Joyce's, William: Descendants

Descendants of William Joyce

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Generation No. 1

1. William1 Joyce was born November 03, 1804 in Va.. He married Elizabeth "Betsey" Bostick July 12, 1828 in Patrick Co., Va..

Child of William Joyce and Elizabeth Bostick is:

+ 2 i. Absolum B.2 Joyce, born February 13, 1833 in Lawrence Co., Tn.; died April 05, 1883.

Generation No. 2

2. Absolum B.2 Joyce (William1) was born February 13, 1833 in Lawrence Co., Tn., and died April 05, 1883. He married Mary Jane Guthrie July 06, 1854 in Lawrence Co., Tn..

Children of Absolum Joyce and Mary Guthrie are:

Generation No. 3

3. Lavenia A.3 Joyce (Absolum B.2, William1) was born May 1855. She married Jessy B. Maddox Abt. 1876, son of James Maddox and Susannah Unknown.

(See Maddox)

6. James Price3 Joyce (Absolum B.2, William1) was born February 17, 1866 in Hardin Co., Tn., and died December 27, 1939 in Henderson Co., Tn.. He married Mary Louise Caroline Garey.

Children of James Joyce and Mary Garey are:

8. John H.3 Joyce (Absolum B.2, William1) was born October 19, 1869 in Hardin Co., Tn., and died November 13, 1912 in Hardin Co., Tn.. He married Clara Garey October 09, 1897 in Hardin Co., Tn..

Children of John Joyce and Clara Garey are:

10. Joseph M.3 Joyce (Absolum B.2, William1) was born 1875 in Tn.. He married Cora Blount.

Children of Joseph Joyce and Cora Blount are:

Generation No. 4

24. Ivy4 Joyce (John H.3, Absolum B.2, William1). She married Eber Blanton December 19, 1915 in Hardin Co., Tn..

Child of Ivy Joyce and Eber Blanton is:

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