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-Asheville Times,
October 24, 1980

Former Asheville mayor Earl W. Eller, 87, died this morning at his home, 26 Lotus Place.

He served as a member of City Council from 1943 to 1969 and was mayor from 1951 to 1969.

An incorporator of the Western North Carolina Development Association in 1949, he was the first recipient of the annual J.D. Cooley Award. He also served as a director and as president of the organization from 1962 to 1965.

Active in civic and religious affairs, he served as president of the Asheville Agricultural Development Council and the N.C. League of Municipalities. He was a member of the First Baptist Church and was a former member of the board of deacons of West End Baptist Church.

He was associated with the Asheville Packing Co. and served as its president.

Active in Chamber of Commerce, he was a past president and member of the Rotary Club. He was also a member of the American Legion, the Mountain City Club, and the West Asheville Business Association and was a member of the board of directors of the YMCA.

In 1969, Eller was awarded a Certificate of Merit from the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, which recognized his service as mayor of Asheville. He was also made an honorary member of the Jaycees.

Born in Tracy City, Tenn., he came to Asheville in 1903 and attended Park Avenue Grammar School and graduated from Asheville High School in 1913.

He served with the Southern Railroad System from 1913 to 1921. An Army veteran of World War 1, he served with the 81st Division from 1917 to 1919.

Surviving are his wife Johanna Z. Eller; a daughter, Margaret E. Walton of Asheville; three sisters, Dorothy Thrash of Atlanta, Ga., and Alice Felmet and Kathryn Leeson of Asheville; and two grandchildren.

[J.G.E.-Note: I met and talked with Earl Eller briefly about our common name in 1978. Neither of us knew much at that time about our Eller ancestry. He said all he knew was that his parents came to Asheville from Tennessee. I have since learned that he probably traces back to Wilkes County, N.C. He was not a descendant of the Jacob Eller, Jr. line of Ellers that we often call the Buncombe Co., N.C. Ellers. His family is listed in the 1900 U.S. census for Grundy Co., TN and the 1910 census for Buncombe Co., N.C. - see below:

1900 Soundex census for Tenn. 23 39 19 64; Grundy Co., 11th Civil Dist.;
ELLER, THOMAS N., 37 yrs., b. Jan. 1863 NC;
Florence A.(W) 28 yrs b. Dec 1871 TN;
Earl W. (S) 5 yrs., b. Jul 1894;
Alice (D) 2 yrs., b. Jun 1897 TN;
NR (D) 6 mo., Nov. 1899 TN

1910 Soundex Census, Buncombe Co., N.C.
ELLER, THOMAS 48 yrs. b. NC
-Florence A. (W) 36 yrs b. TN
-Earl W. (S) 15 yrs. b. TN
-Alice M. (D) 12 yrs. b. TN
-Dorothy D. (D) 9 yrs. b. TN
-Douglas R. (S) 7 yrs. b. TN
-Thomas D. (S) 5 yrs. b. TN

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 182

Asheville Times
January 1, 1944

Earl Wilson Eller, city councilman of Asheville, head of the Asheville Packing Company, and prominent American Legionnaire, was born in Tracy City, Tenn., July 11, 1893; but life for him really began September, 1917, when he enlisted in the 81st Infantry Division for World War 1.

More than a year in combat fields of France, and then the Armistice, with Earl Eller's regiment under heavy fire in the Mouse-Argonne. Earl doesn't like to remember that 12 men of his company were killed and 45 badly wounded that last morning of World War 1. More than anything else, he hates to recall that his very best soldier buddy was killed that day, so uselessly and almost beside him.

But Earl Eller learned a lot from even the horrible days of that November 25 years ago. Above everything else he learned to understand his fellow men; and it is that sympathetic understanding that is the major guiding force in almost everything Earl Eller does...

After returning from France, Earl Eller went back to work for the railroad; but in 192 1, under the rapid changing conditions following the war, he joined his father-in-law, F. Zimmerman, owner of the Asheville Packing Company, and has been there since. Earl Eller learned the meat packing business the hard way, by doing every job in the establishment until he had mastered it. This in itself may account for the friendly, family-like impression a visitor gets at the Asheville Packing Company which Earl Eller has headed since 1936; Earl knows every job of every man in the place because he has done them all; so his understanding of the people who work for him is not based on theory; and his helpers know that Earl knows their problems...

The Asheville Packing Company, of which Mr. Eller is sole owner, is much like the man himself, important but not spectacular. It carries the unusual "Grade A" certificate of the State Health Department under whose close supervision it operates, and that means Asheville Packing Company is clean even as its boss, Earl Wilson Eller, is a clean, fine man- inside and out.

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 183

SOME EARLY ELLERS IN ENGLAND- IGI Records: from Madeline Fletcher, 1908 Sequoia Ft. Collins, CO 80525

ELLER, ROBERT b. abt 1578, Sheffield, Yorks, England; m. 7 Oct 1603 HALL, MARGARET b. abt 1582, Sheffield, Yorks, England; ref. Yorks S 4b pts 1 Vol. 58, p. 217; submitted: Gertrude E. Newbold, Rt. 1, Box 275, Woods, Utah.

ELLER, STEVEN b. abt 1583, Swinton, Yorks, England; m. Nov 1606 STEPHENSON, ANN b. abnt 1587, Swifiton; Ref.: Yorks W.2 p. 12; submitted: same

ELLER, RICHARD b. abt 1594, Swinton, Yorks, England; m. 20 Jul 1619, GREENE, MARGARET b. abt 1598, Swinton, Yorks, Eng.; Ref.: Yorks W. 2 p. 26, 27, 29, 31, 32, 45, 51, 54; submitted: same

  • Margaret chr. 24 Mar 1620 Swin ton, Yorks Eng.
  • Christofer b. abt 1621, same, d. 1 Jun 1623, same
  • Ann chr. 30 Nov. 1622, same
  • Richard chr. 19 Jan 1623/24, same
  • Thomas chr. 30 Dec 1630, same
  • Richard chr. 9 Jan 1631, same
  • Richard chr 10 Mar 1638, same
    Note: 3 sons named Richard, not unusual in early German families

ELLER, THOMAS b. abt 1621 Swinton, Yorks, Eng.; m. 8 Jun 1646, COSINE, HELEN b. abt 1625, Swinton; Ref.: Yorks W.2 p. 61; submitter: same

ELLER, HOWARD THOMAS b. abt. 1649, Swinton, Yorks, Eng.; m. 10 Dec 1674, COE, MARY b. abt 1653 Swinton; Ref.: Yorks W.2 p. 80, 107, 113; submitter: same

  • Elizabeth, b. 16 May 1675, Swinton
  • Margaret, b. 2 Mar 1678

ELLER, STEPHEN b. abt 1653, Plawsworth, Durham, England; m. date and name of wife not listed; Ref.: F Durham C1 13960; submitter: same

  • Bryan chr. 30 May 1679, Plawsworth

ELLER, WILLIAM b. abt 1666, Thirsk, Yorks, Eng.; m. date and name of wife not listed; Ref.: Yorks T. 1 p. 192; submitter: same

  • Joseph b. 28 Nov 1698 Thirsk
  • Samuel b. 26 Nov 1699 d. 1 1 Jan 1700

ELLER, JOHN b. abt 1671, Thirsk, Yorks, Eng.; m. 29 Nov 1694, COATES, ELIZABETH b. abt 1674, Thirsk; Ref.: Yorks T.1 p. 165, 190, 192, 224, 226, 228; Submitter: same

  • Anthony b. 13 Nov 1697, Thirsk
  • Anne b. 2 May 1700,
  • John b. 14 Jul 1702,
  • Elizabeth b. 7 Dec 1704
  • Jane b. 10 Jun 1706

ELLER, RICHARD b. abt 1724, Foggathorpe, York, Eng.; m. 27 Jun 1749, NORTON, MARY, Foggathorpe Ref.: Yorks B.4 p. 187; submitter: same

ELLER, EDWARD b. 1782, Berwick, Northum., Eng.; d. 1814 at sea; m. 1807 YOUNGHUSBAND, ELIZABETH FRANCIS b. 1785, Berwick; d. 19 dec 1857, Berwick; father: Paul George Elers; mother: Elizabeth Debonnaire; m. (2nd): 1815, Sir Charles Napier; Ref.: Gen. Vol. 2 p. 58 Burkes Peerage & Baron 1912, Misc. gen. et Herald Vol. 3 p. 245-246; submitter: Mary Bannister Russell, 3737 Coolidge Ave., Oakland, CA

  • Edward Hungerford Delave b. 1808, Berwick; m. Eliza Louisa Daniel
  • George Charles b. 1812, Berwick; lost at sea 20 Dec 1847

[J.G.E.-note: No doubt most members of the EFA will be surprised to learn that Ellers were in England in such numbers by the 16th century. I have recently been in correspondence with an Eller in London who tells me there are several Ellers in England. Like me, she presumes they originally came from Germany.]

Few members of the EFA knew prior to this that the Eller surname had reached England in the 16th century.

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 184

From: Charlotte Observer, ca. June 28, 1992

The Ellers

James Roscoe Eller and Helen Annas Eller of Statesville celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 27 with an honorary reception at Bethel Baptist Church in East Monbo.

The couple were June 2, 1942, In the parsonage of Troutman Baptist Church in Troutman. They have three children: Linda Hawkins of Charlotte, Jimmy Eller of Taylorsville and Patricia Statton of Asheboro. They also have four granddaughters.

James Eller is retired from Troutman Industries, He works with Cap Star Industries. Helen Eller is retired from Prudential Insurance Co.

Thursday July 2, 1992

Louise Slaughter

ROBBINSVILLE - Louise Slaughter, 94, of Route 1, died Tuesday, June 30, in a Graham health care center. Slaughter was a native of Graham County. She was the wife of the late Willard "Tucker" Slaughter. She was the daughter of the late William and Lucinda Bradley Eller, She is survived by several nieces and nephews.

Services will be at 2:30 p.m. Thursday in the chapel of Townson-Smith Funeral Home. The Revs. Michael Eller and Jack Milsaps will officiate. Burial will be in Old Mother Cemetery.

Last surviving child of Wm. H. and Sarah Loucinda Bradley of Graham Co. NC ( 7th gen. descendant of Jacob Eller, immigrant, Rowan Co., NC 1761). Also, aunt of J. Gerald Eller, Co-Ed. of the Chronicles. See Eller Chronicles,

Vol. IV:2, pp. 55-61.

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