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Professor of Religion
University of La Verne
La Verne CA 91750

Vernard Eller is solidly of the Church of the Brethren line of Ellers--thus ultimately a descendant of Jacob Eller of Roanoke VA. Vernard's father was the Jay Vernard Eller, subject of a feature in earlier Chronicles; his mother being the Geraldine Crill Eller who wrote that piece about her husband.

Vernard's grandfather (George Riley Eller) His father (Jay), himself, and his son Enten constitute four generations of Brethren preachers. If things go as seems likely with Enten, all four will have pursued "Pauline ministries" (i.e., like the Apostle Paul, making their livings outside the church while offering an unsalaried ministry within it). The church of the Brethren currently lists eleven individuals named Eller among its ministers (three of them women). And there is no telling how many other ministerial Eller relatives do not have "Eller" as a last name. Also, within this branch of Ellerdom, schoolteaching is about as strong a tradition as preaching is.

Vernard, then (along with his brother Eldon and sister Elfreda) was raised in Wenatchee WA--where his dad was a teacher/preacher. Come time for college (Fall 145), Vernard as much as automatically went to the west coast Brethren school, La Verne, in southern California, thirty miles east of L.A.

"Eller," of course, comes from the German for the tree we know as alder. "La Verne," apparently, comes from the French for that very same tree.. So it seems right that this alder should be planted in that alder grove.]

Given that Vernard's whole family consisted of omnivorous readers (with his mother specializing in the written, as his father the spoken word) it is no wonder that Vernard found himself impelled toward the literary arts--English, journalism, and theater. He didn't know it; but he was on the way to becoming a writer.


Shortly following graduation from La Verne, Vernard was called by his church to become editor of youth publications at the denominational headquarters in Elgin IL. He held the position for six years--which had him doing a great deal of writing (Sunday school lessons, editorials for the youth paper, and what all) while gaining invaluable editorial experience at the same time.

During this period he also pursued graduate training--earning an M.A. in English literature at Northwestern University and an M.Div. at the Church of the Brethren seminary in Chicago. With these degrees under his belt, he undertook the long and intensive course of study of being husband to Phyllis Kulp (making an Eller of her and eventually bringing three Eller kids into the world--Sander, Enten, and Rosanna).

Having in his pocket the president's invitation to return to his alma mater as a faculty member, in 1956 Vernard resigned at Elgin to enter his doctoral program at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley CA. Following two years of residence there, he began teaching religion at La Verne in the Fall of "58 (finishing up his doctorate when and how he could).

For some years already, he had been landing occasional articles in different religious magazines and journals. But, in 1968, the prestigious Princeton University Press published Vernard's 1964 doctoral dissertation as his first book. That heaviest and most expensive tome, KIERKEGAARD AND RADICAL DISCIPLESHIP (1,500 copies) was shortly followed by his lightest and best-selling, THE MAD MORALITY: The Ten Commandments Seen Through the Eyes of MAD magazine (more than 300,000 copies). Vernard was off and running--averaging a book a year for the twenty years since. [All any interested party needs to do is ask, and Vernard will be happy to send a listing of all his books that are still available-and those at discount prices.]

With thirty years of teaching at La Verne behind him, Vernard now teaches at the University, both teaches and preaches in churches of the area, appears as a guest lecturer at colleges and conferences, and writes books.

He is happy, also, to be part of the Eller Family Association In that regard, he has agreed to provide the editors with a continuing supply of what, in the trade, are called "fillers" In this case, these would be short items of wit, wisdom, anecdotes or stories--anything growing out of or being related to "the Eller experience" (whatever that is). However, he can't just make these up out of his own head. So please be quick to send him whatever you think his head might be able to put to good use.



Compiled by
Elise P. Kidd, 4800 Red River, Austin, Texas 78751

Children of Henry Eller, Davidson Co., NC:

  1. SARAH SALLY "SALLIE", b. 21 Mar. 1805, Rowan Co., NC; d. I Jun. 1873 Davidson Co., NC; m. 24 Jul. 1820, John Haines, Davidson Co., NC.
  2. HENRY, b. 1791; m. Elizabeth Beekerdite.

Sources: "Heritage of Davidson County, N.C.", 1810 N.C. Federal Census, I.G.I. Mormon Church, Register of Deeds Rowan Co., NC.

JOHN HAINES, b. 18 May 1796, Rowan Co., NC; d. 22 Jul. 1881; bur. Midway Methodist Ch. Cem., Davidson Co., NC, son of Christian Heinrich Hohns, b. PA and Anna Marie Frey; m. 24 Jul. 1820, SARAH "SALLIE" ELLER, Rowan (Davidson) Co., NC, b. 21 Mar. 1805, Rowan Co., NC; d. I Jun. 1973, Davidson Co., NC; bur. Midway Methodist Ch. Cem., Davidson Co.,NC.


  1. PLEASANT JAMES ALEXANDER, b. 11 Jun. 1823, Abbotts Creek, Forsyth Co. NC; m.(1) 28 Jun. 1850, Easter Christiana Miller, Cabarrus Co., NC; m.(2) Sarah A. Ury, Cabarrus Co., NC.
  2. GEORGE WASHINGTON, b. 1824, NC; d. Wood Co., TX; m. 1854 Narcissa A. Flournoy, Wood Co., TX.
  3. CHRISTIAN "CHRIS' HENRY, b. 3 Mar. 1827, NC; d. 2 Mar. 1901, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; bur. Concord Cem.; m. 1855, Elizabeth "Betty" Varner, Wood Co.,TX.
  4. EMALINE, b. 1830, NC; m. Rose
  5. ANNE E., b. 1832, NC; m. Meroney
  6. ELIZA D., b. 1835, NC; m. Nichols (in 1907 living in Wolftrap, Halifax Co., VA)
  7. JOHN FRANKLIN, b.21 Jun. 1837, Davidson Co., NC; d. 26 Sept. 1856, Davidson Co., NC
  8. JOSEPH BENTLEY, b. 21 Nov. 1841, Davidson Co., NC; d. 17 May 1862, Davidson Co., NC; bur. Midway Methodist Ch. Cem., Davidson Co., NC.

Sources: 1907 ltr. E.D. Nichols to C.E. Warbington; 1830, 1840, 1850, 1880 U.S. Federal Census of N.C.; Holcomb, MARRIAGES OF ROWAN CO., NC; Reeves and Koch, CEMETARY INSCRIPTIONS DAVIDSON (ROWAN) CO., NC; I.G.I. Mormon Church Records; McCubbin's Collection, Rowan County Public Library and Office of Register of Deeds, Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC.


"Colonel" CHRISTIAN HENRY HAINES, b. 2 Mar. 1927, Davidson Co., NC; d. 23 Mar. 1901, Hainesville, Wood Co.,TX; m. 2 Aug. 1854, ELIZABETH EVELYN "BETTY- VARNER, Quitman, Wood Co., TX, b. 30 Apr. 1840, Ft. Lyday, Lamar Co., TX; d. 22 Jul. 1926, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; bur. Concord Cem., dau. of Martin Varner and Elizabeth "Betsy" English.


  1. MARTHA ELIZABETH, b. 12 Nov. 1867, Varner Crossing, Wood Co., TX; d. 4 Jan. 1951, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; bur. Concord Cem.; m.(l) Elomander Warbington; m.(2)3 Dec. 1893, James Marion Puckett.
  2. JOSEPH FRANKLIN, b. 14 Jan. 1870; d. 17 Aug. 1939, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; bur. Concord Cem.; m.(1) Carrie Speight; m.(2) Lucy English.
  3. HABILEE CALDORA "HABIE", b. 2 Dec. 1860, Wood Co., TX; d. 3 Sept. 1888; bur. Mineola City Cem.; m. Walter C. Allen.
  4. JOHN VARNER "JOHNNY", b. 26 Feb. 1859, Wood Co., TX; d. 7 Aug. 1859, Wood Co., TX; bur. Quitman City Cem.
  5. CHRISTIAN HENRY, b. I Oct. i865, Wood Co., TX; d. 19 Jan. 1868, Wood Co., TX; bur. Quitman City Cem.

Sources: Concord Cem., Wood Co., TX; "Year Book For Texas, 1901" by C.W. Rains--Chris Haines descended from German Ancestors who first settled in PA; Cemetaries of Wood Co., by Turner & Vickery, Texas State Library. (Note: Honorary title of "Colonel" bestowed on him by Texas Gov. Jim Hogg.)

JAMES MARION PUCKETT, M.D., "JIM", b. 14 Jun. 1863, Wayside, Wood Co., TX; d. 2 Mar. 1931, Mineola, Wood Co., TX; bur. Concord Cem., son of James Puckett and Thursa Oliver Crowe; m. 3 Dec., 1893, MARTHA ELIZABETH "MATTIE" HAINES, Wood Co., TX, b. 12 Oct. 1867, Varner Crossing, Wood Co., TX; d. 4 Jan. 1951, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; bur. Concord Cem.; dau. of Christian Henry Haines and Elizabeth Evelyn "Betty" Verner; m.(I) E. Warbington; m.(2) J..M. Puckett.


  1. CHRISTIAN ELEMANDER "BUDDY" WARBINGTON, b. 3-1890, Mineola, Wood Co., TX; d. 1962, Taft, TX; m.(1) Pearl, m.(2) Covita Axsom, m.(3) Mrs. Vernie Floerke.
  2. JAMES JULIUS, b. 1--1894, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; d.7 Feb. 1968, Mineola, Wood Co., TX; bur. Concord Cem.; m. Sue Giddens, Annona, TX.
  3. BERA LUCILLE, b. 1--1896, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; d. Brady, McCulloch Co., TX; bur. Brady, McCulloch Co..TX; m. W.C. "Buster" Moffatt, Austin, Travis Co., TX.
  4. MARTHA GOLDA, b. 5 Mar. 1897, Hainesville, Wood Co.,TX; d. 1979, Austin, Travis Co., TX; bur. Concord Cem. m. Robt. G. Yarrington, Dallas, TX.
  5. ALTO OLIVER, b. 22 May 1900, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; m. 22 Sept. 1927, Maurice Wm. Plumb, Austin, Travis Co.,TX.
  6. ALAMO EVELYN, b. 22 May 1900, Hainesville, Wood Co., TX; m.(1) Dewey Wooden; m.(2) Luther Lawrence.
  7. -12-

    C. H. HAINES

    C.H. Haines, whose death occurred at his home at Hainesville, Wood County, Texas Saturday night, March 23, 1901, was for fifty years a respected citizen of that county, long known to and valued as a friend by the writer. Colonel Haines was born in Davidson County, North Carolina and descended from German ancestors who first settled in Pennsylvania and later moved and established themselves in North Carolina in the latter part of the seventeenth century. When twenty-three years of age he went from North Carolina to Shreveport, Louisiana, where he spent a year and then moved in December, 1851m to Wood Co., Texas where he thereafter continuously resided. After working at the Carpenter's trade for a while, and later clerking, he engaged in the mercantile business in Quitman with his brother, George Haines, who had accompanied him to Texas. August 2, 1854, he married Miss Elizabeth Varner, daughter of Martin Varner who came to Texas first in 1816 and later was one of Austin's colonist In 1621, participated in the battle of San Jacinto, and was one of the first settlers in the territory now comprised in Wood county. Colonel Haines' wife and two children (Mrs. J.M. Puckett and Frank Haines) survive him.

    He was elected justice of the peace in 1858, and county treasurer in 1860, filled both offices with credit, and later served as a member of the county commissioners court several terms. In 1862 he settled the place, eight miles east of Mineola, where In 1894 he founded the village of Hainesville. There he established a large store and fine trade (assisted by his son) and spent the remaining years of his life. He was a member of the M.E. Church, South and Masonic fraternity....... from YEAR BOOK FOR TEXAS, 1901 by C. W. Raines, Austin, Texas, 1902, pp.168-169.

    [Eds. Mrs. Kidd is seeking further information about Henry Eller of Davidson/Rowan Counties]

    QUERY: GORDON M. ELLER, 2203 Greenridge Drive, Marietta, GA 30060- Seeks Into. on Ben Franklin Eller, Wilkes Co. NC; m. Annie Stout, moved to Avery Co., NC where he d. t934 - 1935. Who were his parents, brothers, sisters ? Did his father fight in Civil War? Gordon wishes to correspond with anyone with information on this family.



    By A. William Eller, 370 Upham St., Lakewood, CO 80226

    ROBERT TRACY ELLER /6/, (William/5/, Simeon/4/, John/3/, Peter/2/, George Michael Eller/I/), b. 28 Sep. 1867, Wapello Co., IA; d. 16 Sep. 1950, San Ferando, CA; m.(I) 25 Dec. 1889, FANNIE C. PALMER, Trumbell, Clay Co., NE; b. 8 May 1873, Monmoutha, IL; d. 28 Apr. 1936, bur. Fairfield, NE; m.(2) 23 Aug. 1936, Myrtle (Lorenz) Mills, Hastings, NE; b. 16 Aug. 1876, Marysville, KS; d. 4 Aug. 1950.

    Children of Robert T. and Fannie C. Eller:

    1. 1. Carl Stanley Eller/7/, b. 8 Nov. 1890 Harvard, Clay Co., NE; d. 19 Aug. 1960, Hanford, CA; m. 28 Aug. 1917, Lucy Ransom, Albeguerque, NM; b. 27 Mar. 1889, Hygene, CO; d. 6 Oct. 1960. Both are interred in Hanford Cem., Hanford, CA.
      Carl Stanley Eller served in France in World War I. When he returned, he and his brother, Harold, worked together in several business ventures in Nebraska and Colorado. They built identical houses next to one another in Sterling, CO, which are still standing (1979). He and Lucy raised their family in Hanford, CA where he was manager of the J.C. Penny store. Carl was active in the Kiwanis, Shriners and several other civic organizations as well as serving as Mayor of Hanford, CA.

      Children of Carl Stanley Eller and Lucy (Ransom) Eller
      1. Carl Stanley Eller, Jr./8/, b. 10 July 1920, Sterling, CO; m. 20 Aug. 1945, Marie M. Lewis, Hanford, CA; b. 5 Apr. 1923, Concoran, CA. Carl attended Fresno State University, served in W.W.-II as an officer in the U.S. Maritime service, after graduating from Officer's training, King Point, West Coast Campus, U.S. Maritime Academy. He is active in the Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club. He resides in San Diego, CA where he manages a J.C. Penny store.

        1. Stanley Lewis Eller/9/, b. 8 Aug. 1949: m. 6 Aug. 1971, Donna Lucille Buss (Div.) He attended the Univ. of CA at Santa Barbara, graduated from San Diego University with a B.A. in 1971 and from the San Diego Univ. Law School with a Juris Doctorate in 1974. He is now a lawyer and public defender in San Diego, CA.

      2. Jack Ransom Eller/8/, b. 1 Dec. 1926 in Los Angeles, CA; m. 29 Dec. 1946, Marjorie Ardell Vienna, Hanford, CA; b. 21 June 1926, Hanford, CA. He was a student at Stanford University. In March, 1947, three months after their wedding, Jack and Marjorie were struck by an auto, killing Jack and injuring Marjorie. Jack died 12 Mar. 1947 and is Interred in Hanford, CA. Marjorie went on to complete her education at San Jose State, U.S.C. and U.C.L.A. She taught for seven years in the State school system. She remarried in 1949, has two children, Christopher and Kimberly Pomares. Her husband passed away in 1960. She resides in San Diego, CA.

    2. Harold William Eller/7/, b. 22 May 1895, Lincoln, NE; d. 12 June 1934, bur. Forest Lawn Cem., Omaha, NE; m. 6 June 1914, Julia Maude Bushee, Hasting, NE; b. 2 Jan. 1896, Red Cloud, NE. They lived their early years in NE, CO and WY, finally settling in Omaha, NE, where, after 12 years, he died, leaving Julia with their five children to raise. He was a salesman, was active in several business and civic organizations; was an Elder in the First Christian Church, and was a member of the Omaha Symphony orchester. Julia remarried, 22 Aug. 1941, to Eldon D. Frazier; b. 7 Aug. 1894, Warren, PA; d. 3 Mar. 1967; bur. Forest Lawn, Omaha, NE alongside Julia's first husband, H.W. Eller. Julia remarried 20 Sept. 1969 to Bryce Palmer, who was Harold Eller's uncle (Bryce was the brother of Harold's mother, Fannie C. (Palmer) Eller. He was b. 22 Nov. 1890, Harvard, NE. Julia and Bryce live in Hastings, NE which was home to both families in their youth.

      Children of Harold W. and Julia M. Eller:
      1. Roma Maxine Eller/8/, b. 11 Jan. 1916, Trumbell, Clay Co., NE. She graduated from the Van Sant Bus. College in Omaha, NE. m. 3 Aug. 1940, Wilford Penrose Jordan (Div. 1944); one son, Robert Wilford Jordan who was adopted by her second husband. She remarried It May 1954, Donald L. Crewdson, Omaha, NE; b. 6 Mar. 1925, Osaka, Japan, son of missionary Ira and Luella Crewdson. He graduated from Drake Univ., Des Moines, IA and served in the Marine Corp. W.W.-II. They live in Greely, CO.

        Children of Roma and Don C. Crewdson:
        1. Robert Wilford (Jordan) Crewdson/9/, b. 4 Nov. 1942, Richmond, CA; adpt. 30 Dec. 1963 by Donald L. Crewdson; m. 29 Aug. 1964, Lydia M. Ropp, Bellview, NE; b. 12 Nov. 1944, Sumpter, SC. He graduated from U. of Omaha with a degree In Law Enforcement. Presently an agent with the FBI. Lydia attended the U. of Omaha and Ohio State U., graduated Nov. 1979 with B.S. degree. They live in Lima, OH. And have two children:
          1. Velynda Fay/10/, b. 16 Jan. 1966, Omaha, NE.
          2. Candelyn Kay/10/, b. 4 Feb. 1969, Omaha, NE.

        2. Richard Lynn Crewdson/9/, b. 30 Apr. 1959 in Carthage, MO. Presently Asst. Ranger, Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, Red Feather Lakes, CO. Attending Larimer Co. Vo-Tech School, Ft. Collins, CO.

      2. Jean Elizabeth Eller/8/, b. 2 Oct. 1917, Hastings, NE; m. 12 Oct. 1938, Joseph Raber Mouer, Omaha, NE; b. 26 Jul. 1914, Tucson, AZ.

        Children of Jean and Ray Mouer are:
        1. James Raber Mouer/9/, b. 28 Aug. 1939, Omaha, NE; m. 11 Aug. 1962, Joyce Anne Petersen, Omaha, NE; b. 26 Sept. 1941, Scottsbluff, NE. She graduated from Univ. of NE College of Nursing , 1963. Jim studied pre-med at Univ. of AZ; attended Medical School Univ. of NE in Omaha and received his M.D. in 1964. He interned in Ogden, UT; completed Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Walter Reed Gen. Hosp. in Washington, D.C. 1970. Completed his service In the U.S. Army at Ft. Sill, OK, 1972; discharged as a Major. They reside in Phoenix.

          Children of James and Joyce Mouer are:
          1. Joseph Raber Mouer, b. 15 Mar. 1964 in Omaha, NE.
          2. Jennifer Anne Mouer, b. 31 May 1965, Ogden, UT.
          3. Jonathan Benjamin Mouer, b. 15 Mar. 1970, Washington, D.C.
          4. Jill Emily Mouer, b. 21 July 1971, Ft. Sill, OK.

        2. Juliann Elizabeth Mouer/9/, b. 7 Dec. 1942, Omaha, NE; m. 8 Apr. 1966 Rupbert M. DeSeelhorst, Tucson, AZ; b. 25 Sep., Modesto, CA. He attended Univ. of AZ and received his Master's degree in Education in 1968 from Northern AZ Univ. He presently is an Ass't Principal in Phoenix, AZ. Julie graduated Univ. of AZ, College of Nursing 1965. She is a school nurse. They have no children. They reside in Phoenix, AZ.
        3. John William Mouer/9/, b. 20 Oct. 1946, Omaha, NB; m. 17 Jun 1972, Laura Dolley, Lake Tahoe, CA; b. 29 Mar. 1949, Hempstead, NY. She attended the Univ. of AZ. John graduated from the Univ. of AZ in 1968, B.A. Degree. He is in business in Marine Co., CA.
        4. Jean Marie Mouer/9/, b. 9 Sept. 1955, Tucson, AZ; m. 22 Oct. 1973, Mark James Farna, NY (Div.1973). He graduated from Florida State Univ., 1969. No children. Jeannie attending AZ State Univ. majoring In Bus. Mgmt. she presently is ass't V.P. in a Phoenix Saving and Loan.

      3. Robert Max Eller/8/, b. 10 Feb. 1933, Sterling, CO; m. 28 Mar. 1947, Dora Jean Morgan, Omaha, NE.; b. 10 Nov. 1920, Decatur, NE. He graduated from the Univ. of Omaha with a degree in Bus. Adm. He served in the 9th Air Force in the European Theater In W.W.-II . He Is presently Ass't Director of Nat'l Sales with Interstate Brands Corp. They presently reside In Kansas City, MO.

        Children of Robert and Dora Jane Eller are:
        1. Timothy Robert Eller/9/, b. 24 Nov. 1948, Omaha, NE; m. 3 Sept. 1977, Kathryn Lee (Langdon) Leltner, Omaha, NE; b. 13 Mar. 1947, Detroit, Mich. Tim graduated from the Univ. of NE with a degree in Construction Science. He is presently V.P. of Centex Homes Midwest, Inc. Kathy graduated Univ. of NE, degree In Education. They reside Eden Prairie ( a suberb of Minneapolis, MN)

          Children of Timothy and Kathryn Eller:
          1. Erin Lee Leitner, b. 14 Apr. 1975, Arlington Heights, IL., dau. from Kathryn's first marriage.
          2. Langdon John Eller, b. 23 Feb. 1979, Minneapolis, MN.

        2. Lucinda (Cindy) Jane Eller/9/, b. 7 Jan. 1950, Omaha, NE. She graduated, MI State Univ., degree in Natural Resources Development. Presently a Program Ass't Mgr. of Conservation Grants, Federal Dept. of Energy, Seattle, WA.
        3. Denise Anne Eller/9/, b. 6 Jan. 1958, Omaha, NE. She graduated, Maple Springs College, Assoc. Degree in Applied Science. She is technician for a veterinarian and lives In Lees Summit, MO.

      4. Albert William Eller/8/, b. 7 Aug. 1924, Laramie, WY; m. 22 May 1948, Madelyn Mae Miller; b. 12 Mar. 1925, Fremont, NE. He graduated Northwestern Univ. 1946, in Mech. Eng. and as an Ensign In the U.S. Navy. Spent W.W.II-If In School.

        Children of Bill and Madelyn Eller are:
        1. Thomas Harold Eller/9/, b. 19 Jul. 1952, Denver, CO; m. 19 June 1977, Kathleen An Perkins, Los Angeles, CA; b. 3 Apr. 1955, Los Angeles, CA. He graduated, British Columbia Inst. of Tech. in Building Construction. They presently reside in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada. No children.
        2. William Bryce Eller/9/, b. 30 Dec. 1953, Denver,CO; m. 9 Apr. 1977 m. Shelia Gladys Birt, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada; b. 9 Sep. 1953, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He graduated, Univ. of B.C., 1976 degree in Forestry and received his Professional Registration in 1978. Became Canadian citizen 12 Feb. 1978, reside Tofino, B.C., Canada.

          Children of Bill and Shelia Eller:
          1. Alexis Julia Eller, b. 5 Sept. 1979, Campbell River, B.C., Canada

      5. Raymond Bryce Eller/8/, b. 2 Sep. 1928, Omaha, NE. He contacted Poliomyelitis in 1930 and as a result suffered brain damage that eventually led to his being committed to the state home, now in Kearney, NE.

      The following DEDICATION written by Mr. Eller explains the purpose of the booklet:

      "This Booklet was prepared for the Eller Family Reunion held in Estes Park, CO.. in Aug. 1980. It is dedicated to all the participating families ELLER, CREWDSON, MOUER, DE SELLHORST who are descended from Grandfather Eller, ROBERT TRACY ELLER and in particular to JULIA MAUDE BUSHEE ELLER FRAZIER PALMER who is the sole remaining elder grandparent, wife of Harold William Eller who was a son of Robert Tracy Eller. As of this writing, she is 84 years young, living in Hastings, Nebraska, with her third husband Bryce Palmer who is a brother-in-law to Robert Tracy Eller."

      [Eds. The above is taken from a booklet published in 1980 by A. W. Eller entitled ELLERS IN AMERICA BY JAMES W. HOOK and subtitled THE DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER, THE IMMIGRANT, FOLLOWING ONLY THE LINEAGE OF ROBERT TRACY ELLER The booklet is so titled because the bulk of it is reprinted from J.W. Hook: GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER AND DESCENDANTS OF HIS IN AMERICA, New Haven, 1957. New information in the booklet deals with the descendants of Robert Tracy Eller. We thank Mr. Eller for sharing the above information which extends our knowledge of the William Eller Family of Wilkes Co., NC and Harvard, Clay Co., NE as found in J.W. Hook, GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER AND DESCENDANTS OF "IS IN AMERICA, New Haven, Conn., 1957, pp. 184-185. Mr. Eller corrects Hook's entry for the seventh son of William Eller- 'Robert M.' should be 'Robert T."]


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