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Harry Curtis (in bowler hat) husband of Jane Ackerman, who did the painting of the gothic lettering on the wagons.
Cyril Churchill (in flat cap and waistcoat behind the man with the axe), husband of Maud Ackerman, Jane's half sister.
Harry's sons:
George Curtis in waggon (seated left).
Sidney Curtis with paint pot and brush.
Jack Curtis on far right, with hammer.
ackermans Business card of Curtis and Churchill, Smiths, Carpenters and Wheelwrights ackermans
Jane (Ackerman) Curtis, the daughter of Stephen and Drusilla (Moore) Ackerman and wife of Harry Curtis, born 6 october 1862, died 1929. Her youngest daughter, Florence Curtis. ackermans Harry Curtis, the husband of Jane Ackerman, son of George and Elizabeth (Hansford) Curtis of Loders. ackermans
Annie Eliza Ackerman, the daughter of Stephen and Drusilla (Moore) Ackerman of Walditch, born 7 September 1859. She was the wife of John Lake Wethy, butcher of Heavitree, Exeter. ackermans Jane Ackerman, daughter of Stephen and Drusilla (Moore) Ackerman, who later married Harry Curtis. ackermans
Cyril Churchill, his wife Alice (Ackerman) and her mother, Fanny (Treviss) Ackerman, the second wife of Stephen Ackerman who died February 1905, aged 74. ackermans Fanny (Treviss) Ackerman, the second wife of Stephen Ackerman, with her daughter Alice, the wife of Cyril Churchill, with her son, Stephen Churchill. ackermans
Jane (Ackerman) Curtis and her cousin, Farmer Ash, whose mother was an Ackerman. ackermans Postcard view of the village school, Walditch ackermans
A postcard view of Walditch. ackermans Walditch - Wheelwrights and Carpenters Shop
Man in boater with hand on Royal Mail van is Cyril Churchill, the husband of Alice (Ackerman) the daughter of Stephen and Fanny Ackerman. The boy in the front of the picture is Sidney Hansford Curtis, the son of Harry and Jane (Ackerman) Curtis.