Edward Deacon Girdlestone ,

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Born at Sedgley or Weston Super Mare, Somerset on 26th Apr 1829 , he was Educated first at Repton then at Ashbourne, Derbyshire. B.A. Wadham College Oxford in 1851 - the college of his father and his paternal grandfather. Spent 1852 at Wells Theological College and the first part of 1853 as Assistant Master at Rossall School. Was ordained Deacon on Trinity Sunday 1853 at Norwich , reading the Gospel on the occasion, and held the curacy of Reedham with Wickhampton, Norfolk, for about a year and a half, but, his health breaking down, gave up clerical work for some time and lived in London devoting himself to educational work and social questions. 
Later held curacies successively in Worthing, Brighton and Headley (Surrey), but again gave up clerical work for a short time acting as companion to a deaf mute. In 1858 he went to Weston-Super-Mare and acted as tutor to Arthur Gilbert Girdlestone ( 3674 E.67) , in 1859 opening a school there for day pupils in partnership with F.W.Baedeker - cousin to the constructor of Guide Books and himself now famous in a certain section as a Revivalist Missionary to Siberia 
On 3rd Jan 1860 he married Catherine Anne Lloyd (nee Wynell-Mayow) widow of Col: E.S.Lloyd of the Bengal Army, with 2 sons by her first marriage 
1867 the breaking down of his health obliged him to give up taking pupils, though soon afterwards he undertook the Hon: Secretaryship of the West of England Sanatorium, near Weston-Super-Mare, which he held for 8 years. In 1878 his wife died and was buried in the cemetery at W.S.Mare, he left the place and wintered at Davos Platz - in 1879 marrying Anna Friederike Thoma, from Nordlingen in Bavaria. Took pupils in partnership with her till 1887, when , after a year spent at Amberley, near Stroud, he went to live at Harborne near Birmingham and latterly at Sutton Coldfield . In 1870 he took advantage of an Act just then passed for the removal of Clerical Disabilities and became a layman. Was invited to stand for Parliament by the Labour Party in Bradford in 1891.
He died 26th Feb & buried  1st Mar 1909 at Sutton Coldfield , leaving 762 to Anna , I have to assume it was he who engraved the chest at Ashbourne School

Author of
a) 'Memory Helped', an improved version or Grey's 'Memoria Technica " 1866
b) Our misdirected labour, considered as a ... national ... question     1876
c) Society classified: in reply to the question, "How far is                 1876
d) Society classified: in reply to the question, "How . . . . 2nd Ed     1876
e) Thoughts on Luxury and Poverty 2nd Ed                                 1876
f) 'Our Debt and Duty to the Soil, or The Poetry and Philosophy of Sewage 1878
g) 'Vivisection - in its Scientific, Religious and Moral Aspects         1884
h) Society Classified ... 5th Ed                                                     1886
i) Christian Socialism versus Present Day Unsocialism (William Reeves, London) 1887

EDWARD DEACON GIRDLESTONE9 ( CHARLES8 SAMUEL RAINBOW7 ZURISHADDAI6 JOHN5 RICHARD4 THOMAS3 RICHARD2 Head1 )  ( 3667 E.60 ) 1829 1909 , born 26th Apr bp 28th May 1829 at Sedgeley

 Edward Married :
   (a)    CATHERINE ANN WYNELL-MAYOW  on 3rd Jan 1860 , ---- - 1878 , a widow 
ANNA FRIEDERIKA THOMA  20th Aug 1879 at East Budleigh , of Nordlingen, Bavaria. Youngest surviving daughter of Johann Michael  she died 14 Aug 1924 age 75 at Sutton Coldfield & bur. There .

 Catherines sons ,

       i.   WYNELL             head / schoolmaster of Hartford House School, near Winchfield, married Eleanor Elizabeth Hastings , elder daughter of the Rev. John Parsons Hastings, Rector and Patron of Martley, Worcestershire, and has five sons and three daughters

            ii.          EDWARD  Lieut.-Colonel Punjab Native cavalry , married Mary Katharine Harding, daughter of the Rev. John Harding, Vicar of  Cheswardine, Salop, and has three sons and two daughters


A Fabulous Elizabethan Boarded Oak Chest (originally from Derbyshire's oldest grammar school dating back to 1583, and mentioned in the minutes in 1603, where it remained until 2000 ) The lid measuring 17.5 ins x 65.5 ins (44 x 166 cm ) edged in a double incised line, with gouge carved initials, graffiti and the name ED Girdlestone on the top. The iron strap hinges and corner brackets having fleur-de-lys terminals, with three looped iron catches to the front secured by heavy padlocks ;

 Lot 368 , Apparently sold for about 13,000 , by Wilkinson Auctioneers 25 Nov 2001