Descendants of Henry C. Twilla

Descendants of Henry C. Twilla

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Generation No. 1

1. Henry C.1 Twilla was born 1824 in TN. He married Sarah M. Edwards November 30, 1868, daughter of W. H. Edwards.

Children of Henry Twilla and Sarah Edwards are:

Generation No. 2

3. William Henry2 Twilla (Henry C.1) was born February 1873 in TN. He married Mary Bell Chandler.

Children of William Twilla and Mary Chandler are:

Generation No. 3

8. Lonnie Elemnel3 Twilla (William Henry2, Henry C.1) was born January 23, 1901 in TN, and died August 27, 1988 in Millington, Shelby Co., TN. He married Annie Pearl Vowell May 10, 1925 in Lauderdale Co., TN, daughter of Edgar Vowell and Maggie Craiglow.

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