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Eller Family Association

42 28th Street NW
Atlanta, 30309-1806

9 February 1994       

TO:    Board of Directors and Officers
            Eller Family Association

SUBJECT: Eller Family Cookbook
            Contribution to Research and Restoration Fund

Juanita and I are pleased to complete the project of the first Eller Family Cookbook. Of the original printing of 350 copies, we have only a dozen copies remaining! Therefore at this time we wish to contribute $1000. to the R & R Fund. A check in this amount is being sent to Nancy Eller, this date.

To keep you abreast of the cookbook-mania, we are considering having another 50 copies printed to be available at the 1995 conference in Asheville. But of greater news, Juanita is energized to compile a second Eller cookbook. She has gathered around her several E F A members who will assist in this new project. So it appears we will have a new Eller Family Cookbook for the 1995 conference! As this project develops, members will be hearing Of its Progress in The Eller Chronicles. Juanita will want to introduce you to the editorial staff and she will be appealing to our membership for recipe contributions.

A contributor to the first Cookbook from abroad, Klaus Napp-Zinn, sent 30 recipes from his family files. Some of these appear in the Cookbook which Klaus never saw. He would have claimed a cookbook in Portland. Juanita and I have today sent a copy of the Cookbook to Dr. Asta Napp-Zinn in appreciation for Klaus's valuable contributions.

Another European contributor was Renate Eller of Geel, Belgium. Her father, Franz Andreas Eller, lived in Fulda, Germany which was also a second home for Renate. Franz Andreas Eller died in October 1993. In his last days he was reading the Eller Family Cookbook with great interest and Renate informed me that he was extremely proud that some of his family's recipes appeared in this book. She also told me that her father was most curious and very interested in the American Ellers.

We feel it is important to continue this kind of communication among Eller descendents. I congratulate Juanita and her staff for continuing this communication in the kitchen!

Lynn Eller


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

J. Gerald Eller R. Vance Eller
Bethel E. Stolte
Eloise M. Sperati
Patricia B. Beck
4 February 1994
SUBJECT: Meeting with Library Officials
Salisbury, N.C.
April 10 and 11, 1994

Evelyn Stallings
Local History Genealogy Librarian
Rowan Public Library
201 W. Fisher St. P.O. Box 4039
Salisbury, N.C.     28144-4039

At the behest of E F A President, Lynn Eller, a meeting of the Eller Archives Committee is called for Sunday and Monday, April 10 and 11, 1994. Those traveling to Salisbury are requested to arrive by mid-afternoon of April 10. Accommodations are reserved at the Holiday Inn, 530 Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury.

Sunday evening we will be guests of Charlotte and R. Vance Eller at dinner in their home. Following dinner there will be a gathering of Rowan Co. Ellers and descendents for an informal discussion regarding the 1995 E F A Conference in Asheville, N.C.

Monday, April 11, will be devoted to discussions and negotiations for establishing the Eller Family Archives in the Rowan Public Library. This should be an historic day in the life of the seven year old Eller Family Association. The need to find the proper location for a repository of Eller records was first considered five years ago. Within those five years and at the Estes Park and Portland conferences, the dialogues led us to conclude that historic Rowan County, N.C. should be the appropriate repository. Initial conversations with the Rowan Public Library officials found a positive response to our requests and needs. With this approval, the E F A Board of Directors at their meeting in Crowley, TX., November 20, 1993, unanimously passed upon this site as our Archives location.

It is now the mandate of the Archives Committee to negotiate with the Rowan Public Library and to work out the details of, and to finalize the plans for establishing the ELLER FAMILY ARCHIVES in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina.


Lynn Eller, President


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