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Submitted by A. WM. ELLER

This reunion was for the descendants of Robert T. Eller, shown as the 7th child of William Eller (See J. W. Hook, George Michael Eller and Descendants of His in America, 1957, pp. 184-185). There were 59 in attendance, only two couldn't make it. Our 1980 reunion, fully attended, had 38 in attendance.

The reunion was wholly social. We had one evening of reminiscing by the older set, my three siblings and me plus our only 1st cousin from San Diego. Held at the Diamond Ranch, a genuine working ranch, there was of course horse back riding, hayrack rides, trail meals, swimming, hiking and of course eating. A one day trip to Fort Laramie was made by most of us. We are planning on our next reunion to be in five years.

Enclosed is an
8 x 10 of our reunion. (Eds. This has been reproduced and appears on the back cover). Also enclosed are two pictures of the T-shirt that the wife and daughter of my nephew in Dallas, TX designed (the one featured in the August issue). Across the top of the southwest design is 'Eller Family Reunion'; across the bottom 'Chugwater Wyoming 1992'; on the sides are the married names of the family girls. (Eds. The two T-Shirt pictures appear below - we hope they reproduce well). Apology! This is one of the stories that got filed and forgotten).

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Eller Chronicles Vol. VII (2) May, 1993


As I look forward to Conf '93 in Portland, I contemplate turning over the reins of the presidency to another. It has been an enjoyable four-year venture, especially to have been able to successfully complete a mandate received at Conf '89, that of providing for the association a reprint of Hook's 1957 book. Although I anticipated a greater response, having no real feel for the need, I was pleased to be able to satisfy the desire of nearly 290 people to own a copy of that book. I've have never been able to determine how many copies Hook had printed in 1957. I'm still receiving an occasional request but am satisfied that the reprinting nearly matched the demand, given the fact that the printer had an extra 36 copies printed as a hedge against spoilage, to our benefit.

Another highlight of my tenure was Conf '91. It was indeed exciting to have so many Ellers and associated families gather in Estes Park in support of the EFA. As Conf '93 nears reality in the beautiful northwest, hosted by our super energetic Charlotte Eller Marshall, let us at the same time plug into the future when we will move back to Eller country in the east, plans for which of course are only in their infancy.

I have nothing new to report except to anticipate the forthcoming change of command with a new president, vice-president and three new board members. I'm looking forward to the new ideas and enthusiasm they will bring to the association. I expect to report on the status of plans for Vol. 11 of Eller Genealogy.

Some long-range plans for the EFA have been discussed with J. Gerald Eller, Charlotte Marshall and Lynn Eller. They, with my concurrence, input, and support, are preparing some ideas, options, and recommendations to share with the full membership of the EFA, beginning first with the conference at Portland. I encourage each EFA member to examine these proposals carefully and respond with your suggestions. No final action is expected to be taken on these matters at the conference but may be presented there for informal discussion. Following Conf '93, the new officers and directors are expected to take the plans under advisement.

It has been a pleasure serving you,


A. William Eller, President, EFA

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Eller Chronicles Vol. VII (2) May, 1993


The size and complexity of this issue of the Chronicles provides some evidence of the rapid increase in new information that reaches your editors. The Many new contacts made over the past year has generated much new material. No longer can assurance be given to submitters that their material will appear in the very next issue.

Enough unpublished material to fill several issues of the Chronicles is on hand. However, some of the material, while important and must be eventually published, need not necessarily be published in the Chronicles. The possibility of a new EFA publication in addition to the Chronicles is being explored. With sound editorial work and good marketing strategy, a second level of publications seems feasible and should generate sufficient funds to be self-supporting and provide some funds for the large volumes which Bill Eller is pushing. I have promised to outline my view of a range of new publication options at Conference III.

Consultations with Bill Eller, Charlotte Marshall and Lynn Eller on the publication problems has resulted in general agreement that the new officers should lead the full EFA membership in an exercise of long-range strategic planning.

Under Bill Ellers leadership our organization has experienced much progress. For example, new fund-raising projects have been launched which are expected to generate new funds to support worthy projects such as research and restoration of cemeteries and other landmarks of interest to the Eller families; tax-exempt status has been obtained and it is hoped that EFA members will begin to make individual tax-exempt contributions for support of special projects. This will happen only if the EFA achieves a higher level of organization, clearer statements of policies, procedures and guidelines that generates trust among the membership that their contributions will be used conservatively and carefully to achieve desired results..

Profits from the sale of the Eller Family Cookbook and other fund-raising projects, including individual contributions, will add significant new funds. The full amounts should be in hand before the 1994 budget is implemented. Also, clear policies and guide lines should also be in place to guide the use of special project funding. This will assure maximum benefits to the EFA and avoid setting unsound precedents. Incidentally, all funds appropriated in 1992 for special restoration projects have been replaced by individual contributions of various members. recommend that the 1994 budget cycle run from January 1994 to January 1995. This would enable the new Officers and Directors to have time to complete the Planning process, write new guidelines and prepare a realistic 1994 budget. For the remainder of 1993, expenditures should be limited to administrative expenses and the publication of The Eller Chronicles. One way the membership-at- large can greatly assist the budgeting process is to pay the membership fee on time.

I feel strongly that Conf. '93 must not slip-by without official action that will initiate a process of reevaluation and long-range planning. As these questions are addressed by the new officers and the planning process begins, provisions should be provided for input from all members. This should be the mandate passed to the new officers and directors who will be installed at Conf. '93.

J. Gerald Eller, Co-Editor, The Eller Chronicles

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Eller Chronicles Vol. VII (2) May, 1993


(July 14-18, 1993, Portland, OR)

It is necessary to make a few minor changes in the EFA Conf. III Schedule as published in Vol. Vol(l) Feb. 1993, pp. 52-54 as follows:

  1. The Board meeting will be changed from Thursday evening July 15, to Wednesday July 14, 7:30 to 9: P.M. All officers, Board members and nominees for various positions are asked to attend. This is an open meeting, all interested members are invited to attend. If you have an item for discussion, please contact Bill Eller, President, or Byron H. Eller, Director, to be placed on agenda. (Their addresses: see inside of back cover of recent issue of The Eller Chronicles.

  2. The General Membership meeting will be held Thursday, July 15, in the afternoon. Pres. Bill Eller has family obligations in Portland at the same time the Conference is held. The General Member-ship business meeting will be held on Thursday because both he and Secy. Nancy Eller will attend that day. Immediately after elections, the newly elected President will assume the chair.

  3. Saturday will remain the same except for the business meeting. Family displays, craft sales and/or auction, and fellowship will follow scheduled presentations.

Your conference committee hopes these changes does not inconvenience anyone. You are urged to make your lodging reservations and your Conference reservations soon, so plans for each days activities can be finalized. (Use forms inserted separately in this issue).

You may send your conference reservations with a $25.00 deposit, and pay the balance before conference or when you register. If you find you cannot attend, the deposit will be returned to you after the conference. This will help the Conference committee estimate the number attending and that information can be passed on to the Holiday Inn to assist them with their preparations.

If you do not wish to accompany the group Friday, July 16, please contact Charlotte Eller Marshall (Address inside back cover of this issue). Activity of some kind can be planned for that day at the Holiday Inn, if there is enough interest. However, arrangements for a meeting place must be made. Dwight Eller of Tucson, AZ has agreed to coordinate any activity at HI that day. This would be a very good time for researchers to get together and compare notes or exchange information (if you are not interested in the Columbia River tour).

This promises to be a very exciting, uplifting and informative conference. Gerald Eller and others have new ideas and plans to offer for discussion and consideration. New family lines are expected to be be represented for the first time. We hope to have for the first time reports on the Christian Eller line (NC, VA, KY and IN), the Leonard Eller line( NC, OH, and IN), the the Calvin Eller line (NC, TN). Thomas H. Eller will report on his research on the Bavarian Ellers of Germany. Prof. Dr. Klaus Napp-Zinn of Germany will be present and will bring new information about the Ellers of the German Rhineland, as well as a new bride.

Our first effort at group fund-raising to finance projects that are near and dear to many of us, such as research and restoration of cemeteries etc. will be launched. PLAN TO ATTEND AND PARTICIPATE IN THIS MOMENTOUS ELLER FAMILY GATHERING. USE THE FORMS INSERTED SEPARATELY IN THIS ISSUE.

(s) Charlotte Eller Marshall, Conference Coordinator

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Eller Chronicles Vol. VII (2) May, 1993


A. WILLIAM ELLER, President, 370 Upham St., Lakewood CO 80226
CHARLOTTE ELLER MARSHALL, V-P, 2832 Hwy. 201, Nyssa, OR 97913
NANCY ELLER, Sec./ Treas., 500 Mission St., East, Crowley, TX 76036

BETHEL J. ELLER STOLTE, Rt. 1, Box 19, Ludell, KS, 67744
BYRON H. ELLER, 6506 Jack Hill Dr., Oroville, CA 95966
LOWELL ELLER, 4410 Harborwood Dr., Salem, VA 24153
R. VANCE ELLER, 550 Fox Hollow Lane, Salisbury, NC 28144
WALTON G. ELLER, 500 Mission St., East, Crowley, TX 76036


EDITORS: J. GERALD AND JUANITA ELLER, Rt. 2, Box 145-D, Whittier, NC 28789

The Eller Chronicles b the official Newsletter/Journal of the Eller Family Association. Its pages are open for publishing Information relevant to any one of the purposes of the organization. The responsibility for the accuracy of information submitted for publication rests wholly with the submitter of such information. The editors reserve the right to ask that data or stories submitted for publication be rechecked for accuracy or change in format.


LOUISE ELLER, 2932 Homeway Drive, Beavercreek, OH 45385-5709
GEORG ELLER, Bannzaunerweg 7, D-6530, Bingen/Rhein, Germany
PROF. DR. KLAUS NAPP-ZINN, Gyrhofstr. 15, D-5000, Koln 41 Germany
LEETHA T. RENWICK, 435 West 8th St., Sn Pedro, CA 90731


Promote a sense of kinship and consciousness of family history and tradition.
Promote and publicize local family reunions.
Hold a biennial family conference open to all Eller or allied family members world wide.
Encourage the restoration and maintenance of cemeteries or other sites of meaning to various Eller families.
Encourage and aid genealogical and historical research on Eller and allied families world-wide.


Annual dues are $15.00 per year, payable November 1st of each year. The dues cover all Membership fees and subscription to 4 issues each year of THE ELLER CHRONICLES. Individual issues are $4. 50 each post paid; back issues at the same price are available. Make checks payable to THE ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATION and mail to the Sec. Treas. - address above. TO RECEIVE THE FEBRUARY ISSUE OF ANY YEAR, DUES MUST BE IN THE HANDS OF THE SEC. / TREAS. NO LATER THAN JAN. 1 OF THAT YEAR.

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