Eller Chronicles Aug 1988-p5


GALE E. S. HONEYMAN, 470 Grove #2, San Francisco, CA 94102

P. 42 (3-2) JOSEPH ELLER 1812-26; 26 Jun 1893 m. Miami Co., OH, Sarah Friend, I Mar 1814, Miami CO.,OH - 17 Aug.1894, d/o Jesse Sr. & 2nd wife, Susanna (Hoover). They resided in Union Twp., Miami Co., OH (1850 census) and moved to Union Twp., Deleware Co., IN prior to 1860 where they passed their lives. They were survived by 8 of their 12 children. History of the Mississinewa Church of the Brethern, by Ralph G. Rarick, pp. 206-7, "Susanna (Hoover) Friend Younce was a 2nd Great Aunt of Ex-President Herbert Hoover."

p. 42 (3-3) JACOB ELLER 1818-1894; m. Elizabeth 1826-1903 (no marriage record found), Riverside Cemetery, West Milton, OH. (Dates from their markers.) He was a grocer in West Milton. Three known children: WARREN, EVE (single), GERTRUDE m. Albert Collins.

p. 43 (4) WILLIAM ELLER m. Elizabeth Friend, a sister of Sarah.

p. 44 (5) MARTIN ELLER, incorrectly identified. The record here given is for Martin s/o Henry & Mary Ann (Cable) (The Eller Chronicles, Vol. 11 No. 2, P. 66) and Grandson of Daniel & Elizabeth (Siler) Eller, (The Eller Chronicles, Vo I . I I No. 2, P. 64. )

p. 44 (6) ENOCK ELLER (Enos is Incorrect) m. 30 Jul 1867 Mary Gump, cl831, Miami Co., OH, d/o John Jacob & Elizabeth (Studebaker); lived Delaware Co., IN, where they likely wed.

P. 45 (7) PHILIP ELLER, c1822, M. Elsie ( Michael or Baumgardner) c1825, lived Penn Twp., St Joseph Co., IN where 1850 census lists SARAH b. c1844, HIRAM b.1846.


p. 45 (8) ELIZABETH ELLER, c1827, M. Miami Co., OH, Isaac Powell. The 1850 cenus of Union Twp., Miami Co., OH shows John's widow, Sarah (Burket) Eller age 58 N.C., Enock 24 OH, Elizabeth 23 OH, and Melinda 11, OH, the latter likely a g.daughter. Sarah was a dau. of Joseph Burket Sr. of Ashe Co., N.C. and later Miami Co., OH.

p. 50 (5) SARAH ELLER, c1795- 16 Nov 1821, m. Joseph Burkit Jr., c1793/4, Ashe Co., N.C.- 4 Mar 1851, Darke Co., OH. S/o Joseph Sr. Joseph Burkit Jr. m. 2nd 16 Jul 1822 Miami Co., OH, Susannah Hittle. He and 2nd/w West Branch Church of the Brethern Ceme., Darke Co., OH. Issue by Sarah in correct o r d e r .


Submitted by Gale E.S. Honeyman (address above) who inherited the records: REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION RECORD from Nation ' al Archives, Washington, D.C. - JOHN McKOR (Melchoir) ELLER # S-6819. While residing in Rowan Co., N.C. enlisted in 1780 serving 3 months under Capt. Richard Graham's N.C. Company, discharged 24 Mar 1780. Also served 3 months ;under Capt. David Caldwell, 10 days under Peter Faust helping to build fort on the Yadkin River. He captured a deserter, Daniel Redmond, from the Continental Line of N.C. delivering him to Capt. George Doherty for which he was exempt for a 3 month term under Livingston's Brigade which camped at Frohocks Mill 10 Aug 1781. A widower, his pension allowed 9 Apr 1833 at which time he was 77 and living in Rowan Co. Abraham Ary & Christian Kesler made out an affidavit substantiating his age.


(Eds. note: The above agrees substantially with photocopies of the Records from the National Archives provided by Charlotte Eller Marshall, 605 S.E. Park Ave., Corvallis OR, 97333. John Melchior Eller was one of three Rowan Co. N.C. Ellers who fought in the Revolutionary War. The other two were brothers, John and Joseph Eller, sons of immigrant Jacob Eller. J.W. Hook thought John Melchior was also a son of-this Jacob Eller but researchers in Rowan Co. now assign him as a son of immigrant Melchior Eller who married his first cousin, Susanna, daughter of immigrant Jacob Eller. The records of service of John and Joseph Eller in the Revolutionary War will be published at a later date.)

Continuing from the Pemberton records as copied by Mr. Honeyman: A note typed 23 Oct 1957 by Terese Rechmack, secretary to Mr. Hook, reporting James W. Hook's death 21 Oct. 1957. Another letter dated 1 Oct 1973 by Mae R. Hayes, Rt. 4 Box 663, North Wilkesboro, N.C. 28659 saying her husband descended from Peter Eller Jr. thro' Susanna w/o David McGlamery, their Dau. Nancy Caroline w/o Walter Robinson, their dau. Mary w/o William Jasper Hayes & their son R. Duff, the writer's father-in-law and Peter Jr. thro' dau. Katherine w/o Abraham Edward Nichols, their son William Berry h/o Cynthia Roberson, their son David Vance h/o Sarah Julia Bumgarner, their dau. Bessie w/o R. Duff Hayes.

(Eds. Mr. Honeyman ends with the statement that," Miss Pemberton was a professional researcher.")

(5) should read- Jacob (c 1764- 1831) m. Eva Margaret Williard b. 27 Aug. 1765 (Date from her folk's Bible) d/o Johann Elias & Rosina (Gump)



Submitted by Kathy Schoen, P.O. Box 162, Connell, WA 99326:

1860 Sullivan Co., MO
Milas Twp. 880/880 JOHN ELLER 41 farmer & carpenter 5000/540 NC
Ecdney? P.45 TN
Sarah E. 14IL
Martha E. 12 IL
James F. 7 MO
Marcus L. 4 MO
Louisa P. 1 MO

1860 Macon Co., MO
1860 Macon Co., MO
East Independence
1283/1283THOMAS C. ELLER 24farmer 3000/200 IN
Sarah H. 19MO
William L/T 5 MoMO

1860 Ralls Co., MO
Hannibal 5th Ward
160/ 181GEORGE ELLER40laborer MO

1870 Putnam Co., IN
591/633SARAH ELLER72 NC - living with:
Catherine Boyd 49 NC and her son
Franklin Boyd, Jr9IN

1860 Owen Co., IN
Clay Twp. 541/531JAS. ELLER 39farmer 2000/1000 KY
Faraba 39IN
Jonathan W. 18 IN; Jas. R. 16 IN; Lucinda J. 15 IN; Harrison 11 IN; Mary E. 10 IN; Martha 3 IN; Emmah 1 IN

1870 Owen Co., IN
Clay Twp.
97/85 HENRY ELLER57farmer 3600/1800 KY
Mary E. 20 IN; Joseph 18 IN; Martha 13; IN Emma 11 IN; Clara 6 IN; Charley 6 IN

1880 Owen Co., IN
Montgomery Twp.
116/117FRANCIS ELLER50Minister Epis. Methodist KY-VA-VA
Elizabeth B.57IN-KY-KY
Mattie E. 22IN

1880 Montgomer Co., IL
Hillsboro 28/32N.A. ELLER 29Farmer NC-NC-NC
W.A. male 15 IL-NC-NC; J.W. McAdams 29 farmer IL-KY-TN; N.C. Eller 2 months IL-NC-IL


Eller Census Records Cont'd

1850 Hamilton Co., IN
Delaware Twp.
72/73ABSALOM ELLER35farmer 1500 OH
Joseph 11 In; John 9 IN; Fernando 6 IN; Absalom Jr. 4 IN

92/93HARVEY ELLER29farmer 700 OH
Salinda Jane 17 IN; Rachel 14 IN; Clarinda 2 IN

95/96GEORGE ELLER26farmer 600 OH
Laura 2 IN
** STIPP was surname of wives of Harvey and George Elle

94/95HENRY ELLER28farmer 700 OH
Sarah Ann (Heady)27IN;
Joseph 6 IN; Mary Jane 5 IN; Hannah Ann 4 IN; Lutitia 4 IN; John W. 1 IN

95/96JOSEPH ELLER59farmer 300 NC
Rachel (Casey)58GA;
Jacob 20 IN; Elizabeth 18 IN; Salinda 16 IN

Jackson Twp.
108ANDREW ELLER31farmer 400 VA
Henry 8 IN; Mary M. 7 IN; Sarah 5 IN; Peter 4 IN; Lydia 1 IN

1820 Hamilton Co., OH
Cincinnati Ward 1SIMON ELLER
1 male -10; 1 male 26-45; 2 females -10' 1 female 26-45
(did not find 1830 census)

1850 Hamilton Co. OH
Dist 4 61/70ELIAS ELLER49farmer 2000 MD
William 17 VA; Abram 15 VA; Elizabeth F/T 13 VA; E.H. female 10 Mo.; M.J. 8 female MO; Mary A. 6 MO: S.V. female 3 MO; G.E. Male 1 MO

1850 Wayne CO.,IN
Jackson Twp.
67/67AARON ELLER40farmer 1200 VA
Hannah 18 OH; Ephriam 15 OH Susannah 12 OH; Jacob 10 OH; Christiana 7 IN; Eliza 4 IN; Aaron 1 IN
** dau. Susannah m. Nathanie Burkit Jr.

1850 Marion Co., IN
Lawrence Twp.
303/303ANDREW ELLER42farmer 1600 OH
Mary A. (Flannigan)25OH;
Elizabeth 18 IN; Nancy 17 IN; Thomas 13 IN; Isabel 12 IN; David 11 IN; Martha 10 IN; Andrew 7 IN; Christopher 3 IN
** Christopher m. 14 jul 1878 Susannah Todd b. 1840 IN d/o Samuel Todd and Elizabeth Todd (see same census house 650)


Eller Census Records Cont'd
1870 Vigo Co., IN
Sugar Creek Twp.
190/190DAVID ELLER, Sr.41farm laborer NC
William 18 NC; Elzie 16 NC; Freeland 13 NC; Alpha J. 10 IN; David J. 5 IN; Hansford 2 IN; Anne 3 mo. IN

48/46ELYRE ELLER18farm laborer IN

1870 Sullivan Co., IN
Sullivan Twp.
140/144WILLIAM ELLER40engineer IN
Nancy 14 IN; John 10 IN: William 9 IN; Charles 1 IN; Mary 6 IN; Anne 8 IN

1850 Miami Co., Ohio
Newberry Twp.
1160JOHN ELLER26farmer 1000 OH
David 4 OH

Peter Moss 20 OH; Jacob and Andrew Moss 19 (twins) OH; Barbara Eller 22 OH

1436/1445JOSEPH ELLER41farmer 1500 PA
Henry 14 OH; Susannah Frame 78 PA lives in house but numbered 1446 on census.

Union Twp.
2047/2048SARAH ELLER582000 NC
Enoch 24 OH; Elizabeth 23 OH; Melinda 11 OH
**this family I identify as widow of John Eller s/o Leonard as is following William Eller

2052/2054WILLIM ELLER31farmer OH;
Esther E. 5 OH; Sarah M. 4 OH; Susan G. 2 OH; Lambert 5 mo. OH

2068/2070JOSEPH ELLER38farmer 250 OH (son of John ?Eller)
Sarah (Friend)31OH;
Henry 12 OH; Susannah 11 OH; Wlizabeth 9 OH; Rebecca 4 OH; John 2 OH

Milton Twp.
2396/2399JACOB ELLER34shoemaker 300 OH
Rebecca Sherer 23 OH

2643/2446HENRY ELLER23farmer OH
William 2 OH; Jane May 1850

1850 Green Co., IN
Beech Creek
715/717JACOB ELLER19Farmer NC
Nancy June 1850

722/722PETER ELLER (ocpt?)43Farmer 600 NC
Luke 18 NC; David 15 NC; Nancy 13 IN; Amanda 11 IN; Sarah 9 IN; Marinda 5 IN; Mary June 1850 IN

781/783JACOB ELLER20Farmer NC


Eller Census records cont'd

767/767DAVID ELLER44farmer 800 NC
Lucinda (Reddick, widow of David Cothran)42 KY
David 24 IN; Maria 22 IN; William 19 IN; James 14 IN; Andrew 11 IN; Louisa 9 IN; Joshua 2 IN
** David age 24 is not an Eller, he is son of David Cothran; he was over 1 year of age when his father died and his mother, Lucinda, m. David Eller.

774/774HIRAM ELLER30farmer IN
George 6 IN; Mary 4 IN

Marion Co., IN census results are in J.W. Hook: GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER AND DESCENDENTS OF HIS IN AMERICA, 1957.

Submitted by Gale E.S. Honeyman, 470 Grove #2, San Francisco, CA 94102

1860 Jefferson Co., IA
Loucas Grove Twp
354DAVID ELLER64NC farmer 5000
Elvira 17 IA; David 15 IA: Alice 11 IA

355JOHN ELLER28farmer 800 IN
Elijah Edwards 2 IA


Submitted by Gale E.S. Honeyman, 470 Grove #2, San Francisco, CA 94102

Grayson Co. VA Marriage Licences:






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