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The Eller Chronicles




President's Letter1-2
Conf. 91 applications. program, etc. not included online 3-12
The Legend of Blackberry- Bonnie M. Eller 13-20
Ellers in the Civil War - Byron H. Eller21-24
Query and Ancestral chart - (Peter Eller) 24-25
The Eller Experience - Vernard Eller
       A Good Game Now Gone26
      Double and Triple-E Ellers 26-28
Dr. Rose Eller of Austria - a letter and the Dr. Rose Eller Prize for Literature29-33
More on the Henry Eller Line- Clarice E. Stanley 34-40
Rebecca Ann Eller Williams- 38
An Eller in Parade Magazine 40
Ellers in NC (Soundex) Census for North Carolina 41-58
More on 19th Century Eller Immigrants to America 59-60
Johanna Z. Eller 60
1990 Treasurer's Report- Charolette Eller Marshall 61
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- Comments from your Editors -

A beautiful volume was produced by Bill Eller, his committee, and Closson Press- we refer, of course, to the 1991 Reprint of J.W. Hook's 1957 book which illustrates the style envisioned for future volumes on the Eller family. All that is required now is for compilers and writers to get busy- organized a group to work on each major family line - and produce other volumes.

Bill Eller and his committee have Conf. '91 planning well in hand - see the several pages in this issue. We hope each member will give serious consideration to attending and will use the removable pre-registration , pp. 2a-2c, to indicate your plans to Bill.

Each member of the EFA is requested to use all possible means to spread the word among Ellers of all family lines about Conf. '91. Dr. Rose Eller of Austria as well as Dr. K. Napp-Zinn of Germany are planning to attend.

This is the last issue that will be mailed directly to those who have not sent in 1991 dues.

We have two general interest stories in preparation 1) Rev. J. Ben Eller, noted NC Baptist minister, and (2) David Eller, President and CEO of the billion-dollar Grenada Corp. of Houston, TX. We will publish in each issue part of the 1900 census for selected states (see pp. 41-60, this issue, for NC.)

Please send material for May issue of Chronicles no later than April 10, 1991.


First I want to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Thank you for all the cards I received. I'm sorry that back in October, when I was madly gathering material for the November Chronicles, I didn't have the forethought to include a Christmas message from Madelyn and me. I'm sure you all can appreciate that it is impossible for us to send out to each a Christmas card.

During March and April, 1991, Madelyn and I will be in Phoenix, AZ house-sitting for my nephew who is going to Africa on a medical missionary trip. I will of course have all our mail forwarded but in case you would like to know:

Address: 1927 E. Rovey Phone: 1-602-266-3004
Phoenix, AZ 85016

*********** CONFERENCE '91 **********

Are you ready? Making your plans to attend our biennial gathering? Details are being generated monthly some of which I'm including in this issue:

Program of Events - still tentative - changeable as the wind

Preregistration Forms - These are most important! We need this confirmation of your intent, for planning time is running short.
(Pages 2a, 2b, 2c-- Remove and use as needed)
Holiday Inn Registration Request - Please send this directly to'the Holiday Inn in Estes Park if you intend to stay there. Reservation deadline is June 17, 1991 but the sooner you send it in, the easier it is on me. Remember, the reservations can be cancelled up until June 17, 1991.

We will be giving you the official list of conference costs in the May Chronicles and will be asking then for your deposit. (Room costs are not included). Approximate costs:
  - 3 Meals at the Holiday Inn $30.00
  - Meal at the Chuckwagon 10.00
  - Name badges 1.00
  - T-shirts - each 7.00
  - Misc. 7.00
  Approximate total $55.00

********** Projected Volumes II & III (etc)***********

I'm not including anything in this issue on this subject as I had indicated before. Instead, I plan to present a rather detailed program at the conference. I'm getting good response from members and non-members concerning revisions and new genealogy for Vol. II ( a revision of the Reprint).


************ Vol. I (The Reprint) ***********

This effort has been very rewarding to me, to be able to have Hook's 1957 book reprinted at a very reasonable cost and to furnish it to so many who ordered it.

Obviously, I will not be sending out acknowledgement cards for receipt of the additional $2.00 per book. Therefore, I wish to thank you for your checks and the compliments that many of you sent regarding the quality of the finished product.

I am very pleased and quite amazed that as of December 15, all copies of the Reprint were sold. Yet it is a little disconcerting in that orders are still being received. What to do about that is a dilemma to be dealt with at a later date.

When I gave the go-ahead to the printer to proceed on the Reprint of Hook's book in October, I had confirmed orders for only 170 copies and orders had tapered off dramatically I proceeded anyway with the printing of 250 copies, wondering how I would dispose of the extra BO. But since the price for the 250 was more acceptable than for 200 and even though the prospect of future orders was shakey, I took the chance. November passed and by December 15 I had received orders for all 250.

My dilemma now is how I respond to you who are still sending orders. My problem was partially relieved when I learned that Closson Press had printed 30 extra copies. Obviously, I must see what kind of demand I receive in the months ahead before making a decision about another printing. In the meantime, I will return any checks for orders beyond those that can be filled. I will keep you advised - that's all that can be done at this point. I'm very sorry but I do hope that a second printing becomes possible. Unfortunately, I have to assume that the price may go up, depending entirely on how many copies would be printed.

Madelyn and I and the whole conference committee are looking forward to an exciting Conf. '91 at Estes Park. There are some great things being planned for you!


A. William Eller, President
Eller Family Association


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