History of Delaware County, Indiana
Thomas B. Helm


County histories can be a wonderful source of genealogical information; however, they are not always correct. The accuracy of biographical sketches, in particular, can vary enormously. The researcher, as always, should verify any information found here though other records. You are encouraged to check the biography of every surname matching that of your ancestor, even if the given name is not a match. Several of these biographies contain the names of children, and you might just find your ancestor as the son or daughter of one of the listed surnames. Be aware that the Military Section and similar pages, have too many names to list under contents. You are invited to browse through all pages, or use the Pico Search engine and your edit find feature in your search efforts.

Helm's material has been adapted in a particular format for use on these pages; however, the main text has not been altered in any way and is exactly as written and printed.


Errata: Important Corrections to the History--by Thomas Helm

Preface and Introduction: By Thomas Helm, March 1881.

Chapter One (only chapter): Pre-Columbian Voyages--What Came of Them--Voyages and Discoveries of Columbus and    Others--Explorations, Etc.

Aborigines: Contains the following chapters and topics:
Chapter I - Who were the Aborigines of Delaware County - Algonquins, Miamis, Delawares, Shawanoes, Hurons,    Iroquois, or Wyandots?.
Chapter II - Indian Treaties--Affecting the Title to Lands on White River.
Chapter III - The Conspiracy of Pontiac--Indian Opposition to English Control Etc.
Chapter IV - Expeditons and Defeat of Gen. Harman, St. Clair; Wayne's Victory--Treaty for Peace.
Chapter V - Expeditions against the Mississinewa Towns--Battle, Incidents, Etc.
Chapter VI - Personal Sketches of Noted Indian Characters: White Eye, Captain Pipe, Bukongahelas, Captain    Killbuck.

Pre-Historic: Contains the following chapters and topics:
Chapter I - Archaeology--Pre-Historic Remains, Their Character, Situation, The Mound-Builders, Etc.
Chapter II - Archaeology Resume--Some remains in Delaware County, Works of Mound-Builders, Mastodon Remains.
Chapter III - Geology of Delaware County--Some Features of the county, Formation, Glacial Action, Rocks, Etc.
Chapter IV - Physical Geography--Botany (last two pages of chapter missing--apparently pertaining to Hydrology,    Sources/Drainage, Adaptabilities of the Soil, Capabilities, Etc.)

Chapters I & II- Advent of Civilization - Recollections of Minus Turner and Boyd Linville:  Historical narratives.    Events, names, places.
Chapters III & IV-Recollections of William Jackson and Thomas Neely:  Historical narratives. Events, names, places.
Chapter V- Public Land System: Large chapter-public domain, methods of surveys, etc.
Chapter VI- Muncie's Antecedents: Fascinating account of Tecumseh and his Prophet brother.

Chapter I - Organization of Delaware County: Preliminary steps, final county formation, location of county seat.
Chapter II - Public Buildings: Building and financing of court house, county offices, jails.
Chapter III- Circuit Court: First court organization, first case tried, and more. Fascinating and chock full of surnames.
Chapter IV- Probate Court: Organization. Short, but interesting; several judges mentioned.
Chapter V- Asylum for the Poor: Early management and overseers of poor, paupers, and later management of the    Poor Farm. Enoch Hagenbuck named.
Chapter VI -  School Funds: Origins-discussion of the different funds.
Chapter VII -  School Revenues:   Reports and general information.
Chapter VIII-Schools and School Houses: Review of pioneer education, first schools, first teachers, etc.
Chapter IX & X- Early Normal School & Sunday Schools: by Prof E Tucker-First county normal school,    organization, early instructors, & the sphere of Sunday schools; early schools in connection with churches, officers, etc.
Chapter XI- Agriculture in Pioneer Days: by Prof E Tucker-Another sounds boring but is extremely interesting.    Cattle drives from Indiana!
Chapter XII -  Agricultural Societies--Fairs: By Prof E Tucker - 1852 Formation of early Societies (county fairs), fair    competition, early winners.
Chapter XIII - Horticultural Society: Organization, first members, aims, etc. -- by Prof E Tucker?
Chapter XIV - Increase of Property: By Prof E Tucker-General review comparative stats: valuation, polls, taxes by    township. (on same page as Horticultural Society)
Chapter XV- Vital Statistics: by Prof E Tucker- Names of first settlers by year, and persons over age 70 by county,    AND cemetery statistics.
Chapter XVI - Avenues of Travel: Indian Traces, use by white people, discussion of the origins of road routes.
Chapter XVII- Gravel Road System: First and subsequent gravel roads, review of progress. A huge chapter with    everything you'd ever want to know about gravel roads in Delaware County, but has many surnames.
Chapter XVIII- Railroads: History of several railroad companies.
Chapter XIX- Medical Societies: Early Meetings, Organizations, Membership, etc.
Chapter XX- Statistics:  Population of the State by Counties; the Political Status by Counties; Population of Delaware    County, Review of County Finances. Mostly scanned images. Review of finances reveals documents mysteriously    burned.

Revolutionary & 1812 Wars: Chapter I-A very short military history; also bios of William Youse and S P Wilson, and old war veterans named.
Mexican War: Chapter II-Short history with statements of George W Parkinson and William D Stone; names from Delaware, Madison, Grant and Randolph Counties.
Chapter III- Delaware County - By Prof E Tucker
8th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 21st Regiments:  Seventh and Tenth Regiments also mentioned.
30th, 32nd, 35th, 36th Regiments
39th, 41st, 47th, 57th Regiments
69th, 71st, 84th Regiments
90th, 101st, Minute Men, 117th, 118th Regiments: The Minute Men regiments were numbered from the One Hundred and Second to the One Hundred and Fourteenth, inclusive.
119th, 121st, 124th, 130th, and 131st Regiments
134th, 140th, 147th Regiments, Batteries, & Special Companies
Bounties, Relief, Battle List, Recap, Reg. Reorg., Homework, etc: Has scanned material which may slow download somewhat.
Civil War Draft & Prisons: Delaware County Draft; comments on prison life with narratives of George W Greene, John A Brown & William J Carson, prisoners in Rebel prisons.
Military Reminiscences and Incidents & Brief Account of Officers: Officers include Name, rank, regiment, and other useful, miscellaneous information-some have when died/killed, where residing, occupation.
Deaths of Soldiers: A list of enlisted soldiers, regiment, where killed or died, and date and place of death, if known. Can also be accessed from main page.

CENTER TOWNSHIP - Muncie:  Contains the following chapters and topics.
Chapter I-Early settlement and development of Center Township and Muncie; early settlers named.
Chapter II-Munseytown-The Seat of Justice.
Chapter III-Muncie as a Town-Incorporation, Town Officers
Chapter IV-Muncie as a City-Incorporation, First Officers.

~Scanned images~expect slow downloads.
Table of Officials: Governers, Senators, Representatives etc.
List of Officials: Names of Township Trustees, County Officers, and the Common Council. Scanned images - expect slow download.

RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS - Surnames galore and a scandal to be found in these pages.
Methodist Episcopal & Presbyterian Churches: Chapters I & II.
First Universalist, First Baptist & Old Baptist Churches: Chapters III & IV.
Christian, Episcopal & St Lawrence Catholic Churches: Chapters V, VI, & VII.
Friends' Church, Evangelical Association, Protestant Methodist Church: Chapters VIII, & IX.
African Methodist Episcopal Church, Young Men's Christian Association & Women's Foreign Missionary Society:  Chapters X, XI & XII.
Reformatory Institutions, Sons of Temperance & Other Temperance Orgs: Chapter XIII.
Chapter XIV & Chapter XV- Public Schools & City Library: Contains chapters re: Muncie High School Alumni; Kindergarten, and First City Library.

Chapter I- Delaware Lodge, No. 46:  First Lodge in Delaware County. See picture in OldTyme Picture Gallery.
Chapter II- Muncie Lodge, No 433
Chapter III- Muncie Chapter, No 30
Chapter IV- Muncie Council, No 16
Chapter V-Muncie Commandery, No 18
Chapter VI-Muncie Lodge, No 74
Chapter VII-Muncie Encampment, No 30
Chapter VIII-Improved Order of Red Men On same page as Odd Fellows.
Chapter IX & X-Knights of Pythias & Knights of Honor
Chapter XI-Ancient Order of United Workmen, Ladies' Benevolent Soc., Home Missionary Soc., Royal Arcanum
Chapter XII-Social Unions: Women's Club, Literary and Scientific Association, The Senate.
Chapter XIII-Muncie Newspapers: History of the Press in Muncie: The Muncie Telegraph, The Republican, The Muncie Mule, The Weekly Advertiser.
Chapter XIV-The Muncie Bar: Sketches and list. Was your ancestor an attorney? Numerous names for you to check out.
Chapter XV-Postmasters & Post Offices, Early Mail in Muncie: James K Trimble, Philip F Davis 1st mail carriers.
ChapterXVI-Hotels: Kirby:A first class hotel; with picture, Haines House, City Hotel.
Chapter XVII-Muncie Banks:  First National, Citizens', Claypools - picture of First National.
Chapter XVIII- Musical Associations, Etc: Choral, Bands - Organization and members.
Chapter XIX-Memorial Associations: Re-union & Soldiers/Sailor Monumental Associations.
Chapter XX-The Muncie Fire Department: A great read!
Chapter XXI-Gas Works: Only candles and coal oil before 1880?
Chapter XXII- Manufacturing Industries: Mills, Factories - Interesting!! - with portrait of Mr. Boyce and picture of his residence.
Chapter XVIII-Grist and Saw Mills: Various mills, organ and shovel factory.
Chapter XXIV-Helm's Miscellaneous: Early Merchant, Dentistry, Gunsmith, Pioneer Writing School, Corduroy, Factory Fire, Poultry-Pet Stock Assoc, Fire, Altitude, Colored Jury, Telephone, Muncie Guards, First Licenses & Marriages in 1827-28.

~~Biographical Sketches~~
Benjamin R Adamson, Gen Thomas J Brady Portrait of Brady.
Abraham & Joseph S Buckles, Isaac Branson, "Katy" Simmons: With portrait of Joseph S Buckles.
Dr Samuel P Anthony, Thomas S Walterhouse, Levi G Saffer: With portraits.
Hon John W Burson, Albert Worthington Clancy, Eleazer Coffeen: With portraits.
John W Dungan, Samuel Gibson, John Alsop Gilbert: With portraits.
Robert Gordon, George W Greene, Ralph Shaw Gregory: With portrait of Gregory.
Stephen Hamilton, Jacob Heath: With Hamilton pictures; Jacob Heath and children.
John T Jack, William F Jones, John H Ellis: Includes Ellis' son, Frank.
Hon Andrew Kennedy and sons, Evender and Phillip, William B Kline, Minus Turner: With Kennedy residence picture, portraits of the Kennedy men, and Turner.
Nathaniel Ethell, Charles W Moore, John Brady: Includes account of William Brady, father of John, in War of 1812. Portraits of Ethell, Moore, Brady.
John Marsh, Dr Levi Minshall, Parker Moore: With portrait of Marsh.
William H Murray, Thomas S Neely, Brice P Powers: With portraits of Murray, Neely and Mr and Mrs Brice Powers.
Frederick Putnam, James Russey, Carlton Shipley: With interesting diary entries by Putnam and a portrait of Shipley.
George Shafer, David H H Shewmaker, Hon Oliver Smith, Hon Marcus C Smith: With Shafer, Shewmaker, M C Smith portraits.
John Smith, George W Spilker, Joseph Stradling: Portraits of John & Harriet Smith, Stradling, and Spilker.
George W Stephenson, Warren Stewart, James L Streeter: With Stephenson portrait.
Job Swain, Joshua Truitt, Jacob Wysor: With portrait of Wysor.
Hon Goldsmith C Gilbert, Dr Daniel H Andrews, Mrs Mary J Edmonds: With portraits of Gilbert, Mary J Gilbert (Andrews-Edmonds), & Dr Andrews.
Hon Walter March, Gen William H Kemper, M D, Charles W Legg: With portraits.
Capt Hamilton S McRae, James A Maddy, Albert P. Murray, M D: With portraits of McRae and Murray.
Asbury Kerwood, Thomas Kirby, Armstead Klein, and Frank Leon.
Charles F & Dr William C Willard, Lloyd Wilcoxon, Thomas Wilson: With portraits of Wilcoxon and Thomas & Lavina Wilson.
John Williams, Volney Willson, Samuel Watton, Amos L Wilson: With portraits of Mr & Mrs Williams, Volney Willson, and picture of Williams residence.

Each Township includes some or all of the following topics: Location & Boundary, Surface-Soil, Early Settlement, Land Purchases (by section and individual), Early Roads, Some Early Births, Marriages, Deaths, Early Merchants, Enterprises, & Stores, Schools, Churches, Societies, Cemeteries, Villages/Towns, Population and Various other Statistics, Some Specific Individual Biographical Sketches with/without Pictures, and other Surnames too numerous to list.

Delaware Township: Complete. Strong, Woolverton, Burden, & Thompson sketches in addition to many other surnames.
     John W & Alfred B Strong, Abner Woolverton: With portraits; also portraits of Mrs J W Strong and Mrs Abner      Woolverton.
     Nehemiah Burden & David Thompson: Portraits of Mr and Mrs Burden and their residence; also portraits of Mr and      Mrs Thompson.
Hamilton Township: Complete. Willson, McClellan, & Williams sketches in addition to other surnames. Portraits of Mr & Mrs John Royer. portraits added 8/15/02~
     John A Willson, Wm A McClellan, Duncan Williams Bios: Portraits of Willson & Williams; picture of Willson      residence.
Harrison Township: Complete. Sketch of Jacob W Miller; many other surnames mentioned.
     Jacob W Miller Bio: Includes Miller portrait and picture of Miller residence; ALSO residence pictures of Washington      Trout and Mahlon Crampton on same page.
Liberty Township: Includes sketch and portrait of John Holbert.
Monroe Township: Short sketches of Charles McCowan and Rev John S Tuttle. Residence pictures of Darlin M      Tuttle and William Sharp.
Mount Pleasant Township: Lengthy bios on Koontz and Kilgore with portraits and picture of Kilgore residence.
    Bios: Hon. Jacob Harvey Koontz & Hon. David Kilgore
Niles Township: Several short sketches of various surnames and bios on Rolen Brammer, Benjamin F Smith, and Elder John Buckles. Includes portraits of Benjamin F Smith, Mr and Mrs Brammer, picture of the Brammer residence, and portraits of Mr and Mrs Buckles.
Perry Township: Many surnames. Bio of Dr S V Jump with portrait and picture of Jump residence . Other Perry residence pictures also.
Salem Township: Includes sketches of John Shoemaker and Rev James Heath with John Shoemaker portrait and residence pictures of Terrell Summers and Josiah Cromer.
Union Township: Many surnames.
   Bios: Carter, Johnson, Long, McClaine, Van Buskirk, Younts- Portraits of Charles Carter, Thomas & Susan    Johnson, William & Sarah Long, John Van Buskirk, M D, William H Younts, Eli & Celia McClaine (and residence).
Washington Township: Includes residence pictures of Thompson Sharp and Randolph Beouy.

Business Directories: Of Cities, Villages and Townships of Delaware County, Indiana. These are scanned images and are not picked up with Pico Search.

~~OldTyme Picture Gallery~~
Lithographic views - Muncie
Delaware County, Indiana Court House - Times Building, Muncie
First School Houses: School built 1879, Center Twp, and First School built in Delaware County, c 1827.
High School Building and City Building: Muncie, Center Township.
County Infirmary and County Jail: Liberty and Center Township.
Masonic Hall

Official Group of Delaware County: Portraits of Officials - W. A. Murry, Volney F. Smith, Sam'l Gibson, John W. Dungan, Samuel Davis, and John Holbert.

Lithographic views - Perry Township
Residence Pictures: Mrs Mary Ann Cunningham, A B Cunningham, Z W Cecil, and Boyd Linville, Sr.