The Eller Chronicles, Volume IX-2 TOC
The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Conf. '95 & Other Announcements I -VI
From the President 34-37
 Resolution of the Board
By-Law of the Eller Family Association
Report of the Nominating Committee
From the Editors
Comments and etc. 34-40
What is The Eller Chronicles? 67-68
Queries and Letters40-45
- with pictorial queries from Buncombe Co., NC
Research Aids: Publications 46-47
Bibliographies and Subject Index 47-53
Genealogy and Family History
-George C. Eller II: Lucius Elom Eller (Jacob Leonrd? George Michael) 53-56
-Connie Greene: Descendants of Jacob Eller (Peter Jr., Peter Sr., George Michael) 57-64
-Delores J. Corn: Ancestral Chart 66
- Charlene Eller: Ancestral Chart 67
-Lovetta Schweers: Descendants of Mathias and Sarah Amanda (Roark)
Eller - Separate Special Edition - part of this issue.

Alfred D. Eller: Joshua Nubo Eller Family History -Pictures omitted by mistake in Special Edition, Feb. 1995, pp. 69-72 . Should be removed from this issue and added to The Eller Chronicles 1X:1, February, Special Edition (appear as unnumbered pages at the end of this issue.)

Color Covers: [ FRONT - - - BACK ] Courtesy of EAA Board member Winnie Green of Lawton, OK, to help publicize the Arts and Crafts Fair at Conf '95.

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Announcement: Vol. IX-3 August issue of the Chronicles will be delayed because of Conf. '95. We will need extra time to get all the conference pictures and stories ready for the printer. Deadline for all information for the August issue is Sept. 15, 1995. Look for a bit of April Fool in this issue.



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Announcements: President Lynn Eller
THE POSITION OF CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD WAS ABOLISHED BY THE RESOLUTION PASSED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ON 3 SEP 1994. (Published below for the 2nd time). The Board reaffirms there the position of Chairman of the Board no longer exists and no one is authorized to use the title of Chairman of the Board of the EFA. Henry Eller's responsibilities under the By-Laws are the same as for any other member of the 1993-1995 Board of Directors except that of elected officials.

WHEREAS: The By-Laws approved in Salisbury, North Carolina, in July 1989, Article VII-Amendments states: "The By-Laws may be amended at any membership meeting by two-thirds of those present and voting. The notice of the proposed amendment be sent to all members in the newsletter just prior to the meeting or at least 30 days prior to the meeting if sent by mail;" and

WHEREAS: At the general meeting held in Portland, Oregon, July 15, 1993, a request was made and given for tentative approval only of a six point comprehensive long-range plan which included extensive By-Laws revisions; and,
WHEREAS: It has been determined the provisions of Article VII- Amendments of the 1989 By-Laws, were not complied with; and
WHEREAS: A majority of the members of the Board, present and voting, this 3rd day of September, 1994, at a meeting held at the Fieldstone Inn, Hiawassee, Georgia, for which the call was duly published in accordance with Article V - Board of Directors; and
WHEREAS: The Board of Directors on this date finds that the action taken on July 15, 1993 giving tentative approval was limited only to submitting the long-range plan to the general membership for comments and suggestions with final action to be taken at the 1995 Eller Family Conference; and
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the actions taken by the Board under the tentatively approved By-Laws of 1993 are hereby declared null and void.

(Approved by the Membership, July 22, 1989, Salisbury, NC. Article V:1 was altered at the Estes Park Conference in 1991 to elect only five members to the Board. The EFA must operate under these By-Laws until changes are duly made in accordance with Article VII. )

1. Membership in THE ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATION (hereinafter referred to as EFA) shall be open to all persons, and organizations subscribing to its purposes and paying the annual dues.

2. Any member may withdraw from membership by filing his/her resignation with the Secretary of EFA, or by nonpayment of dues.

3. Any member may be removed, with or without cause, at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the membership in attendance at a duly constituted meeting.

1. Annual dues shall be set by the Board of Directors and shall be payable by November 1. Membership dues shall include four quarterly issues of THE ELLER CHRONICLES for the following year. Dues of members joining during the year shall be for the full year, without proration. Prior issues of THE ELLER CHRONICLES for the current year will be mailed to new members. THE ELLER CHRONICLES of prior years shall be made available to new members at cost per copy and to nonmembers for a nominal fee.



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

2. Annual dues shall be $15.00 subject to change by the Board.

3. Donor members are those who pay $35.00 annually.

4. Sustaining members are those who pay $100.00 annually.

5. Honorary Life Members are those whose contributions to the EFA in time and effort are so outstanding as to be so recognized by the Board and are thereafter exempt from annual dues.

6. Charter members are those who were accepted for membership before November 1, 1988.

7. Contributions other than dues shall be acceptable at any time.

8. The Board of Directors must approve in advance any special fund raising appeal made in the name of the EFA.

  1. Regular membership meetings may be held every other year at the call of the Board of Directors and when possible such meeting shall be held in conjunction with an EFA reunion, at a time and place of their choosing. The goal will be to hold meetings in the east, west, and middle regions of the U.S.

  2. Regular membership meetings shall be duly constituted when the following criteria are met:
    1. at least 30 members be present, 10 of whom shall be Ellers by birth;
    2. At least 50 per cent of those present bear a relation to another member in attendance that is no closer than second cousin;
    3. at least 4 states are represented;
    4. a quorum shall consist of 30 members, plus at least three members of the Board of Directors.
  3. The membership meeting of EFA shall include the election of officers, the President's annual report, adoption of the annual budget, and other business as may properly come before the meeting.
  4. . Notice of meeting shall:
    1. . be announced in the quarterly newsletter.
    2. . if sent to each member by mail be postmarked at least 60 days before the scheduled date of meeting;
    3. . include a proposed budget and an agenda.
  5. Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held as provided in Article V.

  1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer.

  2. Officers shall be members in good standing and shall also serve as Directors. They shall serve for a term of two years. Officers may be re-elected for up to two additional terms, but thereafter shall be eligible for the same office only after two intervening years.

  3. Nominees for offices shall be proposed by a committee of three or more members appointed by the President six months prior to the regular annual meeting. The nominations may be made by a petition of at least 20 members or from the floor of the membership meeting. Nominees must have agreed to serve (in that capacity) prior to being nominated. The names and proposed office of committee nominees shall be included in the notice of election of officers.

  4. A vacancy in any office may be filled by the Board of Directors pending the next meeting.



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

  1. The duties of the officers shall be substantially as provided herein, with such others as may be appropriate and fixed by the Board of Directors from time to time.
    1. The President shall preside over membership and Board meetings; carry out the policies of EFA; appoint committee chairpersons; make an annual report; and shall oversee the committees.
    2. The Vice-President shall fulfill the duties of the President, in the latter's absence or disability, and shall promote the policies of the EFA.
    3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall record and transcribe the minutes of all meetings; maintain a permanent minute book and a current roster of committee members. He/she shall promote and maintain the membership of the EFA, and shall be custodian of all records exclusive of those that pertain to the work of the Editor of the EFA newsletter. The Secretary shall receive all official inquiries to EFA other than those specifically directed to other officers or members of the Board. The Secretary/Treasurer shall deposit and account for all monies; be custodian of any petty cash account; make appropriate disbursements by check; keep the account books and make quarterly reports to the membership in the newsletter.

  1. . The officers, chairpersons of all committees and at-large directors shall constitute the Board of Directors.
  2. The terms of service governing officers shall apply to all other members of the Board of Directors.
  3. . The Board of Directors shall, subject to the directions of the membership:
    1. Approve only such programs and projects that advance the purposes of the EFA.
    2. Direct the expenditure of monies to further the purposes of the EFA.
    3. Provide for the audit of the Treasurer's books.
    4. Meet once a year, if practicable, or every other year in conjunction with the regular meeting.
    5. Have the general direction and supervision of the affairs of the EFA.
  4. A quorum of the Board shall consist of three Board members plus one of the elected officers. All Board meetings shall be publicized and open to the members of the EFA.

  1. The President may provide for such committees as is deemed necessary, and for their mission, size, and tenure. A committee shall dissolve when its mission has been accomplished or upon the expiration of its designated term. Committee chairpersons shall be members of the Board of Directors during their tenure, and subject to the terms of sevice governing Directors.

The By-Laws may be amended at any membership meeting by two thirds of those present and voting. The notice of the proposed amendment shall be sent to all members in the newsletter prior to the meeting, or at least 30 days prior to the meeting if sent by mail.
  1. Robert's Rules of Order (revised) shall govern the parlimentary procedure in matters not covered by these By-Laws.

  2. Voting in Board of Directors and in regular and special membership meeting may be done by written proxy. Proxies to be filed with the Secretary/Treasurer and number of votes verified prior to meeting. Members voting by proxy should send signed and dated proxy to Officer or Board Member of their choice.

  3. State and/or Regional chapters of EFA may be formed provided they abide by the purpose and By-Laws of EFA and are otherwise in accord with the policies of the Board of Directors.



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Report of the Nominations Committee 1995-1997
Submitted by Lowell Eller, Chairman, Vance Eller, and Kathryn Owen
For President. . . Walton Eller, Sr., 500 E. Mission St., Crowley, TX 76036
For Vice President. John Eller, P.O. Box 638, Skiatook, OK 74070
For Sec./Treas. . Nancy Eller, 500 E. Mission St Crowley, TX 76036
Board Members. . Bethel Eller Stolte, 203 Bluff St., Atwood, KS 67730
Hazel Eller James, 325 NW Jayellen, Burleson, TX 76028
Kent Eller, 6388 Taylor Rd., Clinton, OH 44226 (Valid May 1- Sep 1), 1314 Queens Palm, Edgewater, FL 32132
Winnie Green, 2302 Crosby Park Blvd., Lawton, OK 73505
Calvin W. Evans, 201 E. State Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85020

From your Editors: Comments & etc.

Another first for The Eller Chronicles - color covers - all due to the beneficence of EFA Board Member Winnie Green of Lawton, OK, and her daughter Bonnie Yvonne, as their way of publicizing the Arts and Crafts Fair and Sale at Conf '95. This is not the first monetary or crafts contribution to the EFA by Winnie and Yvonne. This is a colorful way to remind our Arts and Crafts members to prepare for Conf '95.

A picture from Tennessee in the Queries Section in this issue calls attention to the Pioneer Night Cookout at Conf. '95. on Wednesday evening 19 July 1995. The sender, who claims to be a descendant of Jacob Eller, Jr. of Buncombe Co., NC, declined to be identified but promised to be at Conf. '95 and reveal more about the picture. With the picture came the startling comment that the period depicted by the dress styles suggested frontiersman Jacob Eller Jr. and the second wife he acquired after disappearing from Buncombe County, NC, back into Tennessee in the early 1800's. This will require much additional proof

Voluntary contributions to the EFA of all types are on the increase: monetary, time, interest, and energy. For example, in addition to the expensive color covers from Winnie Green, a large portion of the cost of the conference T-shirts will be donated by an EFA couple. Gross sales of Arts and Crafts Fair will go the EFA, as will all publications except the second reprint of J.W. Hook's 1957 book and Another Eller Family Cookbook - from these only profits after printing costs go to the EFA. The number of members who contribute $100 per year to become sustaining members reached a new record in 1994, and we hope a new record will be set in 1995. Also important to the continuing success of the EFA are those members who contribute time, energy, and efforts to recruit new members, to recruit nominees for officers, to plan for the biennial conferences, to research, compile and publish Eller Family History and Genealogy. This group of members has increased substantially in number during the past two years.

The Nominating Committee, chaired by Lowell Eller, and including Vance Eller, and Kathryn Owens, have completed the task assigned to them by President Lynn Eller and



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

offer us a stellar slate of new officers and Board members. When Lynn decided not to accept nomination for another term as President (a decision very much regretted by many), a search for a new President had to be initiated. Finding a member willing to accept this important responsibility has never been easy. However, this time the Committee had a larger pool from which to recruit individuals with interests, demonstrated talents, and a track record of service to the EFA.

After a successful career in the U.S. Navy, Walton Eller served for seven years as the Mayor of Crowley, Texas (7-8,000 people) - an experience that required ability to work cooperatively with people and organizations, especially volunteer organizations, like the EFA. He is a charter member of the EFA and has served four years as a member of the EFA Board of Directors. In Walton, the EFA has a nominee well equipped to replace and carry on the good work of Lynn Eller

John Eller, the nominee for Vice-President, brings an abundance of good will, good sense, and sound judgement to the Board. The success which he and his wife Lucy have demonstrated during the past two years in finding and recruiting new Ellers to the EFA from across the nation is well known. They will continue in this important work, but will be looking for more help from each family line and from each state. John is a retired high level manager from the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. This is not the place or the time to give details of one of John's major contributions to the EFA.. However, it is well known among the majority of the 1993-1995 board that he (and Ed Eller) played major roles in preventing the Board's dissolution during the recent unpleasantness that broke out among Board members in 1994. John and Lucy are also active in research, compiling, and sharing genealogy. Like many members, they have learned that much of the joy in doing genealogy comes from sharing rather than hoarding information.

Nancy Eller, nominee for Secretary/Treasuer, is the most indespensible member of the Board. Without her efficient accounting system and counsel, the EFA could quickly sink into deep trouble. Some members of the Board think the By-Laws should be changed to permit the Sec./Treas. to serve an unlimited number of terms. Your editors support that view. We do not have a long line of people competing for jobs on the board. The Sec./Treas. is the one job that requires special technical skills that are not possessed by everyone. Nancy, before her retirement, served for twenty five years as an accountant to two different Texas towns. Her son, Walton Eller Jr., is a CPA in one of the largest accounting firms in the country and is available for counsel and guidance, especially when some members get excited and charge the EFA with breaking the rules of the IRS. Also, Nancy is a member after our own heart in that she is the only member known to us who reads each issue of the Chronicles from cover to cover, and earnestly tries to keep in mind all the different Eller lines. Important also to an organization such as the EFA, where researching, compiling and publication of genealogy and family history is the only reason for its existence, is the fact that Walton and Nancy have done all of these things - see their report, Ancestors and Descendants of James Granville Eller, Chronicles, Sp. Ed. Vol. VIII-4, Nov 1994).



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

The Nominating Committee wisely left two experienced and hard working members on the Board - Winnie Green and Bethel Stolte. Both have been and continue to be special contributors to the Arts and Crafts Fair at the Biennial Conferences. Bethel also serves as Historian. She has filled four huge notebooks (at her own expense) with pictures and documents from past conferences. Two of these reside in the Eller Archives and two more are ready for placement there after Conf. '95. Winnie Green is a tough minded Oklahoma lady with lots of old fashioned moxie mixed with keen insight into the ways and foibles of people. Winnie will tell it like it is.

The three remaining nominees for the Board: Calvin Evans, Hazel James Eller, and Kent Eller rounds out the slate. Each has demonstrated in various ways their interest in Eller Family History and Genealogy and in the EFA. Your editors have no doubt but that they have much to contribute to the Board and to the EFA and will work in harmony to serve the best interests of the entire membership. We know well each member of the Board and testify to their qualifications and fine spirit.

As editors of the The Eller Chronicles, we applaud the work of the Nominating Committee, and support their slate without reservation. It is our opinion that this slate, if elected, will insure that problems within the Board will not be repeated during 1995-1997 We hope at the membership meeting at Conf. '95 the entire slate will be elected.

Your editors have a special comment and request: We did not anticipate in 1987 when we founded The Eller Chronicles that we had embarked on another full-time career. The first six years went smoothly, but the past two years have been especially difficult. We need a rest. We are calling loudly for others to take over our work as Editors of the Chronicles. See What is the Eller Chronicles? pp. 67-68.

Conference Calls

A Call for Presenters: Persons wishing to make up to a 15 minute presentation at Conf. '95 are asked to contact J. Gerald Eller, 22 Apple Blossom Lane,[New Address] Whittier, NC 28789 - (704-586- 8844) no later than July 1, 1995.
A Call for Queries: As announced in the last issue, a special list of queries to be inserted into each conference registration packet is being compiled. Queries must be in our hands by July 1, 1995.
A Call for Arts and Crafts to be donated and sold at the Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday, July 22, 1995. If you have items to donate, please contact Lucy Eller, Chairman, Box 638 Skiatook, OK 74070.
A Call for Pioneer Night Costumes. Pioneers costumes are suggested for men, women, and children, but not required. Some men are also already growing beards and members are beginning to assemble consumes. Don't miss this National Eller Family Celebration where a lot of country eating, music, and dancing are in store.
A Call for Musicians and other Performers. Each evening of Conf. '95 is set aside for entertainment. Contact John Eller, Box 638 Skiatook, OK 74070 or your editors. A Special Invitation is extended all Eller descendants whose roots are in North Carolina to attend Conf. '95, even if you are not a member of the EFA. Attend the entire



The Eller Chronicles Vol. IX: 2 May 1995

Conference or only the events of your choice. Saturday is the single best day to meet and talk informally with others.. Bring your family pictures and Eller records etc. Come and check to see if your name and that of your relatives are in the computer data bases which will be available for examination.
Reminder: Saturday's Picture Making Session and Banquet. In the past, most people dressed up a bit for these occasions, but casual wear, even your pioneer costume, is acceptable. The EFA has no dress code.
Let us know if we can provide additional information.


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