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Eds. Note- Lynn Eller: For nearly 60 years the James Granville Eller6 clan ( James Jacob,5 Jacob4, Joseph,3 John Jacob, Jr.,2 John Jacob Eller Sr.') of Clebourne, Texas has held an annual family reunion on the Sunday preceding Thanksgiving. It was this occasion that prompted the E F A Board of Directors and Officers to convene a specially called meeting in Crowley, Texas on 20 November 1993. On Sunday following this meeting the E F A officers plus John and Lucy Eller from Skiatook, Oklahoma and Ed Eller from Dalton, Georgia, joined more than 200 members of this Eller clan in a day of celebration, thanksgiving, copious food and music.

Today's matriarch of this line is Hazel Eller James. Hazel wrote an account of her memories of this annual event which is herewith printed for your edification:

From the time I was eight or nine years old our family has come together for a family reunion each year. This was always a time of fun, laughing, teasing, lots of good food, good music, and lots and lots of love.

Our family consisted of Dad ( James Granville Eller), Mother (Janetta Margaret Pressley Eller), A. G. (Gus) Eller, Alice Mae Eller Duckett, W. N. (Nathan) Eller, J. R. (Raymond) Eller, A.R. (Jack) Eller, Maybelle Eller Fincher, E. L. (Leo) Eller, Sammie (Sam) Eller, Hazel Elizabeth Eller James, and P. 1. (Paul) Eller. As each one married, our family increased one at a time. Then our family grew even more as the children came along. Mother and Dad had forty-two grandchildren. At the time of mother's death in 1978, she had two hundred and eight living descendants.

After the noon meal, the boys would get their instruments out and start playing and we would sing. A lot of times mother and dad would play too. They both played the banjo and mother played the harmonica. Gus, Jack and Leo all played the fiddle, Raymond played the guitar, Sam played the steel guitar, Nathan played the mandolin, and Paul played the guitar.

Our family reunion was at Mother's and Dad's until his health began to fail and then we had it at one of our homes. Eventually our family grew so large that we had to find a larger place to meet. On November 24, 1968 we started meeting in the Sheriff Posse Building in Cleburne. We are still meeting there at this time. We usually have a little over a hundred in attendance. Now, years later, a lot of the nieces and nephews have joined in playing and singing too.

We still have fun, laughing and teasing, lots of good food, good music, and lots and lots of love. God has richly blessed our family!........................... E F A member Hazel Eller James



Eller Chronicles Vol. VIII-1 FEB. 1994

Lynn Eller

An amazing array of musicians and singers comprise the Eller Family Band which the E F A Board of Directors and Officers were priviledged to hear at the annual James Granville Eller reunion in Clebourne, Texas on November 21, 1993. After a sumptous noon day dinner, over 200 Ellers turned their attention to the six musicians who were "setting up" at the other side of a large assembly hall.

Tuning up their instruments were Leo Eller, fiddle, Sam Eller, steel guitar, Tim Pannell, guitar, Johnny Eller, electric guitar, Walton Eller, bass guitar, and David Eller, guitar. Four of these Ellers were from the sorrounding area of Clebourne, Crowley, and Burleson. Sam lives in Hope, Arkansas and David resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas. All tuned, they were off to an afternoon of varied renditions of hymns and country music. But that is only the beginning! These six men, the core of the band, were then aided by others stepping in and out from time to time. It seemed the band changed every time the tune changed.

Stepping up to the mike to sing was a very talented song stylist, Carolyn Bell (Hazel Eller James' daughter) who played keyboard- then her sister Ann Hoes filled in at the keyboard; then Arthur Eller joined the group with his guitar. Instrumentalists then took turns vocalizing. Nearly everyone had a turn at the mike for a vocal selection. I was hard pressed to keep up with the participants of this incredibly talented family. Belinda Bell Bailey and Terry Lynn Pannell Razo joined in a duet. Daryl Bell and his guitar appeared and then Rosco Fincher added his guitar and offered up some vocals. Young William Robert Jaco took a turn at the mike with vocals and he also played the guitar.

As the afternoon of music progressed I was goggle-eyed over the talent represented and the profusion of such talent in one family line. Two of Hazel James' great grandchildren performed, Billy and Amanda Vaughn from Godley, Texas. A most astounding talent to cap the whole afternoon was the delightful 10 year old Amanda who performed with the band with her half sized fiddle. She is a natural born musician, playing with such control and innate talent, What a delight to behold!

The Board of Directors and Officers wish to thank Hazel and all of her siblings and descendants for the invitation to attend this memorable occasion. Love exuded as we have experienced at three E F A Conferences. Graciousness was the prevailing atmosphere. And, a number of new members from this group were enlisted into the membership of the E F A. An invitation was extended to the group to join us in Asheville in 1995. The Texas Eller Band promised they would come and entertain us.



Eller Chronicles Vol. VIII-1 FEB. 1994

Hazel James and Carolyn Bell

Amanda Renee Vaughn, 10 year old Playing with the band
Great Grandaughter of Hazel Eller James

Ann Pannell Hoss/David Eller/Arthur Eller, All grandchildren of James Granville Eller

John Eller - Skiatook, Oklahoma, David Eller, Grandson of James Granville Eller
Eller Family Reunion, November 21, 1993

Carolyn Bell, Sam Eller, Leo Eller, Walton Eller

John Eller (Skiatook, OK) amd David Eller sings "The Hills of Oklahoma"

VISITORS AT THE JAMES GRANVILLE ELLER REUNION, CLEBURNE, TEXAS 21 NOV 1993: Row 1 L-R: Lucy Eller (Skiatook, OK), Juanita Eller (Whittier, NC), Winnie Green (Lawton, OK), Charlotte Marshall (Independence, OR), Nancy Eller (Crowley, Texas), Row 2 L R: John Eller (Skiatook, OK), Bethel Stolte (Atwood, KS), Henry "Hank" Eller (Spokane, WA), Gerald Eller (Whittier, NC), Ed Eller (Dalton, Georgia), Joe Eller (Houston, TX), Lynn Eller (Atlanta, GA)



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