbers scattered around the world.  The main method of identification continues to be their names.  Of course, it's not foolproof.  Most Martins and Richards in the world, for example, are not Acadian.  Some names, however, continue to bear strong links to their Acadian forebearers.
     In 1881, the Acadians came together to conduct their first convention.  It addressed matters important to the Acadian people.  Over a dozen Acadian conventions were held over the next 100 years. 
     In 1994, the first Conres Mondial Acadien was held and was attended by Acadians from around the world.  The second Congres Mondial Acadien will be held in Auguste 1999 in Louisiana.

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