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Ackerman Baptisms

Please remember that these are BAPTISMS, not BIRTHS.

Baptism records are very important to family historians, but baptism has never been compulsory by law in the British Isles. Some people were never baptized.

There may be a gap of several months between the birth and the baptism, and sometimes this can stretch into years. My wife's ancestor, Martha Ackerman, was baptized in 1803, when she was 19 years old. Baptism at this age often indicates a Nonconformist family.

Instances do occur of more than one child of the same parents being baptized on the same day. Do not assume this indicates twins, or triplets in your family; it is usually the result of the minister catching up with an errant family.

1602 - 1761
1762 - 1795
1796 - 1828
1829 - 1900