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We are Ray & Marie Hines nee Vidler of Paignton, Devon, England. Marie is a Spiritualist Medium and Ray, for his sins, works for the Post Office. We have two teenage son's Chris and Colin and a house full of pets. At the time this page was written we are both 45. Ray also designed this web site and likes to design others as a sideline to his regular work. Marie's other interests besides genealogy are music and animals, a passion shared by both of our boys.

We have been tracing our families for about 10 years but have only been able to do it in fits and starts due to our work and family commitments. Although we have traced our family all over the south of England we have not been able to travel further then our local FHA and LDS centre's. We do however owe a great debt to Graham Fidler who runs the Fidler/Vidler one-name org & the LDS and all their contributers for releasing the 1851 & 1881 Census on CD, also all those people who have contributed huge amounts of data on the Internet.

Ray's family has always been considered as Devonians which up to a point has been proved right but Marie's family were always considered as Londoners which has proved to be totaly wrong as they originaly hailed from the Hampshire/Wiltshire area of S England & Devon.

Ray has lost a whole branch of his family due to a dark family secret which nobody would talk about, but everyone knows about. His father was born out of wedlock and his mother would never divolge the name of his father, she has now died taking the secret with her.

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