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Clarice Eller Stanley
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(Following the information in Vol. IV, No. 4, Nov. 1990 pp. 187-198)

Peter Eller was born about 1800 in Virginia. He was married to Margaret J. Little in Penn. She was born in 1810 in Penn. Their family group sheet follows on the next page.

Peter Eller is listed on the 1850 census of Ripley County, Indiana, as 50 years of age, with his wife, Margaret, and their five children. His father and mother, Daniel and Hannah, are also shown as living with him at the time this census was taken. He lived in Brown Township.

In 1860 he was living in Fayette County, Iowa, near Fairfield Township, and in 1880, he was living in Illyria Township. On Feb. 19, 1861, Peter bought a section of land described as the SE 1/4 SW ½, 21-93-7, in Fayette County, Iowa.

He died on Feb. 20, 1885, in Fayette County, Iowa, and is buried in Lima Cemetary in Westfield Township. He was 84 years of age.

Ripley County Brown Township Page 607
H. No.Fam. No.NameAge SexOccup'nPlace of birth
306310Peter Eller50 MFarmerVirginia
  Margaret40 F Pennsylvania
  Mary J.17 F Pennsylvania
  Joshua14 M Indiana
  Simon H.8 M Indiana
  Daniel6 M Indiana
  Hannah A.4 F Indiana
  Daniel81 M Virginia
  Hannah70 F New Jersey

Husband:Peter Eller
Birth:1801 (Maryland)
Married:In Pennsylvania
Death:20 February 1885
Burial:Lima Cemetery, Lot 52, Westfield Township Fayette County, Iowa
Father:Daniel Eller
Mother:Hannah ______
other Wives:


Margaret J. Little
Birth:1810 (Pennsylvania)'
Death:1 November 1896
Burial:Lima Cemetery, Lot 52, Westfield Township Fayette County, Iowa
Other Husband:

SexNameBirth Date and Where To Whom Married and DateDeath Date
FMary Jane27 May 1833 Pennsylvania James Samuel Crane 22 Nov 185510 Apr 1918
MJoshua Nubo17 Jan 1837 Indiana Susan Andress 4 Dec 18618 June 1910
MSimon H.1842 Indiana Emma J. Follensbee 18931918
MDaniel1844 Indiana
FHannah A.1846 Indiana
FMargaret1850 Indiana


Husband:James Samuel Crane
Birth:14 Oct 1833 Moriah, Essex County, New York
Married:22 Nov 1855
Death:27, Dec 1893 near Homer, Iowa
Father:Arphaxed Crane
Mother:Lovina Whitford
Other Wives


Mary Jane Eller
Birth:27 May 1833 either Moriah, New York or Penn. ( * )
Death:10 April 1918 Ipswich, Edmunds Co., S.Dak.
Father:Peter Eller
Mothert:Margaret J. Little
Other Husbands:

SexNameBirth Date and Where To Whom Married and DateDeath Date
FMary Malissie24 Oct 1856 John E. Parker 1 Mar 188231 Jan 1931
FLillian Josephine27 Mar 1858 Leander A. Trudell8 Apr 1940
MEdmund Josephus31 Aug 1859 Fayette Co., Iowa Sarah Virginia Beckner 30 Dec 18884 Oct 1942
FJessie Winnie3 May 1861 Reuben J. Hurd 15 Jan 188721 Jan 1928
FAlice Florilla27 Oct 1862 Frank W. Stone 20 Dec 188711 Jan 1938
MSherman Wi11is12 Jan 1867 Clayton Co., Iowa Allie C. Beckner 1 Jan 188930 Sept 1930
MCharles Samuel15 Sept 1867 Effie May Eller 5 Oct 188918 Mar 1940
FBlanche Rosamond25 Dec 1869  24 Oct 1888
FMillie May3 Apr 1873 Richard Goodrich 4 July 189426 Feb 1954
FLouise Elnor20 Feb 1876 George Dingman 19 Sept 18951 Jan 1954
Other Marriages:
Alice md. James P. Beckner on 20 Jan 1889
Sherman md. Nellie Opheim on 30 Oct 1924 at Highmore, S.Dak.

( * ) I am quite sure that Mary Jane Eller was born in Penn. Somewhere along the line, someone put her husband's birth place down as hers. [ADE]


Husband:Sherman Wi1lis Crane
Birth:12 Jan 1864 Clayton Co., Iowa
Married:1 Jan 1889 Miner Co., S.Dak.
Death:30 Sept 1930 Lebanon, Potter, S.Dak.
Burial:Gettysburg Cemetery, Gettysburg, Potter, S.Dak.
Father:James Samuel. Crane
Mother:Mary Jane Eller
other Wives:Nellie Opheim (2)


Allie Cladys Beckner
Birth:12 May 1872 Mitchell Co., Iowa
Death:31 Oct 1918 Lebanon, Potter, S.Dak.
Burial:Gettysburg Cemetery, Gettysburg, Potter, S.Dak.
Father:David Benjamin.Beckner
Mother:Sarah Ann Patterson
Other Husbands:

SexNameBirth Date and Place To Whom Married and DateDeath Date
MBenjamin Lee9 Oct 1889 Potter Co., S.Dak. Lulu Gross 25 June 19178 Apr 1955
M.Willis Herbert25 May 1891 Palo Alto Co.,Ia.  7 Feb 1976
MSamuel David17 Apr 1893 Sanborn Co., S.D. Hazel V. Williams 29 Dec 1920.5 Dec 1958
MMark Chester17 Oct 1895 Potter Co., S.D. Bessie Carlile 8 Sept 192520 Oct 1953
MDaniel24 Oct 1897 Potter Co., S.D. Bessie23 Jan 1958
FAmanda Elizabeth30 June 1899 Potter Co., S.D. Arthur Norris 3 July 191829 Dec 1971
FCarrie Nation4 Feb 1901 Potter Co., S.D. Victor Norris 31 Mar 191921 Mar 1974
MOliver23 Apr 1903 Potter Co.,S.D. Doris Smart 14 Aug 1946
MPeter Roy10 Apr 1905 Potter Co., S.D.  16 Sept 1968
FNellie Malissie10 May 1907 Potter Co., S.D. Virgil Williams 10 Sept 1924
FMillye May20 June 1909 Potter Co., S.D. James Billiu 2 Nov 1927
FEmmaline25 July 1911 Potter Co., S.D. Oscar Thompson
MLoyd29 July 1913 Potter Co., S.D.  22 Dec 1918
Other marriages:
Daniel md. to Grace Grayson
Millyemd. (2) 7 Oct 1932 to Perle Jones
Millyemd. (3) - - - to Harley Prior
Emmalinemd. (2) - - - to Patrick Lentz



Cont'd from preceding page

Husband:Charles Samuel Crane
Occupation: Farmer
Birth:15 Sept .1867
Married:5 Oct 1889
Death:18 Mar 1940 Ipswich, Edmunds Co., S.Dak.
Burial:Powell Presbyterian Cemetery, Edmunds Co.,
Father:James Samuel Crane
Mother:Mary Jane Eller
Other Wives:


Effie May Eller
Birth:28 Sept 1871
Deaths.23 Feb 1955, Ipswich, Edmunds Co, S.Dak.
Burial:Powell Presbyterian Cemetery, Edmunds Co, S.Dak.
Father:Joshua Nubo Eller
Mother:Susan Maria Andreas
Other Husbands:

Sex NameBirth Date and Place To Whom Married and DateDeath Date
FEdith Mae12 Mar 1892 Lebanon, Potter, S.D.  16 Mar 1966
FMyrtle S.9 Sept 1893 Lebanon,Potter,S.D. Owen Pugh15 May 1967
MGuyJan 1897 Lebanon,S.Dak.  15 Mar 1898
FIva M.1 Nov 1898 Lebanon, S.Dak. Roy Rex Rose 22 Sept 192025 Nov 1977
MRalph C.27 Aug 1901 Lebanon, S.Dak.  10 Feb 1960
MErnest James 12 Apr 1904 Lebanon, S.Dak. 16 Jan 1977
MFloyd R.21 Nov 1906 Loyalton, S.Dak. Anna Craft 26 Feb 1932
FOlive Opal (twin)18 Feb 1909 Ipswich, S.Dak. Marion Brand 27 Jan 192725 Feb 1975
MOrville Earl (twin)18 Feb 1909 Ipswich, S.Dak. Erma Nelson 28 June 193318 Aug 1964
FAlma A.4 Nov 1910 Ipswich, S.Dak. William Williams15 May 1973
Other Marriages:
 Myrtlemd. (2) to Earl Pfleger
 Floyd md. (2) to Wilma Inaz Pearson on 15 Mar __


Husband:Sherman Willis Crane
Occupation: Farmer
Birth:12 Jan 1864 Clayton Co., Iowa
Married:30 Oct 1924 Highmore, Hyde, S.Dak.
Death:30 Sept 1930 Lebanon, Potter, S.Dak.
Burial:Gettysburg Cemetery, Gettysburg, Potter, S.Dak.
Father:James Samuel Crane.
Mother:Mary Jane Eller
Other Wives-.Allie Cladys Beckner (1)


Nellie Opheim
Birth:8 Oct 1897 Campbell Co., S.Dak.
Father:John Opheim
Mother:Emily Jacobson
Other Husbands

SexNameBirth Date and Place To Whom Married and DateDeath Date
MSherman Laverne 3 Apr 1926 Potter Co., S.Dak.Donna Spicer 18 July 1948

Abstract from: Boone, Jesse H.,
BOONE- SLEDGE - VAUGN - and Related Families, Middlesboro, MA, 1970.

p. 1: "Grandfather Nathan Richard Boone came to Illinois in 1836, age about 10; m. 20 Jun 1870 Rebecca Ann ELLER Williams (a widow) who was born 13 Jun I846 in Georgia and died 3 Oct 1915 6 miles north of Mt. Vernon, IL. Her father was:

JOSEPH ELLER, b. 14 Jan. 1816 in NC; m. Sarah Evans who was b. in TN 14 Aug 1821; d. 4 Oct 1876 in IL.


  1. Mary Eller, b. 1844-45, m. Ellick Wilson.
  2. Rebecca Ann Eller, b. 13 Jun 1846, GA; m. 3 times: m.1st N. Williams, (widowed); m.2nd Nathan Richard Boone (see above); m.3rd Morgan Burns in IL, after being widowed again.
  3. Margaret Eller, b. 1847-48, AL, m. Ike Mullinax.
  4. George Eller, b. 1848-49, AL, m. Alice Rice.
  5. Willis Eller, b. 1851-52, IL, m. Margaret Satterfield.
  6. Sophronia Eller, b. 1855-56 in IL, m.George Eller, -no relation- and then m. Colonel Sipes.
  7. Thomas Eller, b. 10 Oct 1858-59, IL, m. Susan Whitson.
  8. Newton A. Eller, b. 1862-63, IL, m. Anna Myers.
  9. John Eller, b. 1862-63, IL, m. Ida Minor.
  10. 10. Will Eller, b. 1867-68, IL, m. Annie Montgomery

Above abstracted from microfilm of book obtained from LDS Library, Salt Lake City. I believe these Ellers are of the Jacob Eller (NC) line who moved to North GA and some on to Alabama. Can anyone throw any light on this data? J. B. Eller, Rt. 2, Box 145-D, Whittier, NC 28789

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