Descendents of Edmund Lloyd Adderley, Bermuda

Descendents of Edmund Lloyd Adderley, Bermuda

This line was once part of Line 1, but has since been severed in the interest of genealogical accuracy. We believe that Edmund Lloyd Adderley, sometimes called Edward, is a descendent of the Irish Adderley line, but have yet to find definitive proof. Edmund emigrated to Bermuda where he married Emily Jane King. Their descendents are still in Bermuda today and have since spread out across the world.

Most of our time has been devoted to researching this line, along with Line 1, so the information we have in our research files is quite extensive, although it doesn't necessarily show on the website. If you have connections to this line, or would like to get or share information, we encourage you to get in touch.

Here is an incomplete list of other major contributors to this work: Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hollis Hallett of Bermuda, massive contributors to genealogical research in Bermuda across the board; Henry Colin Adderley of Bermuda; ALL the descendants of Norman Russell and Geneva Adderley in the state of Washington and the province of British Columbia; Henry Arnold and Olga Adderley of Ontario, Canada; Bryan Walter and Lucille Adderley of British Columbia, Canada; Margaret (Adderley) Bathy of British Columbia, Canada; Marion Esther (Adderley) Soares, late of Bermuda; Eunice Vera (Williams) Vesey, late of Bermuda, and her daughter Beverley Ann (Adderley) Old; Walter Abbott Adderley, late of Bermuda, and his daughter Beatrice Ann (Adderley) Brookes; Catherine May (Thomas) Adderley, late of Bermuda, and her son Gareath Vernon Adderley; Noel Wilhelmina (Adderley) Nash, late of Bermuda; Cyril Raymond Adderley, late of Bermuda, and his sons Mickey and Roderick; Frank Ross and Polly Adderley of Bermuda and ALL of their children; Barbara (Rowlands) Adderley of Bermuda; Morton Ormond Adderley of Bermuda; ALL of the children of Sadie Virginia (Adderley) Fritch Kenneth, Cathy, Robin, and Tina, in eastern states of the USA; Philip Herman Adderley and Sydney Eugene Adderley, late of Bermuda; Connie (Adderley) Marklew and Debbie (Adderley) Morris, both of Bermuda; Marion Phyllis (Adderley) Cooper of Australia and her descendants; Beverly Melton (Adderley) Readings of Ontario, Canada; Harriet Anna (Adderley) Arnst and Elizabeth Jane Adderley, both of Bermuda; Steve and Kathy (Adderley) Pace, Peter and Mandy (Adderley) Flori, and their mother June of Australia; sister Jenness (Adderley) Hastings of Alabama, USA; sisters Nanci Lynn (Adderley) Daniel and Keren Louise Adderley, both of Ontario, Canada; Norma Doris (Gibbons) Hutchings, late of Bermuda, and her daughter AnnD (Hutchings) Boorman; Lorena May (Adderley) Pace, late of Pennsylvania, USA, and her children Ann, Jan, Peggy, and Don; William Edward (Billy) Adderley, late of Bermuda; Charles F. (Chuck) Adderley, late of Ontario, Canada and his granddaughter Nancy Jane (Adderley) Colby of Ontario, Canada; Bill and Gioja (Adderley) Robertson of South Africa. We must thank especially Mr. Richmond (Dick) Hayward of Ontario, Canada, a close friend of my father and the Adderley families in Bermuda.

There are 656 individuals and 250 families representing 194 surnames in this database.

The most common surnames in this database (in no particular order) are : James(50), Pearce(16), Adderley(121), Pate(12), Sawyer(12), Old(18), Wodehouse(16), Pace(11), Barton(41), Woodhouse(60)

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