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Joe C. Eller, 1523 N. Post Rd., Houston, TX 77055

Ltr. dated 21 Apt, 1992: Here is a news release that I wrote about my wife Ellu's visit to Estonia. She translated it into Estonian, sent it to papers in Toronto and New York and they both published it. Hillar Eller is the "Communist Eller" whose picture appeared in the Chronicles a couple of years ago [Eds. Vol., 4 No. 4, P. 210].

Ellu contacted him just like anyone else - by using the phone book information. Actually, she did that from here and he met her at the airport when she arrived.

I have talked with him on the phone. He speaks a little English. He is going to do some research on the Estonian Ellers.

I should have a good report for, the '93 convention. I am already making plans for it.

[Eds. The picture below was clipped from the news story written and published in Estonian - but not included here; the news release on the next page is a shorter version. We are indebted to Joe and Ellu for following up on this matter. It shows what can come from a simple lead published in the Chronicles.

Nr. 19 VABA EESTLANE teisipaeval, 10. martsil 1992 - Tuesday. March 10, 1992


ELLER CHRONICLES  May. 1992 Page 131

Houston, Texas
February 10, 1992


Ellu Ratsep Eller visited Tallinn, Estonia in February to consummate a new business relationship with the Estonian Trade commission, Chamber of Commerce and other individual businesses. She also visited with other members of the Diplomatic Corps whom she entertained in her home about a year ago.

ough the Eller International Family Association she had the unique opportunity to locate and visit with Hillar Eller from Karlda, Hiiumaa, who is a member of the Estonian Parliament. Together with him she was granted an audience with Arnold Ruutel in the Presidential Palace. The meeting lasted over an hour. The President was genuinely interested in establishing a trade relationship between the Southern States of the United States and Estonia.

tings were also held with the Foreign Ministers Consulate office with the intention of the appointment of an honorary Estonian Consulate to represent Estonia in the Southern district of the United States.

was also invited to meet with the American Consulate General in the new offices of the United States State Department which Vice President Dan Quayle officially opened February 6, 1992.

addition to the business and diplomatic pleasures of the trip she used the opportunity to visit relatives and friends.

ELLER CHRONICLES  May. 1992 Page 132

Eller: Johann Theodor, military doctor under Friedrich 
Wilhelm I and Friedrich II, chemist, born 1689 at Plötzkau in 
the Herzogthun district, rich and excellently brought up, 
studied law at Quedlinburg and Jena, medicine and natural sci-
ences in Halle, Leyden, Amsterdam and Paris, consulted in che-
mistry from Lemery and Homberg.  Also in London he entered many 
relationships.  After his return in 1721 he was named physician 
"in ordinary" to ANHALT
Bernberg; already three years later called to Prussia.  With 
George Ernest Stahl he was author of the Prussian.  (?) 
In 1725 shaped the basis of published medical edicts, (the basis) 
of all present medical instruction in Prussia; as likewise For 
the license of doctors and surgeons and required the
of an anatomical or anatomical-surgical course along with other 
achievements.  E became field doctor and professor at the 1724 
medical-surgical course of lectures; beyond that he took part 
along with- the professor of surgery and regimental assistant 
medical officer, Gabriel Senff, in the direction of the charity 
hospital opened 1727 in Berlin.  In J.(?) 1730 he wrote "Useful 
and Selected medical and surgical observations as well From In-
ternal as External Illnesses and Operations performed in part by 
the same (persons?), which took place in the great Lazarus of 
Charity previously Founded by His Royal Majesty in Berlin; beyond 
a previously given short Description of the Institution, Growth 
and present Condition of this Institution," Berlin.  He profited 
in chemistry more through his official influence than through his 
work.  He believed in the growth of metals, thought the changing 
of air into water and earth to have been proved and sought to 
detect the workings of drugs in which he mixed their solutions 
with blood.  But besides, he recognized phenomena later named 
cold pain and observed that with a salt saturated solution to be 
able to analyse with yet another salt.  His French academic 
written treatises, mostly on chemistry, were collected by C. A. 
Gerhard 1764 and published in German.  Besides that there exists 
From him a "Catalogue of Minerals and Metalurgy,"Bernberg 1723. 
E. (Eller?) died Sept. 31, 1760 in Berlin as foremost physician 
 “in ordinary” GEH.
counselor, director of the medical-surgical lectures and direc-
tor of the physical science classes at the Berlin Academy of 

- - Compare the Military Surgery of the last 150 years in Prussia. 
Speech from Dr. E. Gurit, Berlin 1875; Likewise especially 
Meusel's Lexicon, the Memorial Publications of the Berlin 
Academy from 1761 and Kopp's History of Chemistry.
Hermann Fröhlich. A. Oppenheim.

(Eds. For this translation from the German we thank Leetha Renwick, EFA Member. The German article came into our possession from now forgotten source. We regret we cannot provide proper citation at this time)

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Patricia Beck, 1406 Lincolnton Rd., Salisbury, N.C.

As a member of the NC Geneal. Society, I placed a query for information on the three daughters of John Ketchies Catherine Ketchey Kuhn Legal, Mary Eve Ketchey Eller (wife of Jacob Elelr the immigrant) and Elizabeth Ketchey Eller (wife of John Melchior Eller, Sr., the immigrant). I received a letter from Helen Getgen Wick of Edmonds, Washington in answer to my query. She descends from Johanne Ludwig Gottgen, bro. of John Ketchey through his son, Lugwig who came to America in 1775. Helen can read and intrepret the old German records (Lutheran and Reformed) of Baumholder Church where the Gottgens were members. These films can be rented from the LDS Library.

I am using her records for the family in Germany. These records provide new informationk an the Göttgen families who came to America and show there were other Göttgens in Germany.

Helen believes that Johannes Göttgen (I), the miller In Lochers Muhl, may have m. twice. She found church records that indicates an older group of children. One record showed a Frederick Göttgen. living in Lochers Muhl as a miller, after the elder Johannes Göttgen died. She believes this Frederick to be the eldest son. Maria Catherina, mother of our Johannes, was born 14 Feb 1674 and died when she was forty years old ca 5 Apr 1714 and could not have been the mother of the older children. Helen could find no records showing the name of the first wife.

I also located a deed showing that two of Peter Ketchey's sons moved to Leon County, TX. One son later returned to Rowan County, NC. Henry J. remained in Texas. I located a grandson, Jim Ketchey in Canada and enjoyed a long telephone conversation with him about the Ketchies. Informatin on this family is included.

At the 1989 Eller Reunion, I met Louise Eller. She was born in Muhlback, Germany and has also lived in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Her parents now live in Kusel, Germany near Ruschberg. She sent me several books on Ruschberg (in German) and Baumholder (one in German and one in German and English) that she purchased for me in Germany.

Origin of the name:

Gott: English (Norman) and German: from a personal name, a short form of the various Germanic compound with the first element got good or god, got god. Partronymic: Low Ber: Göttgens, Göttjens. [Eds. In Rowan County the name is recorded as Gitchey, Getchey, Ketchie, Ketchey. This is exciting news for the Jacob Eller line. Pat Beck began a research project on the Gottgen family quite some time ago and we are delighted to have this information. Her material was received some time ago and got misplaced among our increasingly chaotic records. Our apology to Pat for the delay in publishing this.)

ELLER CHRONICLES  May. 1992 Page 134


JOHNNES Göttgen b Germany d b4 1728 Germany m 1) ?? 2) Germany Maria Catherina b 14 Feb 1674 Germany d 5 Apr 1714 Germany

  1. . Frederich
  2. . Anna Maria m 4 Dec 1708 Henrich Fischer
  3. . Elisabeth Catharina m 7 Feb 1713 Wilhelm Bender
  4. . Maria Margaretha confirmed 1709
  1. . Eva Angelina confirmed 1709
  2. . Johan Peter confirmed 1714
  3. . Ludwig confirmed 1718
  4. * . Johannes bp 9 Dec 1707        * our ancestor
  5. . Johann Wilhelm b 1711 bp 14 Nov 1711 confirmed 1724
  6. . Anna Margaretha

LUDWIG Göttgen b ca 1705 d 25 Jan 1767 Germany m 1) 8 Jan 1728Germany Anna Catharina Faust d/Melchior Faust of Grunbach 2) Anna Catherine S

  1. . Johanne Nickel bp June 1729 (Luth)
  2. . Johanne Ludwig bp 3 July 1731 (Luth)
  3. . Johanne Peter bp 29 Dec 1735 (Luth)
  4. . Johanne Jacob bp 1 Mar 1736 (Luth)
  5. . Elizabeth Margretha b 1 Jul 1738 (Ref)
  6. . Johannes b 29 Jan 1744 (Luth)
  7. . Elizabeth Cathariria b 12 Jul 1746 (Ref)
  8. . Johanne Frederich b 3 Apr 1749

* JOHNNES Göttgen b 1707-bp 9 Dec 1707 Germany d 1774 Rowan County NC bu ?? Union Lutheran Church m 12 Oct 1728 Ruschberg, Germany Anna Christina Hamm (Hamen) b 15 Jul 1711 bp Sep 1711 Ger d 12 May 1790 Rowan County, N.C. bu ?? Union Lutheran Church (Storch diary: Bur widow Ketge 14 May 1790) d/Micliel Hameri and Anna Catherine b ca 1667 d 11 Aug 1746

  1. . Anna Christina bp 9 Dec 1729 d 16 Jan 1751 Germany
  2. . Marie Elisabetha (Eva) bp 16 Aug 1732 confirmed 1748
  3. . Maria Margaretha b 2 Nov 1737
  4. . Maria Catherina b 1738
  5. . Johnnes b 17 Sep 1739
  6. . Anna Elisabeth bp 20 Oct 1742
  7. . Johannes Frederich 24 Mar 1746
  8. . Jacob b ca 1755 in Pennsylvania

JOHANN WILHELM Göttgen b 1711 bp 14 Nov 1711 Germany m 18 Jan 1735 Germany Anna Barbara Schiieidus

  1. . Johann bp 24 Oct 1735
  2. . Maria Catherina bp Jul 1739
  3. . Maria Magdalina 226 Jan 1744
  4. . Johann Abraham bp 21 Feb 1747
  5. . Johann Jacob bp 31 Dec 1749

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