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Henry Eller (1887-1974)

German Immigrant from Shupback, Germany

Henry Peter Eller was born 07 April 1881 in Schupbach, Germany to Peter and Katheryn (sp?) Eller. Notes written on pictures identify one sister Louisa and family, Sister Erma with a child and one unidentified picture of a woman I think may be a sister named Elisa. There are two pictures marked as Elisa's husband. One group picture in uniform with the notation”taken in Russia” and the other has him identified as boss in railroad shop in 1913. Two brothers died in infancy.

There is a picture of a three story building, GASTHAUS Z. ADLER in Schupbach, which combined family business and residence.

He learned the baker's trade in Germany (Frankfurt”) and worked in Utica, New York and Ohio cities of Youngstown, Schmid Brothers Bakery in Doylestown and in Akron where he married in 1928. I have a post card mailed in 1910 to a William Eller at Doylestown that I believe was his father's brother. However I am unable to read German.

I believe that he came to America to join his uncle and because he hated military life! He said he was in the “Standing German Army” three times and spent a lot of time behind bars for refusing to salute officers. A postcard shows inf. Regts no. 81 and that he was given two weeks off for best marksman. Not many years ago – we were told the bronze plaque with his name was still there. I have his military record book. I took it to a German restaurant here and was told that he was given permission to come to North America in 1913? With the stipulation – he was to return in event of war. He did not.

His Naturalization certificate was issued 21 Jan 1937 in Summit county of Ohio. I have the original but have been unable to find name of the ship he sailed on. His military records have Limburg written and stamped on them. Somehow, I have the impression that he came through Ellis Island.

During WWII, when I was a child and curious, he refused to discuss Germany – saying there was too much hatred, he did not want to add to it. I married and left home at eighteen and unfortunately, was not interested in genealogy until after his death on 06 April 1974.

Hilda Eller McNabb
128 Juniper St.
Lake Jackson, TX 77566

New Address as of 1 Dec 1991:
209 Flintwood Drive
Marietta, OH 45750

Henry & Florence Eller, Family Group Sheet

Florence & Henry, 1928

Map of Wiesbaden area of Germany, showing Schupbach.

U. S. Department of Labor, Certificate of Arrival.

Henry Eller's Oath of Allegiance

Henry's Certificate of Naturalization


Erma Eller

Henry Peter Eller

Henry & Florence
Certificate of Marriage

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