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  HAROLD ELLER FAMILY -National Golf Family of the Year 118-122
  JOHN AND JOSEPH ELLER - Rev. war soldiers, Rowan Co., NC 125-126
IN THE NEWS 132-134
QUERIES 134-135
  NEW EFA MEMBERSHIP LIST (with lineage designators) 140-144
COVER PICTURE: Courtesy of Daphne Eller Leonard, Lansing, NC  

Eds. With this issue we begin an innovation which we think our readers will appreciate. We divide the Chronicles into two packages by publishing separately Clarice V. Eller Stanley's excellent genealogy, Henry and Elizabeth Bigler Eller and Their Descendants. Because this is a lengthy genealogy which shows clear evidence of sound research and documentation, we think it deserves to be treated as a separate publication. It is the plan to publish similar works in the future; in fact, the work of Harvey W. Powers entitled Descendants of Christian Eller is scheduled to appear in the August issue and Nancy Eller's genealogy of the James Granville and Janetta Margaret Pressley Eller line is scheduled for the November issue.

We see many advantages in this method of publication. Some copies can be provided with comb binding and covers and placed on the shelves of libraries as a separate publication. Arrangements can be made to sell these separate from the remainder of the particular issue of the Chronicles in which they appear. Genealogies of some length (perhaps 15 pages or more) which shows clear evidence of sound research and is fully documented, well-organized, and presented in camera-ready form deserve, we think, to be given this special treatment. Hopefully, this will usher in a long series of well-prepared genealogies in which the EFA can take much pride.


The Eller Chronicles Vol.-VIII-2 MAY 1994

1. ANNOUNCEMENTS - Lynn Eller, President


JULY 19-23,1995

Conference Headquarters: HOTEL RADISSON
1 Thomas Wolf Plaza
Asheville, N.C. 28801
Tele: 1-704-252-8211
I- 800- 438 3060
1-704- 254- 1374
Ask for reservations for the Eller Family Conference

Hotel Radisson is conveniently located in downtown Asheville, just off 1-240, take Merrimon Ave. Exit. Each guest room affords a view of the Great Smoky Mountains. If you are traveling by air, the Asheville-Hendersonville Airport is 12 miles from the hotel. Ground transportation is available between the airport and the hotel and it requires a 20 minute commute.

Room rates at the Radisson are guaranteed at a flat rate of $70.00 + 9% sales tax for up to four people per room. This special rate extends 3 days prior and 3 days post of the blocked dates of July 19-23. This will accommodate those attendees with varied travel plans for arrival and departure. Seventy-rive rooms have been reserved for the Eller Family Conference.

Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations; use the above address or numbers.

Reservations MUST he confirmed by you no later than JUNE 15, 1995,

TELE: 1-704-253-1851

Located just across street from the Radisson, just off I-240, at Merrimon Ave. Room rates: $59 + 9% tax. Block of 50 rooms has been reserved for the Eller Family Conference; mention this when making reservations.
Early reservations are recommended; you can always cancel up to June 15, 1995.


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

P.O. BOX 1010
ASHEVILLE, N.C. 28802 TELE: 1-800-257-5583

Write or call above for tourist information for the Asheville area, Western North Carolina including the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Effort was made to have mailings sent to each EFA member but they only respond to individual requests.


A complete conference program of events will appear in a later issue of the Chronicles. To assist in advance planning we announce now two special events. Because 46 passenger motor coaches must be reserved months in advance, we will be asking for your intentions and reservations for the two tours in the August Chronicles.

All-Day Tour: Friday, July 21, 1995. Asheville via Blue Ridge Parkway to Western Carolina University for lunch and a Mountain Heritage Program; thence to the Cherokee Indian Reservation for a visit to the Cherokee Museum and craft center; back to Asheville in time for dinner and "Singing and Dancing on the Green."
[Anticipated cost per person for the day........... $15.00

Two-day post conference tour to the Eller Country of Ashe and Wilkes Counties: Sunday, July 23 through Tuesday noon, July 25, 1995. Depart Asheville at noon or before on Sunday, arrive Jefferson, Ashe County, N.C. late afternoon. Visit Eller landmarks, attend dedication at New Hope Cemetery, and return to Tuesday morning, arriving at the Radisson Hotel by noon. Air travelers should make return flight reservations out of Asheville for mid-afternoon into the early evening of July 25. Motoring attendees would claim their automobiles at the Radisson parking facility.
Anticipated cost per person for motor coach transportation....... $37.50- $50.00
Accommodations for two nights in Jefferson, N.C. are being reserved at the Eldreth Inn. Each person will be responsible for their own motel reservation and cost.


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

42 28th Street, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309-1806
404 351 4304

To the EFA Membership: The EFA Board of Directors convened in Crowley, Texas on 20 November 1993. The Board passed favorably upon the creation of three new positions for the Association:

  Membership Recruitment Coordinators
Associate Editor of the Chronicles

Acting upon these matters, I appoint John and Lucy Eller of Skiatook, Oklahoma, as Membership Recruiting Coordinators. These two energetic workers for the Association have already traversed the U. S. three or four times since the Portland Conference and they have been successful in recruiting several new members. I have asked Gerald Eller to act as temporary coordinator for the EFA- Computer user Project and for the coordinator for the EFA Research Project. See his reports on these matters elsewhere in this issue.

I appoint Bethel Eller Stolte of Atwood, Kansas as Historian. Bethel has maintained conference records for the Estes Park and Portland. These include schedules, proceedings, photographs and publicity. These records will at some point in the future be placed in the Eller Archives. If you have pertinent information for these records, please contact Bethel.

The Board of Directors approved the appointment of an Associate Editor of the Chronicles. This person will assist J. Gerald and Juanita Eller for the next year and a half in producing the quarterly issues. At the 1995 Conference in Asheville, the Associate Editor will assume the roll of Editor. Gerald and Juanita at that time will "step-up" to an advisory position. The Board appointed Lynn Eller as Associate Editor.

Other actions of the Board at the Crowley, Texas meeting appear in the minutes in the last issue of the Chronicles or will be reported by Hank Eller, Chairman of the Board. This meeting of the Board and Officers of the EFA proved very effective in moving the association ahead; much was accomplished.

I am grateful for your membership and participation in the E F A. Let's all work to strengthen our association. Each of you is a vital contributor.


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994


Because of the overwhelmingly positive response to THE ELLER FAMILY COOKBOOK (I have one copy left and Lynn has less than a dozen) we are coming up with THE ELLER FAMILY COOKBOOK II or ELLER FAMILY COOKBOOK, JR. to be ready for distribution at the 1995 Conference in Asheville, North Carolina.

Since Lynn is now President of THE ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATION and has taken on all the duties and obligations attached thereto which include the responsibility of planning and carrying out the 1995 Conference, he has requested that he be relieved of his responsibility as co-editor, co-writer, and co-publisher of the upcoming edition of THE COOKBOOK.

I have complied with his request and in his stead have named an EDITORIAL BOARD, all of whom will be associate writers and editors. The following people have agreed to take on these responsibilities and together with their help we are hoping to equal, even to exceed the first publication. Please send your recipe(s) either to me or one of these editors.

In alphabetical order:

BERNADENE (Mrs. Herman Eller, 220 N. Broadway, Skiatook, OK 74070) I first met Bernadene at the Portland Oregon conference when she stood at my table having me autograph five copies of the cookbook for her. With the publication of this new one, she will be one of the signees. Bernadene is talented in art and crafts and has willingly agreed to lay down her paint brushes and needles and take up her pen, paper, and telephone and contact Oklahoma Ellers for recipes and interesting family history notes for inclusion in the COOKBOOK.

BETHEL (Bethel Eller Stolte, 203 Bluff St., Atwood, KS 67730) Bethel has attended all three Eller Conferences, plus the Crowley, TX meeting, as well as the Salisbury, NC Eller Archive Committee meeting. Not to forget, she was also the chairman of the very successful Craft Fair and Auction in Portland. She and Lynn (cousins) were the two youngest members of their generation of their line (Harvey Eller of Nebraska) and grew up like siblings. One interesting thing about Bethel: After being widowed and living alone on her farm for several years she decided to move into town. So, she had her house picked up and moved the fifteen or so miles from the farm to the small town where she has close neighbors. Anybody who can pick up their house and move it can surely supply recipes and interesting information for our COOKBOOK. JEAN (Mrs. Clara Jean Eller Davis, 2542 Ranfield Rd., Mogadore, OH 44260) Jean, along with her brother Ed from Dalton, GA, John and Lucy Eller and Bernadene and Herman Eller from Skiatook, OK, all appeared at the Portland Conference and added a dimension to that conference that had not been experienced at the preceding conferences, Their enthusiasm rejuvenated the entire proceedings and put life back into some of the extinct volcanoes that was flagging. Jean's enthusiasm is carrying over in her willingness to take on the responsibilities of writing and contributing to the COOKBOOK.


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

JEANNIE (Mrs. J. W. Hubbard, 34 Clovernook Drive, Arden, NC 28704) Jeannie is our youngest daughter and the mother of two of our grandsons. Jeannie has a flair for the amusing and an innate ability to write. Also since she has been successful in maintaining a size eight after having had two sons, I decided she was well-equipped to write the low-fat-low-cal section of the COOKBOOK

MELINDA (Melinda Eller, 2300 Briarwest Boulevard, #400B, Houston, TX 77077) Melinda is the daughter of Joe Eller of Houston, TX. You've met Joe at the last three conferences. Melinda tells me she will be attending the next one. Because of Melinda's several contributions to Cookbook I, I wrote and asked her about Cookbook II, she agreed. Through our correspondence I have come to the conclusion that I like Melinda as good as I like Joe. She has already sent several recipes for the COOKBOOK.

PHYLLIS (Mrs. Vernard Eller, 2448 Third St., LaVerne, CA 91750) Phyllis has attended all three conferences. The Estes Park one she had to cut short because of the birth of a grandchild. What a happy reason for having to leave a conference. Phyllis sent several recipes in for Cookbook 1, one of which I omitted the instructions for and not only did she forgive me my omission, she agreed to share in writing the new COOKBOOK.

WINNIE (Winnie M. Green, 2302 Park Blvd., Lawton, OK, 73505) Just because the "W" in Winnie's name puts her here at the end of the list, don't sell Winnie short. After seeing her stiffening up her spine and responding in emphatic terms to an uncalled for slur against her teacher's organization across the dinner table and after receiving her letter describing the reaction of her beauty operator and the girls in the shop to the COOKBOOK, the term "Steel Magnolia" comes to mind. I, for one, am looking forward to her contributions to the COOKBOOK.

LUCY (Mrs. John Eller, PO Box 638, Skiatook, OK 74070) You will note that Lucy's name is out of alphabetical order. Lucy has been so busy keeping up with all the jobs that John has volunteered her for as well as the ones she has agreed to for herself, I didn't have the heart to ask her to serve on the editorial board of COOKBOOK II, however, she has already contributed more recipes and information than all the rest of us. So, Lucy gets things done. Her name will be included on the editorial page of the COOKBOOK

LUCY has taken on another major responsibility - that of planning and executing the Craft Fair and Sale at the 1995 conference. For this she will need all the help she can get. Put your talents to the test and let Lucy know you are planning to contribute to the Fair and Sale. Although Lucy is willing and capable, let's don't kill her --- Let's help her!


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994


CORRECTION: Please mark your copy of The Eller Chronicles, Feb. 1994 as Vol. VIII-1. Intended at first as a supplement to Vol. VII-4, Nov. 1993, a decision was made later to make this issue Vol. VIII-1, Feb. 1994. Unfortunately our computer did not get word of the changes.

CORRECTION: The Eller Chronicles, Vol. V-4, p. 251; suggested rewording of Para. 2, from Peggy Agner Troutman, 8180 Bingle Ferry Road. Salisbury, NC 28146.

    2. John Melchior Eller, Sr. (son of Jacob, the immigrant) married Susannah (Susanna) on 9 Oct. 1782. She was the daughter of Christian Eller. According to his pension application, John Melchior Eller, Sr. was a revolutionary war soldier enlisting in the company of General Lincoln where he served until the end of the war. He is shown in the federal census of Rowan Co. in 1790, 1800,1810, 1820, and 1830. The 1840 census is mutilated and unreadable. He left no will.

    (John Melcher Jr. was married 4 times.)

Eliminate the 4 listings under "Hs Children" - See explanation below."

The suggested changes above and that which follows are efforts to clarify the existence of 4 different John Melchior Ellers in early Rowan County, NC.

Casper Eller's son Jacob (last wife Barbary - Hooks Book, p. 2) had a son John Melchior Eller (designated Sr. or 1). This John Melchior Eller, Sr. married Susannah Eller (daughter of Christian Eller.) They had a son (designated II or Jr.) He was the one who was married 4 times (para 2 above.)

(Hook's Book, p. 426: "John Eller... gave his plantation to his sister Susannah and her husband John Eller... and gave a legacy... to John Eller, son of John Melchior Eller." In this regard, Susannah's husband's full name was John Melchior Eller, Sr. (son of Jacob Eller). The legacy to John went to their son, John Melchior Eller, Jr.

(See full text of will below)

Casper Eller had a son also named John Melchior Eller who was a brother of Jacob Eller, father of John Melchior, Sr. mentioned in the above paragraphs. This John Melchior Eller also had a son named John Melchior and in this family we find another set of John Melchior Ellers that can be designated as Sr. or Jr. (or I and 11). "The above John Melker Eller, Jr. mentions these children in his of will of 1841 (Will Book 1, pp. 90-92, 27 Jul 1825, probated Feb 1841): Jacob, Motlene, David, Christena m. George Kesler, Elizabeth Eller m. Christian Kesler, John."


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

(JGE: My apologies to Peggy Troutman for the delay in publishing her correction. This is another case of paper misfiled in our bulging folders. I appreciate and fully accept Peggy's corrections. The publication now of her corrections serves another purpose. It reminds all of us that The Eller Chronicles does not and cannot purport to never publish incorrect information - neither can any other genealogical publication - despite a recent recommendation that the EFA Board pass a rule "That any commission of errors or omissions of information must be corrected prior to publication."

We hope Peggy will submit more of her research on Ellers and descendants of Rowan County, NC. )

ON PUBLISHING ERRORS AND OMISSIONS. Editors of newspapers and newscasters pull out their hair with almost every edition because of errors and omissions. People who detect printed errors or omissions in material of special interest to them also often react with passion. Responsible editors can only strive to avoid such incidents.

An editorial in the March 1994 issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly puts such matters in perspective: "The genealogist who brags that he never makes a mistake may or may not be a first class genealogist, but he is surely a first-class liar ... all major journals in our field (as in others) regularly publish corrective essays and notices. For this reason, even professionals and hobbyists who seek the soundest evidence possible must stand ready to reconsider their conclusions."

APOLOGY: Our sincere apology to Dr. John Eller, a most helpful and respected member of the EFA, for allowing the announcement of the passing of his wife, Leona, to fall through the cracks of our defective filing system. We publish with deep regret the announcement of her passing in the Necrology section.

ON THE ROLE OF EFA PROJECT COORDINATORS: Difficulty in getting members to serve on committees has been a problem in the EFA from the first. The long-range plan, approved in November, 1993, recommended that the President be empowered to appoint coordinators for projects as a means for getting the ball rolling to accomplish specified goals without being tied to a formal committee. As a project unfolded under the leadership of a coordinator, it was hoped that other members with an interest in a particular project would contact the coordinator and join the team. This procedure gets work underway without being hampered by a formal committee and bureaucratic methodology. We all know that often the surest way to stop progress is to name a committee. The coordinator-idea is working. Much has been accomplished already on several projects by this approach. For an organization whose membership is spread so widely it is impossible to convene a formal committee for every project. Brief report of the work of coordinators follow next below. Progress reports on all projects will be a regular feature in future issues.


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

RECRUITMENT: At the Crowley, TX conference John and Lucy Eller, P.O. Box 638, Skiatook, OK 74070 (918-396-3208) were appointed recruitment coordinators. Elsewhere in this issue is another "on the road" story from John and Lucy telling more about their extensive travels to visit Ellers and recruit new members. The number of new members brought into the fold by these two energetic EFA members since last July is phenomenal. During their travels they have established contact with many different families of Ellers across the country. This illustrates several important things that we should all take to heart: there are many Eller descendants out there who when they learn of the EFA are anxious to become new members. Also, it illustrates how coordinators, when allowed to run their own show without being saddled with a lot of rules and regulations, can do wonders. The EFA needs to free itself from so much bureaucracy and trust members to do the right thing without a lot of micro-management. However, John and Lucy can't possibly reach every potential new EFA member in this country - they need and will welcome the help of each of us. We need members to volunteer as recruitment coordinators for counties, cities, states, and countries wherever Ellers are to be found. John and Lucy would like to hear from you.

COMPUTER-USER GROUPS: This is another example of how the coordinator-approach pays off. Had a committee been named to supervise this effort we would still be bogged down trying to get ready to begin. President Lynn Eller asked Gerald Eller to get the ball rolling on this project and serve as a temporary coordinator until someone else stepped forward to volunteer as over-over all coordinator. Three EFA members have volunteered to serve as coordinators for their respective Eller lines and begin to compile a data-base for all descendants of their line. They have already computerized all data from past issues of The Eller Chronicles and from members of their own line.

Clarice V. Eller Stanley, 605 Vine St. , Martin's Ferry, Ohio 43935 (614-633-9735): Computer-user coordinator for the immigrant Henry Eller line. Clarice's genealogy of this line is published in this issue as our first Eller Chronicle Special Report. This is a publication in which the Clarice and the EFA can take much pride.

Harvey W. Powers, 13430 Hensley Rd. , Midlothian, VA 23112: Computer-user coordinator for the immigrant Christian Eller line. Harvey's genealogy of this line will be published in the August issue as the second Eller Chronicle Special Report.

Edward K. Eller, 1124 Ridgeleigh Circle, Dalton, GA 30720 (Bus.:706-259-3510; (Res: 706-278-1516). Computer-user coordinator for the immigrant Jacob Eller line. Ed originated the idea for organizing a computer-user group for his line and this was extended to the others. He already has over 3200 names in his data base and three or four other computer-users have joined the project.

Leon Korte, 407 N. Plum St., Vermillion, SD 57069: The Harvey Eller branch of the George Michael Eller line. Still needed is an over-all coordinator for the entire George Michael Eller line, and for other lines including the Jacob/Magdalene Eller (Roanoke VA) line.


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

These coordinators are now communicating among themselves, and together develop plans and procedures for preparing data-bases, making the data available to EFA members either as computer-print outs of selected families or as bound volumes to be published. At some point in the future this group is expected to make recommendations to the board for maintaining, correcting, updating and sharing the information in these data bases. If you are a computer-user and interested in this project contact a coordinator.

These data-bases are not intended to be the final word on genealogy and family history. There will still be a need for individuals to write and publish stories in the Chronicles, even write a book. Members whose genealogy has not already been published in The Eller Chronicles may elect to published first in the Chronicles and then pass the data to the coordinator of the data-base. The early drafts of the data bases are expected to contain errors and omissions, but these are easily corrected when called to the attention of the coordinator. The data base for an immigrant line will never be completed; the updating and maintenance of the data bases will be an on-going never ending process. After the early drafts are corrected these data bases will be the source for the most complete information that will show the interrelationships of all known descendants of a given immigrant line. Inquiries can be sent directly to the coordinator for information and those attending the biennial conferences can quickly check to see if a certain individual or family has been included; if included, they can see immediately how that individual or family relates to them individually or to the entire lineage. Examiners and users of the data bases who find errors or omissions will be urged to provide corrections and additions.

We know all EFA members do not use computers- some probably hate computers. The fact remains that computers are being used more and more in genealogy. Entire archival collections of genealogical data are now available on CD-ROM disks. Genealogical bulletin boards are too numerous to list. The EFA is wise to be moving now into this new dimension and we should be thankful that more and more of our members are into computer genealogy, but computers will never eliminate the need for doing genealogy the old fashioned way to obtain the data that goes into the computer..

EFA RESEARCH PROJECT: The first EFA funded research project is to search for the place and family of origin in Germany of pre-1800 Eller immigrants to America. Gerald Eller is coordinating this project with the help of Lynn Eller and Thomas Eller. Both Lynn and Thomas have conducted research in Germany and Gerald has conducted research there by mail. Other members interested in this project are invited to contact one of the above. New information is already flowing from Germany with the help of Mr. Ernest Thode, who is employed as a professional researcher. We regret that lack of space in this issue prevents the publication of the first progress report on this project.

RESTORATION PROJECTS. The new marker for John Eller in the New Hope Cemetery in Wilkes County, NC (George Michael Eller line) is in place and will be dedicated during the Ashe-Wilkes County Post-1995-Eller Conference- Tour. The Mary Biffle Eller restoration project in the Weaverville Cemetery in Buncombe County, NC (Jacob Eller line) is under contract and current plans are to hold a dedication as part of a Buncombe County Eller Reunion later in the fall. During the 1995 Conference in Asheville, tours of Eller landmarks in the Weaverville area will be conducted. Donations to this project are still needed. The Joseph Eller restoration project in Buncombe County, NC is lagging until a local committee can be formed.


The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

EFA MEMBERSHIP LIST. Nancy Eller, Sec./Treas. of the EFA, has prepared a new data base of EFA members which includes a designator for the immigrant family line to which each member belongs. See the list in the business section of this issue. Notify Nancy of any errors. Please provide Nancy with your correct immigrant line if it is omitted.

AN IDEA FROM RENATE ELLER OF BELGIUM: Renate has made known to Lynn Eller her interest in developing a sister city relationship between Fulga, Germany and an American city of comparable size (50-000-100,000). Fulga was a U.S. army base for the past forty years and the people there are anxious to maintain relationships and communications with American cities of comparable cultural aspects. Some U.S. cities suggested as possibilities: Columbus, GA, Greenville, SC, Lancaster, PA, and Salisbury, NC.

WHAT IS THE EFA? Perhaps Walton Eller said it best: The EFA is just a bunch of old folks trying to have a good time! He also reminds us that all the work of the EFA is done by unpaid volunteers. Perhaps the EFA in its organizational structure has tried too hard to emulate a large corporation by having both a President and Chairman of the Board. Some confusion within the board now exists about this matter, just as some had predicted. Stay tuned !


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