Eller Chronicles May 91 p-4h

The Eller Chronicles


Paul J. Phipps
836 S. Harman Way -#49
Orting, WA 98360
22 Jan. 1991

A. William Eller
370 Upham St.
Lakewood. CO. 80226

Dear William,

I received the book I ordered from you in fine shape. I was one of those who got your form letter saying the books were all sold. Then you had handwritten the note saying you would hold my check, while you worked on the details of getting more. Then the note on the same letter saying you had 30 more copies than you thought you were getting, and you would be able to fill my order. I have been able to use a lot of the data so far. The Eller name is not in my direct line, but in associated names.

I have over I 0,000 names in my computer and adding more every day. My specific reason for ordering the book was to help a cousin find some of her ancestors. Unfortunately I have not been able to make a connection from the book as yet. Therefore, I am seeking some help from you if you can. The cousin. I'm trying to find the Ellers for, is Ida Mae Boling, of Bristol, TN. Her mother, Margaret Virginia Eller married William Boling. I have enclosed a FOR of this family. We think that Margaret V. Eller's father was Larry or Lowery Eller.

I could find no Larry Eller in the Book. I did find a Lowery, but his age did not fit our subject and there was no more information on him.

If you do not have possible clue, maybe you could suggest someone I could contact. Any help you give will really be appreciated. By the way, anything I have I gladly share.

I have enclosed an Overview Chart on myself and one on Ida Mae Boling for your information.

Thanks again for the book, it will become a big help in my quest.

Signed “Paul”

Enclosure: see pp 109 - 110


William R Bowling and Margaret V Eller Gp Sheet

Pedigree chart for R. W. Bowling's children

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