Thomas Adderley, 1700s England

Thomas Adderley, 1700s England

Like Line 10, this line needs a lot more work! Here is another Thomas Adderley. I believe he, too, lived in Staffordshire, possibly in Stone, just as the Thomas Adderley from Line 10. Interestingly, the Thomas from Line 10 was born just a few years apart from John Adderley, the son of the Thomas in this line.

There is a marriage of a Thomas Adderley and an Elizabeth Sherratt on Dec. 13, 1758 in Stone. There are also numerous birth listings for children born to a couple identified as Thomas Adderley and Elizabeth, including a John Adderley -- which fits with the information in this tree -- and two girls Anne and Mary who may be the unidentified female children of Thomas.

A search of the IGI for the children of John turn up many that match this tree with parents identifed as John Adderley and Elizabeth, including Rupert, which is an unusual name and less likely to be a mismatch. Many of these children were christened in Stone.

In IGI marriages, there is an entry for a John Adderley and Elizabeth Alsager for 27 July 1790 in Trentham. Interestingly, one of John Adderley's sons is identified in this tree as William Aleager Adderley, which I believe is likely a misspelling of Alsager.

In the next generation down, Rupert is the only one I've found in the 1881 census. He is living in Trentham, Stafford, England, age 74, a retired brick manufacturer and he lists his place of birth as Moddershall, Stafford. His wife is Jane, age 69, born in Stone.

While more research needs to be done, there are clues to the next generation on IGI. There is a Rupert Thomas Adderley, age 16, in the 1881 census, son of a Charles Adderley and Annie. Also in this household are Rupert's other siblings:Annie Furber, Constance Maud and William ALSAGAR Adderley. I believe that Charles is likely the son of Rupert, and indeed, an IGI search turns up the christening of a Charles Adderley in Lane End, Stafford, to a Rupert Adderley and Sarah. In the research notes for this line, there is mention of an association between James, Rupert's brother, and a place called Lane End! Other children of Rupert and Sarah are: William Alsagar (who would be uncle to the William Alsagar, son of Charles), John, Mary, Susannah, Sarah Elizabeth and another John.

I haven't added much of the above information to the actual tree as it is all unconfirmed. If you have more information related to this family, please get in touch!

There are 20 individuals and 5 families representing 4 surnames in this database.

The most common surnames in this database (in no particular order) are : Adderley(17), Meigh(1), Miller(1),

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