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Symbols extremely useful in genealogical correspondence and publications, as no translation is required,are used in Europe.
* = born
~ = baptized
oo = married - (should be "infinity", I can't type it [ADE])
+ = died - (might be a cross, " " not sure [ADE])
[] = buried - (Should be horizontal box, I can't type it [ADE])

As readers of the Chronicles know, many different charts and forms are used in genealogy. The most common examples are Family Group Sheets and Ancestral Charts, but these come in many different formats as readers of the Chronicles often see; researchers have their own preferences as to format or style of these forms.

Other ways of keeping genealogical records exist; example: Descendant Charts (Eller Chronicles Vol. V, No. 4 P. 222.) Another- form is the standard continuous numbering system also known by the German word Ahnentafel [= ancestral chart.] In this system one simply doubles the number for the father of the person and adds one for his wife. Thus, the males always have an even number while the females have an odd number. This system usually begins with the name of an individual (usually your own name), followed by the father's name in position #2, then add one which places the mother's name in position #:3. etc.. For each individual the date and place of birth, date and place of death, date and place of marriage are added. Example:

To find the number of the father of any male simply double his number. This system is convenient when exchanging information with distant kinfolk: one can refer to "person so and so is a sister- to my #48", etc.

Some computers software, such as the PAF (Personal Ancestral File) from the Family History Dept., L.D.S. Church, Salt Lake City, Utah allows such charts to be generated automatically from the same data base that generates Family Group Sheets and conventional ancestral charts.

EFA member Dr. K. Napp-Zinn of Koln, Germany has invented a unique but similar system which he has promised to share as a future tip.


GERMAN GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, P.O. Box 291818, Los Angeles, CA 90029. NEWSLETTER published monthly, except Aug. and Dec.; BULLETIN publ. quarterly. Membership is $18.00 per- year. Sample copy of Newsletter and Bulletion avail. for $3.00.

Following from GGSA Newslerter Vol. I, No. 1, Jan. 1992

PRAFO Index Available

Praktische Forschungshilfe, familiarly known as PRAFO, is one of the two German periodicals devoted exclusively to genealogical queries. It is published quarterly as a supplement to the Arxhiv fur Sippenforschung, the senior of West Germany's two "national" genealogical periodicals. A query placed in PRAFO is an excellent way to publicize your genealogical "dead ends".

If you wish to place a query in PRAFO, please write to the following address:

C. A. Starke Verlag
Postfach 1310
W-6250 Limburg a. d. Lahn

You can write in English, but please make your query as succinct and specific as possible. The publisher will translate your query into German, edit it as necessary to conform to the standard format used in PRAFO, and send you a bill for the appropriate amount. (This amount is based on the length of the query, but our experience indicates the usual cost is somewhere between $20 and $25.) Your query will be published in the next issue of PRAFO published after receipt of payment.

GGSA Research Director Michael Palmer has now completed a comprehensive computerized index of 4954 entries to all 3669 surnames appearing in PRAFO from vol. 47, issue 81 (1981) through vol. 56, issue 120 (1990/91). This index is available for consultation at the GGSA Library in Claremont. For readers unable to visit the library in person, the Society can provide photocopies of entries for any surnames in this index for a fee of $1 per surname, plus photocopying (25c per entry) and postage. When contacting the Society, please enclose with your request $1 and a self-addressed, stamped postcard for each surname you wish checked. The GGSA staff will use the postcard to inform you of the number of entries it has found for the surname you are researching and of the costs of obtaining photocopies. Photocopies will be shipped immediately upon receipt of payment.

Michael continues to index the earlier issues of PRAFO: the next installment, covering the years

1976-1980, will be available at the end of February. Further details will appear in the March issue of the NEWSLETTER.

Michael also reports that the comprehensive index to the first 7 volumes (1956-1989) of Familienkundliche Nachrichten (FANA), the other German periodical devoted exclusively to genealogical queries, is well under way. The index presently covers all of volume 7, and the letters "A through "D" for Volume 1-6. The index will be available for consultation as soon as it is extended through the letter F", most probably at the end of March. Please watch the NEWSLETTER for, further details.

Ship Passenger List Search Form Revised

On the page facing is a revision of the "Request for Search of Published Ship Passenger Lists" first published in the BULLETIN, vol. 4, no. 3/4 (May-August 1990), p. 94. We regret the increase in prices, but we have found to our dismay that the fees as originally set out do not cover the costs of processing the requests. The GGSA will continue to honor all requests submitted on the original forms and postmarked prior to 1 January 1992. After that date please use this new form: you can photocopy it as often as necessary, or obtain additional copies by sending a self-addressed, stamped, #10 envelope to the GGSA.

Two Page Form

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