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OBITUARIES- From Charlotte Marshall, 605 S.E. Park Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333: (1) ALICE MAY DUCKETT of Cleburne, TX died Monday, 28 Dec 1987. Burial was 30 Dec in Cleburne Memorial Cemetary. Alice Mae Eller was born 4 Oct 1903 in Franklin, Simpson Co., KY to James Granville Eller and Janetta Margaret Pressley Eller. She m. Wilburn Floyd Duckett in 1923. Survivors include Kathryn Owen, dau. of Cleburne; Bob Duckett, Cleburne, Jim Duckett of Euless, TX; Jerry Duckett, Memphis, TN; 12 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, and one great, great grandchild. Her lineage: Alice Eller, James Granville Eller, James Jacob Eller, Jacob Eller of Macon Co., TN, Joseph Eller of Buncombe Co., NC, John Jacob Eller, and Jacob Eller of Rowan Co., NC, immigrant from Germany.

(2) GRACIE LEE ELLER of Cleburne, TX died 19 Feb 1988. Graveside services were held 20 Feb at Laurel Land Cemetary, Fort Worth, TX. Gracie Lee Morgan was born 17 Apr 1919 to Mart L. and Eva B. Satathite Morgan in Austin, Travis Co., TX. She m. Robert Eller 3 Apr 1941. Survivors include 4 sisters, several nieces and nephews.

Obituary: From Klaus Napp- Zinn, Gyrhofstr. 15, D-5000 Koln, West Germany: FRED L.M. ELLER, b. 14 Sep 1903 to Friedrich Eller and Georgine Eller at Mainz (Germany), d. 20 Aug 1987 at Wiesbaden (Germany). Fred Eller was a Doctor of Law and lived in the U.S. (chiefly Long Island and Los Angeles Region) between 1949 and 1972. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Marga Eller nee Vulz, and one of his sisters, Mrs. Irmgard Napp-Zinn.



From Raymond Eller, -344 South Serrano Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90030:

"The first formal reunion in my lifetime, (of the Harvey Eller family) that I know about, is the one held in 1925, in June I believe, in my hometown of Clay Center, Nebraska. My father's home, Jacob H. Eller, served as headquarters. There were no hotels nor motels in the town of a thousand people, so our dear relatives were put in neighbors homes. One group pitched a tent in our back yard without casualty. We took care of those we could at father's, and sister Merle Eller Rolly's houses.

"Some meetings were held in our front yard with the parch serving as a stage. The afternoon meetings were held in the Congregational Church. The major meal a+ the days were in the church basement, with food provided by ladies of the Church membership. There were 115 registered the second day, if I recall correctly. They came from North Carolina to California. I have not been able to find the list of those attending. Time has flitted and storage of decades often lose valued documents.

"Other reunions I have known of, but could not attend: Hedrick, Iowa in 1937; Ottumwa, Iowa in 1964; and Palo Alto, CA in 1965.

"I am in the seventh generation of George Michael Ellers clan and appear an page 239 a+ the Eller book by Hook.

"On the following two pages are photographs of (1) Harvey Eller (326kb) and (2) A photograph of the eight children of Harvey Eller (192kb) and Mary Caroline Vannoy Eller made during the family gathering for the funeral of Harvey in November, 1906. The identifications of the children were made by me in 1987."

(Eds. From James W. Hook, GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER AND DESCENDANTS OF HIS IN AMERICA, 1957, p. 23?: Raymond Eller b., 5 Nov 1900; m. 1st., 7 Jan. 1933, Gertrude Anderson. He is a professional accountant and Assistant Secretary and Auditor for the Los Angeles Stock Exchange. He m., 2nd., 29 June 1947, Billie Flick; no children.

ibid, pp.188-197, story of the removal of Harvey Eller and his family from Wilkes Co., NC to Iowa via covered wagon in 1852. This is a gripping story a+ courage, adherence to one's convictions, and adventure. The removal was prompted by the strong objections which Harvey Eller held for the slave and liquor traffic in North Carolina. The family consisted of Harvey, his wife, Mary Caroline Vannoy Eller and 8 children. "The oldest child of the family was William, barely ten years of age. Jesse the youngest, was a baby of only seven months."



Compiled by Eva J. Moore, 2362 Valley West Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95401
b. 20 Aug 1836
d. 14 Mar 1904
m. 12 Mar 1862
Father: Henry Eller b. 1806, VA
Mother: Dacia ? b. 1811, SC
b-28 Jun l836, Overton CO.,TN
d. 4 Nov 1905, Overton CO.,TN
Father: Bryant Breeding
Mother: Mary Miller
Sex  No.  Children
F1.Margaret Francis, b. 30 May 1865
M2.John A., b. 15 Jun 1866
F3.Mary Dallas, b. 27 Sep 1867
F4.Unicy, b 28 Jan 1869; m. 2 Apr 1891, James Dias Howell (ADA Dick Howell), d. 19 Apr 1951,, White Co., TN
F5.Nancy C., b. 1871
M6.William*, b. 1873; m. 15 Aug 1897, Almeda Howard
(*Grandfather of the compiler) (See Ancestral Chart for the compiler,p.72 [193kb])



Compiled by Elgin P. Kintner, MD, P.O. Box K, Maryville, TN -17803-0690.
Husband:Elgin Perry Kintner Wife: Ethel Nevada Pritchett
b.5 Sep 1917
Occup.,Physician, Pathologist
m.4 Apr 1942, White Pine, TN
Father: Edward Kintner
Mother: Slada Olis Snyder
b.28 Aug 1913, Johnson City, TN
Father: Reuel Boman Pritchett
Mother: (maiden name)Ella Poff
Sex  No.  Children
F1. Rebecca Kay, b. 9 Jun 1943, Indianapolis, IN; m. 26 Aug 1967, Rufus B. King, Jr.
M2. Richard Charles, b. 2 Mar 1948, Elkhart, IN
F3.Ruth Johanna, b. 24 May 1951, Elkhart, IN
F4.Ella Marie, b. 14 Jul 1952, Maryville, TN; m. 2 Sep 1978
F5.Ella Jean, b. 9 May 1955, Maryville, TN;-d. 13 May 1955, Maryville, TN
(See Ancestral Charts by this compiler, pp.73 [90kb] - p.74 [139kb])

Ancestor chart of Herbert Eller b. 3/14/1929 (213kb) (more in FEB 88 issue)

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