The Eller Chronicles, Volume IX-2 p40
The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Query and Letter Section

The large number of letters preclude printing each in its entirety. Name and address of sender is followed by abstracted quotes and editorial comments and for some a Query is included.

Sheila Dickman, 1015 Independence Road, Walton, KY 41094 - seeking information about gr. grandfather Daniel or Danial Green Eller. He was buried in Wayne Co., KY but may not have been born there.

Delores J. Corn, P.O. Box 74, Bolivar, OH 44612 - Seeks info on the Faney Eller who m John Clum. Seeks info also for her husband Jim Corn from the Copperhill, TN - Hayesville, N.C. area. . See her Ancestral Chart in Genealogy section).

Pat Wheeler, 1132 Charles, Pampa, TX 79065, 20 Oct 1994 - Seeks info. on Matilda Wheeler b 1823; m 23 Dec 1842, Wilkes Co., NC, Wm. Kilbey Vannoy. She was the sister of Absalom Wheeler who m Elizabeth Eller. They are buried at Price Cr., Cem., Pickins Co., GA, The 100th anniversary of Absalom's death celebrated in 1993 in Ellijay, Gilmer Co., GA. His mother was Sarah Snow who m 1800, Guildford Co., NC, Amos Wheeler. Nancy Snow believed to be sister of Sarah Snow m Nickason Millis. Pat sent some Eller information from Texas that will be prepared for a future issue. She is now a member of the EFA.

Renate Eller Soddermann, 61 Noxon Rd. Poughkeepsie, NY 12603, 9 Feb. '95. "I am an immigrant from Germany (1963). Looking for Eller families who went to America. Please send me the Eller Chronicles - check $15.00 enclosed. My roots in Dusseldorf area and Koln. My father - Julius Eller b 1900; my gr father Johann Heinrich Eller (Rottweil/Neckar) b 18 May 1842 - next back Greg Philipp Eller (wife Anna Catharina Valentn) - cannot go back further." She has the distinction of being the most recent Eller immigrant to America from Germany known to the EFA. That her family came from Dusseldorf is of great interest in view of the persistent tradition, yet to be proven, that George Michael, Henry, Christian, Jacob and Melchoir Eller came from Dusseldorf We hope Renate can provide more information about her Eller family of that area. (Note: We met another German from Dusseldorf recently who told us he used to hang out in the area of Dusseldorf where the old town of Eller once existed. He was familiar with the Eller Castle and said the Eller name was very common in that area as well as thoughout Germany.



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Michael Alan Reese, Old Trails Research, 747 Quiet Forest, Houston, TX 7704, 8 Feb 1995. Michael is a past member and contributor who hopes to come to Conf '95. He sends family group sheets on the George Virl Osmond family (the TV Osmond Family Singers). George Osmond and his wife Olive Davis are listed on p. 386 of Hook's 1957 book on George Michael Eller. This family connects with Catherine Eller Stoker (Peter, George Michael) through the VanNoys and Welkers. Calvin Evans of Phoenix, has more information on this line and confirms that the Osmonds are a collatoral family of the George Michael Eller line.

Charlene Eller, 49 Veronica Vista, Decatur, IL 62526, 30 Jan. 1995 - "I am an 'Eller by Choice My husband was Rupert Eller d Jan 1961. Several letters sent to Eller addresses in N. C. seeking info on my husband's Eller connections...some of the names I heard the family speak of were Marshall, Tobias, Neal, in N.C. Nelson and Nancy Eller were parents of three boys and two girls - William Alexander, Robert Lee, Samuel N., Hattie, and Matte Eller. Surviving grandchildren mentioned include Earl, Elva, Edna, and Edith." We provided Charlene some leads. In a second letter Charlene sent her husbands ancestral chart - (See the Genealogy Section).

Karen K. Eller, 562 Adams Road, Fayetteville, GA 30214, 19 Mar 1995. Thanks so much for your letter...excitement reigned in our house today when it was read! To think there are more of us is amazing! Names however are familiar... we have a granddaughter named Susanna...please enroll us as Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Eller... enclosed is check for $15.00.

Peggy Agner Troutman, and Mrs. Oscar Jenkins File (Lydia Louise Barringer), Salisbury, NC - Rcv'd 31 Mar 1995 - 51 pages of genealogy, pictures, and newspaper stories. We are most grateful for this information which will expand our knowledge of some more of the Eller families of Rown County, NC. This must await another issue.

Earl D. Flowers, 2412 Pearce St., Lake City, FL 32025, (n.d), - a new EFA member with whom we talk frequently. He sends some family history stories about descendants of Michael Graybill Sr. (allied with the George Michael Eller line), and has directed us to information available in the LDS Branch Library which we need to check. His Query: "In Hook's 1957 book, Page 141-142, George Koons (believed by Hook to be a son of Gasper Koons) and Mary Eller Koons, also had a son named Gasper, who would be the brother of my Grandmother, Elizabeth Martha "Massie" Koons. I am seeking any info on Gasper and his descendants."

Deborah Eddinger Kilburn, 1035 W. North Grand Ave., Portersville, CA 93257, 15 Oct 1995 (Pedigree Chart Chronicles IX: 1: 15-16, Feb '95) "I am interested in the Eller Family Association for several being the area the NC Ellers are in. They are my husband's line, but I also have my maiden name line linked to Davidson and Rowan Counties...I would love to attend the EFA conference if at all possible. The Eddingers just had a family reunion Oct. 2, 1994 in Thomasville, NC."



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

E.W. Ellor, RR 1 Box 169 Ticonderoga, NY, 12883. His telephone call was followed by an exchange of information. In ltr. of 5 Mar 1995, he says, "Andrew, James, and William Ellor... arrived in the U.S. in the mid-1850's from the area in and around Manchester, England. A few years later they settled in the Bloomfield, NJ, area and began a series of manufacturing businesses. Their families were generally large with the male children entering the family business... I do know there are supposed to be more than 100 families still residing in England. I made contact with two of them but cannot connect them to my own family... I agree with your idea that somewhere in time, the Er's and Or's did probably have the same origin." Included with his letter was a large copy of his working genealogical chart on his American Ellors. We know that the Eller name in America was often spelled Ellor or Ellar - one census in Rowan County, NC, spelled the name Ellor in almost every case. A compilation of variant spellings of names from both American and German sources that sound and spell like Eller has led me to suspect that many of them had a common origin, but finding proof is another story.. We have published information from England on Eller families (name variously spelled) in Yorkshire, England. (EC VI:3:183; VII:2:151-153). Documentation for four of five first Eller immigrants to America suggest they were probably from the English Eller families; they were: Samuel Eller (1663), Enock Eller (1668), John Ellers (1680). Thomas Ellers (1680). W.T. Eller (1680) was identified as a German. EFA member Margaret W. Eller, 7000 20th St., #878, Vero Beach, FL 32966 has traced her husband back to England via Canada and has promised to send in his pedigree. We hope to see Margaret again at Asheville.

Geraldine Roberts Duncan, 335 Beverly Hills Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24502-4105, 7 Feb 1995 to Lynn Eller, - "Steve Sherwood sent me info on the Eller Family Conference in Asheville. I recently found out I am kin to the Eller's and had not heard of the Eller Family Association. Mary Biffle Eller was my 3rd gr. grandmother on my daddy's side... my husband and I would like to attend but will be staying with a cousin. My father was William McKinley Roberts, his mother was Susan Jane Fox Roberts, her mother was Mary Ann Elizabeth Eller, her father was Adam Eller, son of Mary Biffle Eller."

Jack B. and Doris Hall, P.O. Box 1117, Southern Pines, NC 28388, 14 Feb '95 to Nancy Eller. Her lineage is Doris Stout Hall (Hascue T. Stout s/o Laura Ettie Eller Stout), Laura E. Eller Stout, d/o David Eller and Samantha Sams Eller, Peter Eller, s/o Henry Eller and Elizabeth Johnson Eller), Henry Eller (s/o Peter Eller and Elizabeth Dick Eller, Peter Eller (eldest son of George Michael Eller).

Blanche Robertson, 21 Parkers Cove Road, Weaverville, NC, 28787. - will be a presenter at the Conference. We visit often with her to discuss Biffle, Eller, and Weaver genealogy. We always leave with new information and a feeling of awe at what this lady knows about the genealogy and local history of her area of Buncombe Co., NC.

Ellen Byrne, Rt. 1, Box 69-IA, Juliaetta, ID 835350-9608, 5 Nov '95, After answering her query in the Genealogical Helper that mentioned that her Fore ancestors had married Eller wives in Buncombe Co., NC, Ellen sent a mass of data on her Fore families. A



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

quick perusal reveals some interesting information but this will have to await further study and preparation before publication in the Chronicles.

Dr. Ronald Eller, The Appalachian Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY - Since publishing his paper in the last issue I have talked with Dr. Eller. He tells me that he is fairly certain his line of West Virginia Ellers descended from Peter (George Michael), however, there remains one link he has not made. He is a very busy young man whose schedule leaves little time for genealogy or much else not connected with his work at Kentucky and with the Appalachian Regional Commission, plus a project that involves President Clinton. He provided unexpected new connections for the EFA: His sister Anita, who lives in Asheville, NC, is a fabalous banjo picker. Her husband is Mark Pruett, who is a well known instrumentalist who has toured with country singer Ricky Skaggs. He and Anita used to have separate bands but now Anita is home with two children and Mark continues to lead a band. I have talked with Anita by telephone and she has volunteered to help out at the Conference with the entertainment. She has contacts with all the musicians and dancers in the region.

Winnie Eller Green, 2302 Crosby Park Blvd., Lawton, OK 73505, Seeks info. on George Eller b. 28 Jan 1820 in Salisbury, NC, m Rosena Goodman 29 Dec 1842 in Rowan Co., NC. 1850 Census shows 250 A. - no deed found - sold 102 A Alexander May and Farley Eller 1857, located on Frederick Eller Old line. Also need info. on George Eller who m Emma Kesler before 1820 in Salisbury, NC.

Mary Alice Heflin Boodt, 8016 Sunfield Ct., Indianapolis, IN 46214, 28 Mar 1995 to Nancy Eller... She senda a 60 page manuscript entitled The Eller-Farmer Story, The Ancestors and Descendants. The author is a descendant of Leonard Eller (George Michael). This is the third large mansucript received since 30 March. We are most grateful and will be in touch with Mary Alice to work out the details for publishing her material in a future issue.

George C. Eller II, Apt. 1005, 8214 Princeton Sq. Blvd. E., Jacksonville, FL 32256. 4 April 1995. This is our first contact with George and we are pleased to publish his paper on Lucius Elom Eller in the Genealogy Section. Jacob Eller, gr. grandfather of Lucius "Lute" Eller, of this report appears to be the same Jacob Eller listed by Hook (1957, p. 52 as the eighth and last child of Leonard Eller and Elizabeth Masts. We hope George will provide additional information on the descendants of Lucius Eller.

Pictorial Queries from Buncombe Co., NC

Olivia D. Cunningham, 363 Racquet Club Rd., Asheville, NC 28803 Seeks identify of individuals in the two pictures of the family of Rev. Joseph P. Eller (Adam, Jacob Jr., Jacob Sr.) of Weaverville, NC .. . . . . . . . . . . next page



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Both pictures are believed to be the family of the Rev. Joseph P. Eller of Weaverville, NC. Joseph P. is believed to be the eldest male in each of the two pictures. The male in lower left in each picture is believed to be his son Lucius.



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Query: is it possible that this picture is Jacob Eller, Jr., after leaving Buncombe Co., NC in the early 1800's and disappearing into Tennessee - is this his second wife?



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