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Jean Oliver, P.O. Box 81, Orrington, ME 04474


The following article from my Grandmother and Grandfather Emrick's 50th wedding anniversary was the beginning of my interest in my ancestors.

I was looking for pictures, or whatever I could find from my old album, for a scrapbook being prepared for my brother Richard Emrick Coston and his wife Dorothy's 50th anniversary on July 1989 when I ran across the article. I read it with renewed interest in what happened in 1897.

I knew something about my great grandmother Laura Eller Fanner but George H. Eller brought a lot of new and interesting questions to my mind.

His being among the first settlers of Indiana, the wedding, and the Eller reunion at the Ben Hur Park stirred my desire to see if I could find that special spot along the White River.

I had opportunity to be in Indianapolis for short periods of time over the past two years. Hence, I have enjoyed the research and am looking forward to doing more since joining the EFA.

My first real discouraging news from the Noblesville, Indiana Library was that one of the Birth Record Volumes had been taken and not returned. The next disappointment was discovering that the Division of State Parks, Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources did not know anything about the Ben Hur Park. However, through the helpful efforts of the Indiana Room Clerk, Toni Burdett, at the Noblesville Library, we have the article on James W. Eller regarding the Ben Hur Park and she also found the Eller Bridge and the plat maps. The West Liberty article also mentioned the Park. I am still searching for its exact location.

I was born in Pottstown, Pa. although I think we were living in Philadelphia at the time. My father and grandfather Emerick worked for the Y M. CA. and we lived on 41st Street across from the " Y'. My grandparents lived over the 'Y'.

Grandma Laura Eller Fanner came to visit us often, and I have numerous pictures of her including the one of the four generations with my sister, Bette. I have one of her holding me in 1926 the year in which she died.

The picture of Laura Eller Farmer and the Emrick family was a postcard photo and a message written by my grandmother Emrick to a niece of Laura E. Fanner called Hattie, but was never mailed.

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 157

My mother Laura Pauline Emrick Coston was married to Stanford W. Coston, from Salamanca, N. Y., had six children, two died in infancy. The enclosed picture shows the four of us at a family get together a few years ago.

Since our mother died in 1936 when I was almost eleven, and my brother Stan had just turned five, we spent the next three years living with our grandparents until my father remarried.

I graduated from high school in Butler, Pa.: married in 1943 to Eugene P. Bovard, and had three children, Sandra, Deborah and Guy. We lived in Tampa, Florida for seventeen years and then moved to Maine. We owned and operated the Red River Camps in Northern Aroostook County, Maine for five and one-half years. My husband died just before the camp opened in 1972. I was a widow for almost three years when I met and married Philip M. Oliver, and moved to Alexandria, Va. for five years until Phil and I retired to Maine.

Three of our five children ( I gained two from our merger) live here in Maine and also one grandson. The other grandson is at Elmira College in N. Y. They are of the 10th generation as shown on the list enclosed.

Since I am continuing my research, any information that any EFA member can provide will be appreciated.......... Jean Oliver

(Eds. For other information on the Leonard Eller line, see JW. Hook, GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER, W. 32-52: THE ELLER CHRONICLES, Vol. I:1: 12-13; Vol. V:2:99-105

(Eds. Jean provided the address of Van Eller who still lives on Eller land in Hamilton County, IN. A letter dispatched to Van has brought this reply:)

Date: 22 Jun 1992
"I received your letter and am interested in helping add to your files. I have a copy of your mentioned book by J.W. Hook and with this note and much more detailed information to follow can report that the Leonard Eller reported on p. 37 is buried just south of my farm in the Eller Cemetery. I am the grandson of James W. Eller (2) on p. 46. My father was Chauncey Max6 who died in 1955. I still live on the farm entered by the Ellers in 1823. My wife and I plan to set up a foundation to preserve this farm for the future. I have pictures of Absolom and Elizabeth Eller mentioned on p. 45, my great grandparents. Will be in contact later.
Van and Betty Eller, 6455 E. 116th St., Fishers, IN 46038

(Eds. Look for Van's farm on the plat maps pp.

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 158


  1. 1. George Michael Eller
    d. Aug. 25, 1778

  2. 2. Leonard Eller
    b. Mar. 20, 1754
    d. 1839

  3. 3. Joseph Eller
    b. Oct. 25, 1788
    d. 1854

  4. 4. George (H) Eller
    b. Dec. 20, 1823
    d. Feb. 19, 1912
  5. 5. Laura Eller Farmer
    a. 1849
    d. Oct. 13, 1926

  6. 6. Luzerba T. Farmer Emrick
    b. April 1877
    d. Nov. 1953

  7. 7. Laura Pauline Emrick Coston
    b. Aug. 15, 1898
    d. July 3, 1936

  8. 8. D. Jean Coston Bovard Oliver
    b. Sept. 21, 1925

    • Children of Jean Oliver:
    • 9. Sandra Pauline Bovard
      b. April 19, 1946

    • 9. Deborah Jean Bovard
      b. Dec. 1, 1950

    • 9. Guy Paul Bovard
      b. Feb. 15, 1953

      • Children of Deborah Jean Bovard
      • 10. Matthew D. Plaut
        b. Feb. 1, 1970

      • 10. Jason Eugene Plaut
        b. Aug. 1 1, 1972

Gr. Gr. Grandchildren of George (H) Eller bk.row- Stanford W. Coston,.JR. l to r Richard Emrick Coston fr. row- l to r Jean Coston Bovard Oliver (step-sis. Anne Weist) Bette Pauline Coston Stromgren Wahl

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 158

lst Row: L-R Laura Eller Farmer 1849-1926 Laura Pauline Emrick 1898-1936 Kathrine Emrick 1900-1987 Luzerba T. (Farmer) Emrick 1877-1953 2nd Row: Robert D. Emrick 1877-1957
sitting: Laura Eller Farmer
l) Laura Pauline Emrick Coston
r) Luzerba T. Farmer Emrick
child: Bette Pauline Coston Stromgren Wahl

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 160


Mr. And Mrs. Robert D. Emrick Are Celebrating Golden Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Emrick are today celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Due to a fall in her home last June in which Mrs. Emrick suffered a fractured hip, they are observing the occasion at home in a quiet way. Mrs. Emrick is the former Luzerba T. Farmer, whose grandfather, George H. Eller was one of the first settlers in Hamilton county. Indiana. Her mother, the oldest daughter of several children, helped her father fight Indiana where they built their log cabin home on White river. As the years passed the Eller reunion was held in the early fall each year and as It continued to grow In attendance, ,Mr. Eller developed a park on the bank of the river known an Ben Hur Park. It was in this park, at, the annual Eller reunion, that the wedding of Miss Farmer and Mr. Emrick took place on September 22, 1897.

Native Of Indiana
Mr. Emrick was born In Columha City, Ind., but spent his early life in Kansas. Upon his return to Kansas from Oklahoma, he travelled east to Indianapolis, where he was employed until he accepted a position in Noblesville, Ind., where he met his future wife. He returned to Indianapolis and after a three years courtship, during watch time Miss Farmer finished her education, Mr. Emrick returned to Noblesville to claim his bride. While living In Indianapolis before his marriage, Mr. Emrick gave much time to the degree work of the Knights of Pythias lodge and the uniform rank of the same lodge, thus it was fitting that Col. C. Conley and staff, Major C. Webb and staff and Capt. W. C. Ward with his uniform rank, attended the wedding in full dress uniform.

After their marriage., Mr. and Mrs. Emrick lived for a time in Indianapolis, later moving to Peru, Ind., where Mr. Emricik was in business with his fatlaer. In April 1906, he entered YMCA work and continued in this field until his first retiremnt from the secretary-ship in 1932 to enter business, but returned to the work to render service in 1934.

He again retired from YMCA work to accept a business position with the Grafton Feed and Storage company of Grafton, W. Va. A year later he was made general manager of the company and 'the following year he was made vice president and general manager.

Came Here In 1941
Mr. and Mrs. Emrick moved Elkins in 1941. And became interested in the local YMCA and became office secretary. He again retired from the work after five years of service on September 1 1946. He and Mrs. Emrick moved to Florida to make their future home. Following the death of General Secretary J. 0. Hunnicut, the board of directors of the local association called Mr. Emrick to become general secretary. In making the decision, Mr. and Mrs. Emrick, returned to Elkins, March 15, of this year to make Elkins their home.

Interested In Youth
Both have been active in the YMCA and church, and have been vitally interested In Youth and younger men and women during their 50 Years of married life.

Mr. Emrick was associated with the National War Work Council during the World War 1. After his return from France in 1918, he was located In Hoboken, New Jersey, as executive secretary of the Transportation department for the National War Work Council with operations at all ports on the Atlantic between Hoboken and Charleston, South Carolina, until the close of the war.

They have one daughter deceased, one daughter, Mrs. L. K. Conaway of Clarksburg, one son Robert Paul of Franklin, Pa. nine grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.

Approach Under Swords
The bride and groom approached the mound on which they were married through a lane of drawn swords. The ceremony was preformed under crossed swords, after which an old fashioned dinner was served near the bank of the river on a table :that reacted a length so long that diners were not, recognizable from one end of the table to the other."

Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Emrick, above, are today celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

The Emricks have been popular residents of Elkins since coming here from Grafton, especially among the young people. Mr. Emrick, general secretary of the local YMCA, comes in contact with the youth of the city as possibly no one else in Elkins. He and Mrs. Emrick have also taught classes In the First Methodist Sunday school

Mr. and Mrs. Emrick's anniversary was also mentioned in the last issue.

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