My Brokaw Ancestory

by Asa L. Castleman

A History of the name


The way I see it by Dennis Brokaw

note: these ten links are my direct ancestors beginning with my mother. Other Brokaws that I have researched are listed in the "Other Brokaws" index.

[My Mother & Father] Wanda Louise Brokaw #4826-2 & Stephen Buckhannan Castleman

[My Maternal Grandparents] Clarence Lyndal Brokaw #3458-4 & Ora Ethel Laughlin

[My Maternal, Great Grandparents] George nmn Brokaw II #1966-5 & Margaret Jane Morgan

[My Maternal, 2nd Great Grandparents] Francis James Brokaw #969-6 & Elizabeth Sears-Pennington

[My Maternal, 3rd Great Grandparents] Benjamin nmn Brokaw #456-2 & Catherine nmn McMillan

[My Maternal, 4th Great Grandparents] George nmn Brokaw #152-2 & Jane nmn Custard

[My Maternal, 5th Great Grandparents] Abraham Brokaw #42-9 & Judith Davis

[My Maternal, 6th Great Grandparents] Jan (John) Brokaw #9-8 & Sarah Teunis Van Middlesward

[My Maternal, 7th Great Grandparents] Bourgon Broucard #1 & Catherine Le Fevre

[My Maternal, 8th Great Grandparents] Louis Brouquart & Mrs Brouquart nee ???

Brokaw Family photo index

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