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First I would like to share with you that Madelyn and I made a trip to Albuquerque, NM in November to visit James W. Hook, author of the 1957 book, GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER. The purpose of the trip was to procure Mr. Hook's permission to reprint the book. We enjoyed our visit with him and are pleased to report that he has no objections to our reprinting nor of our copyrighting it in the name of the EFA. A letter received January 4, 1990 from James W. Hook, Jr. confirmed the above. Therefore, we are proceeding, this month, with the publicizing of our plans for the reprint with which Mr. Hook agrees. For additional details see SPECIAL PROJECT below and the ORDER BLANKS at the end of this issue.

With the reprinting of the book projected for the new year, with the excitement of future volumes beginning to whet the hopes of the researchers and compilers and Conf' 91 site now assured, we can look to attending our other needs. More on that in the May issue.

I have had only one reply regarding the stick charts that I initiated in the November '89 Chronicles. . . anxious to hear from more of you.

Continue to encourage other Ellers to join us in our unique, growing and far-reaching family association.

A. Win. Eller, President, EFA



Reprinting of James W. Hook's


In November a committee was formed for the specific purpose of approving concept and details for reprinting of Hook's book.

Here is an excerpt of the letter that was sent to the committee:

"Being aware of a desire and need to have the 1957 book of James W. Hook reprinted, I have formed the following committee to help carry out this effort. Your involvement will be to approve various details that will be suggested or to offer counter suggestions. With timely approval, it will be possible to have the actual printing done in 1990. Please note that a number of members have requested that the book be reprinted 'as is', without any changes, for several reasons. It is also to be noted that since the Association cannot finance the printing, it is suggested that the books be paid for at the time they are ordered."

A. Wm. Eller, Pres.

The committee consists of the following people:

Madeline Fletcher
Dwight E. Eller
Kathy Schoen
Lynn Eller
A. Wm. Eller, chmn.


J. Gerald Eller
Charlotte E. Marshall
David B. Eller
The EFA Board

- 1 -

The committee has been busy during November and December settling on the detail of the reprinting. Following is a list of the decisions that your committee has made, to give us a quality book, yet inexpensive.

  • -Agreed to print the book 'as is'
  • -Chose printer #2 for price and quality product
  • -Agreed that cover is to be a quality softbound (paperback)
  • -Price-Set at $20 per copy which includes postage and a cushioned mailer. Cost depends on quantity ordered. General consensus was to base price on 500 copies. The more copies ordered, the lower the cost; fewer copies, higher the cost.
  • -Proceed with taking orders starting in February. Orders to be accompanied with payment. Book will be printed and mailed in 1990. (See Order Blank at end of issue.)

Other detail, not affecting cost, will be presented to you in the May issue of the Chronicles. One idea---include some pictures, especially one of James W. Hook.

Since the more copies that are ordered the lower the price, I would encourage all of you to spread the word of the book's availability in 1990 and to consider the book as a great gift. We highly recommend that at least each family in generations 8 & 9, roughly those born circa 1920 & 1950, have their own copy.

An important plan afoot is that this reprint is a beginning-the start of a set of volumes of Eller genealogy that we all anticipate, for which we are grateful to all our researchers and of which we will be proud.

We, the EFA, visualize the above reprint as Volume 1. Volume 11 will include revisions, corrections, and minor additions to Volume I content and new genealogy that will be ready for publication. Volume III and other possible volumes will be entirely new genealogy, including especially those Eller families that have no known U.S. relationship to other Ellers, making the whole set relevant to all Ellers. Goals are: Volume I - 1990; Volume 11 - 1993; Volume III - 1995.

Plans are already beginning to surface to form at least two committees to handle this important and tedious venture. If you would like to serve, please Contact me seen.

See the May issue of the Chronicles for details and examples of recommended book formats. For uniformity, it is hoped that the James W. Hook format, on generation numbering and indentation, will be followed.

All volumes, including Volume I, the reprint, will be copyrighted in the name of EFA.

* New bids more favorable to the EFA have been received. Therefore, reconsideration of the plan outlined here is underway. The Publications Committee needs to know how many EFA members wish to purchase copies. Please use the Order Blank, p.49, for this purpose. This will provide important information on which to base decisions on the number of books to be published and also assure members that a copy(s) will be reserved for them.



Conference '91

Following a letter of request to members of the EFA in the Rocky Mountain region to choose a site for the 1990 conference, we have agreed on a location.

After considerable investigation we have chosen the Holiday Inn in Estes Park, Colorado, 70 miles northwest of Denver. Accommodations similar to Conference '89 in Salisbury have been tentatively reserved in Estes Park.

Conference '91 site details:

Plan now on attending Conf '91 in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Details of the conference will unfold as the months go along. Special amenity: We will again invite representatives from Germany.

A. Wm. Eller, President, EFA

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- 3 -

January 10, 1990 
Treasurer's Report - December 31, 1989
1988 Carryover $ 1,272.65
Memberships & newsletters 2,326.00
Conference 4,760.25
Interest 15.85
Donation 100.00
GME Book fund 130.00
TOTAL INCOME $ 7,332.10
Chronicles $ 1,708.41
Postage 252.11
Supplies 13.15
Conference 4,586.10
misc. 151.58
Balance in Account Dec., 31, 1989$1,893.40

To EFA, Members and Ellers (everywhere),

Your response to this fledgling organization is gratifying. My thought to unite Eller researchers in a joint effort, sharing information and knowledge of our ancestors has evolved into an international fellowship, far surpassing my expectations.

To those of you who sent Christmas cards and letters, Thank you. Jack and I enjoyed many visitors during the holidays this year, beginning the middle of December and lasting till December 30th. So there were many cards, notes and letters I did not have an opportunity to answer. Your words of thanks and encouragement are appreciated. I hope to see all of you at Estes Park, Colorado in 1991. Till then,

Charlotte Eller Marshall



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