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EARNEST McNEILL ELLER, born in Virginia 23 January, 1903, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1925; while there he was managing editor of THE LOG and initiated and edited THE TRIDENT MAGAZINE. After graduation he had 7 years in BB and SS duty before returning to the U.S. Naval Academy as a Professor teaching English and History, and in later tour Ordanance and Gunnery.

At sea 1935-38 he organized and conducted the Antiaircraft Gunnery School in USS Utah. In 1940-41 he served as Ass't Naval Attache and Observer with the British Fleet and ashore in radar, antiaircraft, and other war developments.

He was Gunnery Officer in USS Saratoga at the time of Pearl Harbor. Before the Battle of Midway he joined Admiral Nimitz' staff in gunnery and as Training and War Reports Officer. In this duty he participated in the giant amphibious assaults that drove U.S. power across the Pacific from the Gilbert Islands to Okinawa.

After Okinawa, Captain Eller commanded the USS Clay. In 1946 he became Director of Information for the Navy, with temporary rank of Commodore.

After graduation from the National War College, while on the staff of the Joint Chiefs in planning, he accompanied the Joint Chiefs to member nations of NATO, establishing plans for the military structure of this key establishment for world stability. In 1950 he became Commander of the U.S. Middle East Force, operating in the broad ocean area east of Suez and travelled extensively an politico-military missions from Constantinople to the Caspian and Cairo to Columbo.

While in command of the USS Albany, 1951-52, he operated primarily in the North Sea and Mediterannean, participating in several NATO exercises and visited NATO nations from Eastern Mediterranean to the North Sea.

Physically retired in 1954, Rear Admiral Eller became head of engineering instruction at Bucknell University as Director of Engineering. He was recalled to active duty in 1956 as Director of Naval History and Curator of the Navy Department. Besides its several operating functions in support of the Department and the Fleets, the Division issued many publications covering subjects from the American Revolution to the Vietnam War. He retired from this duty in 1970.

Since the 1920's Admiral Eller has written and lectured extensively an a wide range of historical, strategical, leadership and technical subjects. His work has appeared in the various magazines including "NATO's Fifteen Nations" and


the "London Illustrated News." He was a three time winner of the U.S. Naval Institute Prize Essay Contest. His books after retirement in 1970 include THE SOVIET SEA CHALLENGE, published in 1972 details the importance of seapower in the History of the United States and of the Russian Soviet Union Empire, and compares the status of the two today in the several fundamental elements of seapower. It concludes that the struggle for control of the world's oceans has become critical.

(Eds.From James W. Hook, GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER AND DESCENDANTS OF HIS IN AMERICA, 1957, P. 285: "Earnest McNeill Eller, b., 23 Jan. 1903, at Marion, Va.; m.,27 May 1926 Agnes Fogle Pfohl, b.,16 Oct. 1902. She is the dau. of Herbert Augustus Pfohl, a leader in business in Winston-Salem, N.C. and in the overall financial management of the Moravian Church. Mr. Eller graduated with honors from the U.S.Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md. in 1925 with the degree of B.S. In 1934 he received his M.A. degree from George Washington Univ. He advanced through successive grades to Commodore in 1946 and in 1954 was retired from active duty as a Rear Admiral. His impressive record as a writer, teacher and naval officer, which includes membership on the staff of Admiral Nimitz in World War II, is described in Vol. 29 of "Who's Who in America." Among his writings is a historical, legendary and contemporary account of the Moravians and their settlement in western North Carolina."

Admiral Eller's father, Edward Everett Eller, was born in Iowa, lived in VA, and then settled in North Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co., NC. "After teaching in the public schools in Wilkes Co. for a time he established a poultry business later named the E.E. Eller Produce Co. This company was the first market for unlimited quantities of poultry and produce in north west North Carolina and was attributed by agricultural authorities as being responsible for the poultry industry that gave Wilkes County the leadership among other counties of the state. Mr. Eller was a leader in the community wherein he lived. He and Mrs. Eller were members of the Baptist Church wherein he was a member of the Board of Deacons and treasurer of the benovelent fund of the church for more than thirty years." -From James W. Hook,1957, P. 284.

Eller Lineage of Earnest McNeill Eller: Edward Everett Eller, Jesse Franklin Eller, Simeon Eller, John Eller, Peter Eller, the immigrant George Michael Eller.

Pictures of Admiral Eller not yet received from the Navy- these will appear in a later Newsletter.)

Admiral Eller on cover of August issue of THE ELLER CHRONICLES


QUERY- From James T. Eller, 1306 No. Richmond, Hanford, CA 93@@30: Seeking info on JAMES T.(J.T.) ELLER, b.15 Oct 1865, Wilkes Co., NC; m. Alice Foust in Sullivan Co. c1886 in Jonesboro, TN. He was a section foreman on the So. RR in Talbott, TN; d. 30 May 1920.

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