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  1. AUDIT

    Please note below the audit of the EFA financial records. I wish to thank EFA member Roger F. Eller, 405 Vernon Terrace, Raleigh, NC 27609 so very much for putting together all of the detail that Nancy Eller, Charlotte Marshall and I gave him. It took quite a while to dovetail all of it into a concise yet complete audit of our records. Please be advised that if anyone wishes to review the details, backup for the audit is certainly available for your perusal.


    Those who were at Conf. 91 in Estes Park are aware of the necessity for several committees and projects to further the goals of the EFA. I have been very busy this year with personal matters but I can now address this important topic. All decisions of the committee will be implemented in accordance with the By-Laws.

    I trust as you read this you will realize the need for involvement of many people. Further, I trust that you will offer the EFA your services, not only to help people the committees but especially to consider chairing one. Please write me for more detail of the scope of each and your willingness to participate.

    1. Committee to revise the By-Laws
      The present by-laws were meant to be an organizing tool and they were an excellent start. Now, after four years, it is apparent that a number of changes, additions and clarifications need to be made. This will be a short-term committee of about 4-6 people.
    2. Restoration and upkeep of Eller Landmarks
      This also includes associated families. The most important landmarks are, of course, the graves and cemeteries of our ancestors. Charlotte Marshall has begun this effort with plans for raising special funds for this purpose. She recently requested the expenditure of $400.00 from the present budget to support 3 specific projects. These projects have been approved. See their descriptions next below. We need a committee of 3-4 people to formulate recommendations on policies and procedures on future projects of this type.

    3. Tax-Exempt Status
      Charlotte Marshall has handled this effort very effectively and an opinion is imminent from the IRS. We hope EFA members will remember the EFA when it is approved and consider-making special tax-exemp donations to EFA special projects such as research and restoration.

    4. Archives
      Gerald Eller has visited and talked with officials of the Rowan County Library in Salisbury, NC about their interest in becoming the official site for the Eller Family Archives. He reports that he was most favorably impressed with their facilities, personnel and keen interest in family genealogy. They would be delighted to become the site of the official Eller Family Archive. We need a committee of 3 to 4 people to consider this and other possible sites and formulate an over-all plan.
    5. Eller genealogy - research ( U.S. and Europe)
      This committee will formulate an over-all research strategy to better focus and coordinate Eller family research here in the U.S. as well as in Europe. One goal would be to raise funds and formulate policies to insure that such funds be disbursed in an equitable and accountable manner. The need for professional assistance should be considered. A committee of 3-4 is needed.

    6. Conference Historian
      Bethel Stolte, who serves in this capacity has been doing a beautiful job. She has completed scrapbooks documenting Conf. 89 and 91. She needs the help of at least one other person to help collect data and organize for the next conference. Who will volunteer?

    7. Awards Committee
      It is my desire to form an Awards Committee to set uniform rules and protocol for the selection of recipients for various EFA awards such as the James W. Hook Memorial Award and the EFA Service Award. This should be a standing committee of about four people for a term of four years with provision for overlapping the terms for continuity, receiving nominations and suggestions from the membership, preparing appropriate awards and making final selection of recipients. Awards will be conferred at the biennial conferences.


    I am sorry to report that our effort to begin work on new volumes of Eller genealogy must be put on hold indefinitely. The result of the questionnaire asking for help that appeared in the Feb. and again in the May issues of the Chronicles were very discouraging. Only 8 people responded, none of which included offers to chair the two committees which is a necessary first step. Therefore, until such time as I receive encouraging offers of commitment, I must regretfully shelve this effort.

. . . A. W. Eller, President

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 218


The Eller Family Association has made substantial progress since its beginning in 1987 on each of its stated purposes, save one - "encourage the restoration and maintenance of cemeteries or other sites of meaning to various Eller families. " Now this goal is getting special attention, thanks to the initiative of some local EFA members in North Carolina.

Three projects, recently brought to the attention of J. Gerald Eller, were passed on to Charlotte Marshall who moved promptly to gain the support of the officers and board of directors of the EFA and to win approval for an expenditure of $400.00. Anticipating future projects of this type, President Bill Eller has moved to appoint a committee to develop policies and guidelines for future projects. Charlotte Marshall invites others to begin thinking about similar projects and to communicate with her.

In addition, EFA members are offered the opportunity to make individual contributions to one or more of the projects. Each project enjoys much local support which has already produced contributions and pledges.

EFA members wishing to make individual contributions to one or more of the projects may send checks directly to Nancy Eller, Treas. of the EFA, 500 E. Mission St., Crowley, TX 76036.

Phoenix Baptist Church, Lansing NC
($200.00 from EFA budget)

(Individual contributors make checks to the Gertrude Eller Waddell Memorial Fund and send to Nancy.)

Martha Gertrude (Eller) WaddeII7, (Harvey Augustus Eller6, James Eller5, Simeon Eller4, John Eller3 , Peter Eller2, George Michael Ellerl)

Gertrude Eller Waddell was the last surviving grandchild of James Eller and Mary Ann Carlton (See Eller Chronicles, Vol. III, No. 1, pp. 1-6; Vol. VI, No. 1, pp. 54-66). Her videotape interview with EFA member Buddy Lovette was shown at the 1989 Eller Family Conference in Salisbury, N.C. and again at the 1991 Eller Family Conference at Estes Park, CO. The videotape was a hit at both conferences. Gertrude Eller Waddell spent her long life in the Bina community of Ashe County, N.C., where she was known for her great courage and character. She was greatly blessed with remarkable physical strength, good health, a well-developed sense of humor and an irrepressible wit. Her years of service to her church, to the public schools in which she taught and to her community made her a beloved and legendary figure in Ashe County, NC. Her many friends and neighbors talk about her special wisdom and intelligence. Her dedication to the Baptist Church, which her grandfather James Eller helped establish soon after the Civil War, was unwavering.

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 219

Immediately after her death her fellow church members took action to plan and name a room in the new Education and Fellowship wing, then under construction, in her honor. The room will be furnished to provide permanent space for the storage and use of her family records and memorabilia which includes photographs and various documents relating to her family and those of her ancestors.

On 25 June 1992, EFA member Buddy Lovette, who first brought this project to my attention met Juanita and me in Ashe County. Together with J.C. Ashley, long-time neighbor and care-taker of "Mrs. Gert", we visited her home and saw much of the material that will be preserved. Mr. Ashley, to whom "Mrs. Gert" left her estate, invited us back to help sort through the material, much of it over a 100 years of age, at a later date. He also gave permission for us to copy selected documents, photographs, etc. for inclusion in the proposed Eller Archives (if such is ever established as planned).

The November issue of the Eller Chronicles will be dedicated to the memory of Gertrude Eller Waddell. Her story is now in preparation with the help of J.C. Ashley, Buddy Lovette, and her pastor, Rev. Rex Eldreth of the Phoenix Baptist Church, Lansing, N.C., friends & relatives.

Local Project Coordinator: EFA member J.C. Ashley, P.O. Box 53, Warrenton, NC 28693.

Weaverville Cemetery, Weaverville, N.C.
New Headstone) - ( $100 from EFA Budget)

(Individual contributors make checks to the Mary Biffle Eller Memorial Project.)

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 220

The oldest known grave in the lineage of Jacob Eller, Sr., the immigrant, of Rowan County, N.C. is that of Mary Biffle Eller, daughter-in-law of Jacob Eller, Sr. and wife of his eldest son, Jacob Eller, Jr. (See Ancestral Chart below) Readers of the Eller Chronicles know the story of Mary Biffle and Jacob Eller, Jr. ( Eller Chronicles Vol.II, No. 1, pp. 4-7 ;Vol. V, No. 4, pp. 255-258).

Mary Biffle Eller was born probably in Rowan County, N.C. ca. 1760, the daughter of Adam Biffle and Catherine Henckel. She died in Buncombe Co., N.C. ca. 1836-1837; her will is dated 25 Mar. 1836 and proved 5 July 1837.

Mary Biffle Eller's grave is located in the Weaverville Cemetery, Weaverville, N.C. She was buried adjacent to the graves of her sister, Elizabeth Biffle Weaver and her husband, John Weaver. Her grave is marked by an illegible field stone.

This project was first suggested by Blanche Robertson to EFA member Olivia D. Cunningham of Asheville, N.C. Blanche is a local genealogist who is currently compiling information on all cemeteries in the Weaverville, N.C. area and has researched Ellers in the area for a long time.

Local Coordinator: EFA member Olivia D. Cunningham, 363 Racquet Club Road, Asheville, NC 28803.

The Joseph Eller Cemetery, Eller Cove, Weaverville, N.C.
(A New Headstone) - ($100 from EFA Budget)

(Individual contributors make checks to the Joseph Eller Memorial Project)

Joseph Eller was the second son of Jacob Eller, Jr. and Mary Biffle Eller. He died 23 Sept. 1863 at his home in Eller Cove, Reems Creek, Buncombe Co., N.C. (See the story by Janine Eller Porter in The Eller Chronicles, Vol.V, No. 4, pp. 259-263) See the ancestral chart below. He was buried in the Joseph Eller Cemetery in Eller Cove where his grave is marked only by a field stone. Recently his relatives in that area cleaned away all the unwanted vegetation from the cemetery, which now is used infrequently for burial, and constructed a new chain-link fence around the entire cemetery where several additional Ellers are buried. As the Eller progenitor of many who bear his surname his grave should be more appropriately marked.

Temp. Coordinator: J. G. Eller, Rt., 2 Box 145-D, Whittier, NC 28789.

Rev. Anthony Jacob HENCKEL
m.Maria Elizabeth Dentzer
John Justus HENCKEL
m.Maria Eschmann
Catherine HENCKEL-------
Johannes BUFFEL
m.Maria Stein
Johannes Sdam BUFFEL
m.Anna Maria Hass
m.Catherine Han (Haan)
Johannes GOTTGE
Johannes GOTTGE
m.Anna C. Hamm (Hamen)
Maria Eva

Casper ELLER

NC, tn, GA, AL, MO, TX, OK, ID, OR, OH, VA, SC,
and many other places.

ELLER CHRONICLES Vol. VI:3,   August. 1992 pp. 222


July 14-18, 1993
Portland Airport Holiday Inn
Portland, Oregon

Conference 93 will be the first conference held in a metropolitan setting, with easy access to public transportation. After reading the May 1992 issue of ELLER CHRONICLES, you should be aware of a few of the opportunities available for seeing the area after conference hours or on Friday, July 16, if you choose not to accompany the group on the Columbia River trip.

The article in the May issue was specifically to acquaint you with those opportunities, and to give you the addresses and phone numbers to arrange any of those activities you might want to indulge in. There are always a number of spouses along on the conferences who might like an afternoon away from ELLER history, or a family group might like to arrange an excursion after hours.

As you know the Conference committee will be very busy keeping the conference flowing smoothly, and taking care of last minute details. Please arrange any of these activities you might wish to do before the conference. If you need any help, please call or write Charlotte Eller Marshall. I will give any help I can to arrange exactly what you want.

There are two schools of thought on this matter. Yes, conferences are for loosely structured sessions, with family updates, and sharing genealogical material. The Columbia River trip on Friday is meant to be a very relaxed day for family socializing. This is a day that the committee and those working on the conference can also participate in a relaxed way. Those of you who have worked on the conferences will agree it is very hard to socialize during the days of presentations of family history. This riverboat trip will an opportunity for everyone involved to relax, chat with all the other ELLERS aboard, and see some beautiful scenery, away from the confines of a motel.

For those who do not wish to go on the riverboat trip, there is a number of options open. You may gather your immediate family for a day of socializing and catching up on your family happenings. You may arrange a shorter trip for your group around Portland. If you so desire, you may stay at the Holiday Inn and continue sharing your family history or recent news. If any of you wish to organize that, please contact me immediately as a room would need to be reserved for you.

In a diverse group such as ours, it is hard to please everyone all the time. There will always be days we just have to go with the majority, secure in the knowledge that tomorrow will be more to our liking.

Please contact me with any thing you might like to discuss. Volunteers for presentations of ELLER history, genealogy or stories will be very much appreciated.

Charlotte Eller Marshall
2832 Hwy. 201
Nyssa, OR 97913

Signed "Charlotte"

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