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 Introduction, A. Wm. Ellerp. 174-175
 History of the Eller Family by J. W. Eller (1918)p. 176-193
 Family Pictures, courtesy of Marjorie B. McCormickP. 194-200
 Marjorie Barker McCormick (Biosketch)p. 201-203
 The Eller Cemetery - Marjorie B. McCormickp. 204-207
 Comments & Corrections to the J. W. Eller Book - F. Ed Dennistonp. 208
 50th Wedding Anniversary (Rev. F. A. Eller) (1 898)p. 209-210
 Letter from Marjorie B. McCormickp. 211-212
WITH THE ELLERS IN THE CIVIL WAR - Byron H. Ellerp. 253-258
ELLERS ON AFRICAN SAFARI - Walton G. Eller, Sr.p. 259-260
 -Jeff Eller, Assistant to President Clinton - courtesy of Marjorie B. McCormickp. 261-264
 - ANNUAL REPORT - Pres. A. Wm. Ellerp. 266
 - AUDITOR'S REPORT - Roger F. Ellerp. 267

Editorial Comments

Thanks to many contributors to this issue for making this perhaps the best issue ever. We are especially indebted to Marjorie B. McCormick and her daughter, Mary Beth, for expending so much time and energy to collect, assemble, and provide narrative, captions, and labels for a mass of information that is totally new to the EFA. They went the second mile to have new excellent photographs prepared at considerable expense. DUE TO THEIR EFFORTS, WE ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE IN THIS ISSUE THE FIRST EXTENSIVE GENEALOGY OF THE CHRISTIAN ELLER LINE SINCE THE PUBLICATION OF J. W. HOOK'S 1957 BOOK. We are also indebted to Marjorie and Mary Beth for sending the newspaper clips that finally answers the numerous queries about who is Jeff Eller ? Credit goes also to our President, A. Wm. Eller, for providing reprints of the J. W. Eller booklet.

Iona Fisher Pilker provides additional extensive genealogy of another branch of the America Elizabeth Eller - Abraham Covert Fisher line. This is presented in a unique format which requires a bit of study but you will soon catch on. We thank Iona for this interesting genealogy. Byron H. Eller brings us another one of his studies on Ellers in the Civil War - this is one of his best.

We look forward to seeing those mentioned above, plus many of our readers at Portland!

An Introduction to


(A Genealogy of Descendants of the immigrant Christian Eller)


J. W. Eller

This introduction is about three people, each of whom enjoys a place of importance, all intimately associated with this recorded genealogy of Christian Eller.

The first of these is, of course, Christian Eller, who is considered to be one of the brothers of George Michael Eller. Very little is known, to us in the EFA, about Christian Eller except what is printed in James W. Hook's 1957 book, George Michael Eller and Descendants of His in America. Hook credits some of his material to a thirty eight page booklet by J. W. Eller, published in 1918.

The second important person is the author, J. W. Eller (Joseph W. Eller) to whom we are indebeted for his research which resulted in this book. J. W. Eller, not mentioned by Hook, is reckoned to be a 6th generation descendant of Christian Eller. J. W. Eller does not mention Christian Eller and apparently was unaware of his own immigrant ancestry.

The third important person became known to me one day in January, 1992 when I received a call from Marjorie McCormick of Indianapolis, IN, stating that she was a descendant of Christian Eller and that she possessed an original copy of J. W. Eller's 1918 book. We talked for over an hour about many things but primarily about Christian Eller and the booklet. Because her copy was in disrepair, I suggested she entrust it to me to have it repaired at a local well known and dedicated old-manuscript bookbinder. I was delighted when she sent it, pleased that she would trust me with it, and happy to find that it was repairable. I not only had the booklet restored but with Marjorie's permission had several copies made including a shelf-quality copy for the Eller Archives.

Marjorie Barker McCormick is a 7th generation descendant of Christian Eller. We are indebted to her for sharing THE ELLER FAMILY booklet with us.

I have also had the opportunity of corresponding with two other 7th generation descendants of Christian Eller. They happen to have the same great-grandfather, the Rev. Francis A. Eller who occupies a prominent place in the book. Meredith Eller, who lives in Kansas City, MO, is one of these. He is the

[book. Meredith Eller, who lives in Kansas City, MO, is one of these. He is the] son of the author, J. W. Eller, and his picture as a young child appears in the booklet. I learned of Meredith through Marjorie McCormick. Both are listed in the book.

Page 174

Eller Chronicles Vol. VII (3) Aug, 1993

F. Edwin Denniston is the other. He called one day after having been referred to the EFA by our member Dwight Eller of Tucson. Edwin is not listed in the book but his mother, Henrietta Eller Denniston, is listed. Edwin now lives at Black Butte Ranch, OR.

Reflecting for a moment on James Hook's book and the treatment given there to the Christian Eller family whose genealogy is relegated to the rear of the book almost as though it were an after thought, possibly a last minute submission. Also it is presented in a much smaller type.

One of our EFA members, Janet Rice of Brownsburg, IN, a daughter of Marjorie McCormick, apparently was not aware of her uniqueness, genealogically speaking. I have learned that she is a very busy woman and has not had the opportunity to become intimately involved in genealogy.

To have had the revelation of Christian Eller descendants in our midst is truly exciting. It will allow a major revision and extension in Vol. 11 of that which appears in James Hook's book.

The reproduction of J. W. Eller's book in this issue of the Chronicles is exactly as recorded in the booklet except for marginal notes attributed to Marjorie B. McCormick.

........................................... A. Wm. Eller, President, Eller Family Association

(Eds. Beginning on the next page is the complete publication by J.W. Eller, published in 1918, reproduced in its original form except for marginal notes attributed to Marjorie B. McCormick. This is the most extensive data on the Christian Eller line published since J.W. Hook's 1957 book.

Following the J. W. Eller publication are letters, pictures, and other genealogical material submitted by Marjorie B. Barker and her daughter, Mary Beth, to THE ELLER CHRONICLES. We are also indebted to them for providing the cover pictures.

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