The Eller Chronicles, Volume IX-2 p65
The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995


Is it a family NEWSLETTER?

Is it an infallible JOURNAL authenticated beyond question?

If it is the last, it is the only publication in the world today, including all the known writings in the history of the world that can make such a claim.

It is a family newsletter written and published by two people, one with certified scientific research credentials and the other with a proven background in journalism, writing and editing. Its expressed goal is to stimulate interest in family history and research by every member or even non-members, not just a few self-styled "professional researchers."

The purpose of THE CHRONICLES is to "Tell the Story of the Ellers" as presented to us by non-professional researchers and writers whose goal is to learn and disseminate family history and to add information to the family coffers for scrutiny and constructive criticism.

TRUTH like BEAUTY is subject to interpretation.

To illustrate the above statement, let me tell you a true story.

For the last three years before retirement, I worked as writer, copy reader, and general make-yourself-useful do everything right-hand-man (in my case woman) for the Chief Scientist of the National Park Service who was stationed as adjunct professor at Western Carolina University. At that time the North Carolina Academy of Science, a member of the National Academy of Science, conceived of a money raising scheme--produce a book on nature and science in North Carolina. This was to have been a book of the "garden club" variety. One that little of ladies in tennis shoes would willingly pay $40 or $50 for, read, enjoy and learn from scholars in the field. The Chief Scientist for whom I was working at the time was asked to write a chapter to be submitted to a jury of three of his peers for verification and approval.

Using the same scientific data he wrote one version and I wrote another. Both were submitted to the panel of experts. The results: One expert chose Dr. Smathers' version; one expert chose mine, another scientist chose Dr. Smathers' version but his wife chose mine.


Even experts don't agree on truth, authenticity, or even style of writing. (My forte has always been in feature writing.)

Now back to the original question. Where in all the shades of gray between black and white does THE CHRONICLES stand?



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Each issue is submitted to a panel of over three hundred readers for scrutiny. In it's eight years of existence only two people (in that exponential number of peer critics-300x12x8=a lot) have questioned editorial policy or the credibility or veracity of the people writing and publishing THE CHRONICLES.

As we have pointed out in another area of this issue, your editors in taking over this responsibility eight years ago did not intend this to be a second career. Although it has been rewarding and also time and energy and financially consuming, the "law of diminishing returns" does indeed come into play. We are not only willing to give up this responsibility, but would welcome volunteers who would take over and meet these quarterly deadlines. We are aware that anyone volunteering for this post would consider himself qualified both in terms of writing style and equipment required for the position, but in the meantime, we will struggle along (and as we pass our allotted three score years and ten with five already on borrowed time it does prove to be a struggle at times). We will continue our policy of publishing family histories as submitted to us by researchers who are responsible for the authenticity of their work. We will NOT; however, publish any materials that are submitted to us accompanied by demands, deadlines, or threats.

Juanita Eller, Co-Editor who for the past eight years has scheduled her life around THE ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATION and the publication of THE ELLER CHRONICLES.



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