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The Eller Chronicles




A. William Eller

MARY EDITH COCHRAN ELLER, at age 75, completed the compilation and printing of a very creditable genealogy of her and her husband's families titled: ELLER-COCHRAN and GENEALOGIES of ASSOCIATED FAMILIES.

The book is a hardbound volume of 135 pages complete with a 17 page index of over 500 surnames. A copy will be available at the Eller Family Conference, Estes Park, CO, July 18-20, 1991.

Exciting discoveries during her early research encouraged Mary to keep at the task until 1984 when the book was copyrighted and printed. Her discoveries included:

Now at age 81, Mary assisted in preparing this brief sketch of her book and her life to share with members of the Eller Family Association. Included in the following are some excerpts directly from her book, a picture of Mary and Denver, and a pedigree stick chart.

Mary gave specific credits throughout her book, as well as in the FOREWARD, reproduced below.


This was begun with records of J. J. O'Brien, father of J. A. O'Brien, both of whom together with Rose Shilt and Mary Eller compiled this work.
When reading these records, there may be some errors owing to the fact that bible records and court records often don't correspond.
The research started from records of Maryland to Ohio including the Ohio counties of Montgomery, Preble, Miami, and Drake.
Were it not for the dedication of other family historians such as Daniel W. Howe and James W. Hook, the Howe Eller genealogies could not have been completed. Special thanks are due to those who have gone on before, and my personal thanks to those in the present who have assisted including but not limited to the O'Briens-father and son, Rose Shilt, Karen Shuttleworth who typeset the manuscript, and others whose names are too numerous to list.

Mary C. Eller


My discovery of Mary and her book came about this way. In 1989, I inherited a considerable amount of correspondence of James W. Hook and his widow, Hattie B. Hook, that related to requests received by the Hooks for copies of the 1957 book. One of the letters was from Mrs. Mary Eller. I wrote to many of the individuals who had sent letters and Mary, who had not strayed far in the interim, replied to my letter.

Her letter led me to her son, Richard E. Eller of Colorado Springs, Colorado, only 60 miles south of my home in Denver. Meeting Richard was a real treat in that he had a box full of his mother's genealogical data including a copy of her book, which I had not seen. As I read the book, I became very impressed with the great effort Mary so obviously had expended to produce a book not only rich in genealogical detail but one of unusual scope and pleasing arrangement. The amount and quality of narrative distributed throughout the book contributes greatly to pleasant reading. Needless to say, by the time I had finished the book, I was very excited and my first thought was to share my discovery of Mary and her- book with the readers of the Eller Chronicles.


MARY COCHRAN who had married DENVER ELLER was determined to write a genealogy of the ELLER-COCHRAN families. Some work had already been started years before by her uncle, Joe Ashley 0'Brien (1907-1982). Mary's work began in 1965 when she decided to compile the material she knew to exist and to research and compile the Howe and Eller lines into book form. She began her work by compiling her mother's line, the Howe family. Her quest for her Howe ancestry led back several generations to the 1600s in England.

Then she turned to research on the Eller family. Wanting to confirm her husband's genealogy, she contacted the Hooks in January, 1970 only to be advised by Hattie B. Hook that the 1957 book by her husband was out of print. She finally obtained a copy from a genealogical bookstore in Boston and with it was able to confirm her husband's family line. Encouraged with each new finding and with growing excitement, she was able to connect her husband with the Henry Eller genealogy outlined in Hook's book.

In order to gather up some of the loose ends and to confirm some of the data in hand, Mary and Denver drove to many county court houses, cemeteries, etc., and were quite successful in obtaining the information that makes her book nearly complete and quite readable.

Mary excerpted from the Hook book the early Eller history, setting the stage for the continuing family line that culminates in her husband's family and their children, including the son, Richard E. Eller, of Colorado Springs, CO, an EFA member. Thus, new information on the descendants of Henry Eller, the immigrant, is added to that which has already been published on the Henry Eller line in this and previous issues of the Chronicles.

I sense that probably the high point of Mary's work was the impressive and exciting revelation that she was eligible for an enviable and unique membership in two prestigious organizations, the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and the Mayflower Society.


Mary first found that she was able to trace her mother's family line back to a Peregrine White who was born aboard the Mayflower in 1620 while at anchor in Massachusetts Bay. Additionally, she was able to trace her mother's family back to William Ashley who was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Referring to the pedigree stick chart on P. 207, it is fairly easy to follow Mary's forbears. Her genealogy includes 13 generations in America of the White family which gained her the Mayflower status and finally on the Eller side back to Henry Eller, brother of George Michael Eller, through Henry Eller, Jr., Daniel Eller, Daniel S. Eller, etc.

As Paul Harvey puts it, and now for the end of the story." The book that Mary Eller conceived, compiled, wrote, and after much research, traveling and consulting with printers etc. finally published in l984 is even more spectacular when one learns that Mary was declared legally blind about the time she began her work on the book. Her accomplishment is an inspiration to all of us. We are proud to honor Mary Edith Cochran Eller for her fine work in spite of her handicap and to introduce her to the readers of the Eller Chronicles.


Mary tells of her mother's forbears going back to John Howe, Esq., in England, whose son John Howe/1/ was the first generation Howe on American soil in the early 1600s. Following is a listing of the Howe family in America, showing only the direct ancestors of Mary Eller (also see chart on p.207.

  1. Howe/I/
  2. Howe/2/
  3. Howe/3/
  4. Howe/4/
  5. Nehemiah Howe/5/his daughter, Phebe Howe, married William Ashley, the person who gave Mary entitlement to the DAR; further, Nehemiah's wife, Beulah Wheeler was descended from William White, whose second son, Peregrine White, was born aboard the Mayflower, entitling her to membership in the Mayflower Society.
  6. Howe/6/
  7. Howe/7/subject of the following gruesome account, "The Spirit of Lake Massacre;" Abbie Gardner, the only survivor of the massacre, was a daughter-in-law of Joel/7/.
Loami Ashley Howe/8/
John E. Howe/9/ - whose daughter, Martha Ann Howe, was mother of
Mary Edith Cochran Eller, subject of this account.

(Listing of children deleted in following due to lack of space.)


John Howe1
JOHN HOWE1 - Glover by occupation, d. 10 July 1678 according to Savage- Gen. Dict., Hudson - History of Sudbury 1687, Barry & Temple-historians of Framingham, Mass. 28 May l680. By Barry – will proven 19 June l689. Fathcr –John Howe, Esq., of Warwickshire. England. He was son of John How of Hodinhull and tradition has him related to Lord Charles How, Earl of Lancaster, in reign of Charles 1. Married Mary (information of wid. estate 9 Sept. 1698. She d. about twenty years after John.
Miscellaneous Information: After leaving Sudbury, he had a tavern and owned considerable land. he was in Sudbury in 1638 or 1639.
JOHN HOWE2 (JOHN1), b. 24 Aug. 1640, Sudbury, Massachusetts, d. 20 April. 1676, killed by lndians. Father - John Howe. Mother - Mary. Married Elizabeth Ward, 22 Jan. 1662. She was b. 14 April 1643, Sudbury, Massachusetts, d. 20 April 1710. Father - William Ward. Mother - Elizabeth. She was married second time to Captain Henry Kerley of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 18 Feb. 1678. He d. 18 Dec. 1718.
JOHN HOWE3 (JOHN2, JOHN1), b. 9 Sept. 1671, Marlborough, Massachusetts, d. 19 May 1754. Married first time to Rebecca Joslin. Father – Nathaniel Joslin. Mother - Sarah King. Rebecca d. 22 Sept. 1731. Married second time to Ruth Eager, 18 June 1740. She d. 14 Oct. 1781. Father - Zachariah Eager. Mother Elizabeth Newton.
PETER HOWE IV (JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1), b. 8 May 1695, Marlborough, Massachusetts, d. 18 Oct. 1778, 83 years. Married Grace Bush, 24 Dec. 1718. She was b. 3 May 1696, Marlborough, Massachusetts, d. 21 Dec. 1770, 74 yrs., 7 mos., 7 days. Father - Abiel Bush. Mother - Grace (Barrett) Bush.
NEHEMIAH HOWE5, b. 23 Jan. 1721, Marlborough, Massachusetts, d. April 1777. Father - Peter Howe4. Mother - Grace Bush. Married Beulah Wheeler, 4 March 1747. She Was b. 1 Marcm 1724, d. 1799 or 1800. Father - Benjamin Wheeler of N. Marlborough, Massachusetts. Mother - Hannah Wheeler of Lancaster, Massachusetts.
Miscellaneous information: Nehemiah and his wife moved from Marlborough to New Marlborough, Massachusetts about 1749, where he built the first Grist mill in that town. About 1771 he wcnt with Ethan Allan to Vermont and settled in Poultney before the organization of the town In 1775. After the town was settled and organized he filled the offices of selectman, surveyor of highways, and was appointed on various town committees. He was a delegate to the Dorset convention, 24 July 1776, at which time he was appointed a member of the Board of War of Western Vermont. Some of his descendants still have possession of a deed made to him by General Ethan Allen. He served in the war and was with the General Allen at Ticonderoga and with two of his sons was with General Stark at the battle of Bennington. He died in Poultney in April 1777. His wife Beulah died about 1799-1800. Children all born in Marlborough except the first.
There is no paragraph in the book for Joel Howe6 since no information was found.
JOEL HOWE7, b. 1801 in New York, d. 9 March 1857. Burial Spirit Lake, Iowa. Father - Joel HOWE6, b. 17 April 1765 (not proven). Married Rhumella Ashley, 27 July 1824, Greenville, Ohio. She was b. 1808 in New York, d. 9 March 1857. Burial Spirit Lake, Iowa. Father - Elder Loami Ashley (Christian Church).


this was on page 204, but I moved it up to follow the above [ADE]
LOAMI ASHLEY HOWE8, b. 24 May 1826, near Ithaca, Ohio, d. 26 Sept. 1909. Burial Parish Cemetery at Arlington, Bachman, Ohio, Clay Township. Father - Joel Howe. Mother - Rhumella Ashley. Married Susannah Witters, 10 Oct. 1847, Bachman, Montgomery County, Ohio. She was b. 24 Dec. 1830 in Ohio, d. 19 Feb. 1912, Bachman, Ohio (obituary - 20 February 1912), 81 yrs. 1 month, 20 days. Burial Parish Cemetery, Clay Township. Father - Conrad Witters, Sr. Mother - Susannah Kiblinger.

Miscellaneous Information: When he died he had 31 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren. Belonged to Brethren in Christ Church, Wengerlawn. Civil War Record description –5'11½”, fair, hazel eyes, brown hair. Military service - Pvt. Co. K, 93 O.V. I., 3 yrs. Civil War. Honorably, discharged at Elmira, New York, 18 July 1865.

JOHN E. HOWE9. b. 8 Feb. 1849, Bachman, Montgomery County, Ohio, d. 17 May 1929. Burial Greenville Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio. Father - Loami Ashley Howe. Mother - Rhumella Ashley. Married Mary E. Hicks, 24 Nov. 1871. She was b. 16 Oct. 1852, Peru, Indiana, d. 11 Dec. 1926 of a stroke. Burial Greenville, Ohio (Old Cemetery). Father - James M. Flicks, married first time to Sarah A. R. Arnett, 21 Jan. 1837, Madison County, Ohio. Mother - Hestcr A. Duckson, second ,wife, married 31 Oct. 1844, Madison County, Ohio (ref. Rose Shilt).

Children of John and Mary Howe included Martha Ann Howe, mother of the subject of this biography, Mary Edith Cochran Eller,

MARTHA ANN COCHIRAN FULK, b. 11 Sept. 1878, Bachman, Montgomery County, Ohio, d. 24 June 1963, Greenville, Ohio. Married first time to James Cochran, 15 March 1898, Greenville, Ohio. Married second time to John Fulk.

JAMES GARFIELD COCHRAN, b. 13 June 1879, Wayne Twp., Darke County, Ohio, d. 23 Jan. 1933. Burial Greenville Cemetery. Father - Andrew M. Cochran. Mother - Mary Elizabeth Bell. Married Martha Ann Howe, 15 March 1898. She was b. 11 Sept. 1878, Clay Twp., Bauchman, Ohio, d. 24 June 1963. Burial Greenville Cemetery. Father - John E. Howe. Mother - Mary Elizabeth Hicks. Martha married John Fulk after James' death. John Fulk d. 15 April 1954.


Eller genealogy included in the book adds to the Henry Eller genealogy previously compiled and published by James W. Hook in his 1957 book and that compiled and published in the Eller Chronicles by Gale E.S. Honeyman, Clarice Eller Stanley and Brian Christensen.

The DENVER ELLER line descends from HENRY ELLER and ELIZABETH BIGLER as follows:

Henry Eller/l/
- the immigrant and brother of George Michael Eller.
Henry Eller, Jr./2/
Daniel Eller/3/
Daniel S. Eller/4/
- a narrative of him follows below.
Aaron Eller/5/
Oval David Eller/6/
Denver Lowell Eller/7/
- husband of Mary E. Cochran Eller, author of the book from which the following excerpts are taken.

DANIEL ELI.ER SR.1, b. 29 March 1795, d. 7 June 1863, 78 yrs. 2 mos. 19 days. Burial Bethel Cemetery, Union Road #722, Montgomery Co., Ohio. Father - Henry Eller. Mother - Fronica. Married Elizabeth Siler 6-16, b. 4-6-1784 (stone), d. 16-3-1872, 87 yrs. 9 mos. 12 days, buried at Cemetery, Union Road, Rt. 722, east of Phillipsburg, Ohio, Montgomery Co., Ohio. Mother Magadelena Graybill (probably - letter Mrs. Jeffs).
DANIEL S. ELLER4, born 23 Jan. 1826 in Montgomery Co., Ohio. Died 19 December 1902, 76 yrs. 10 mos. 26 days. Burial at Ithaca, Ohio. Father - Daniel Eller, died 7 June 1863, 78 yrs. 2 mos. 19 days. Mother - Elizabeth Siler, died 16 March 1872, 87 yrs. 9 mos. 12 days. Married first wife, Rachel Mote, when he was 18 years old, 6 June 1847, Miami Co. She died 9 April 1850. Father - John Mote. Mother - Rachel Mote. Married second wife, Francis Swank, 27 March 1851, when he was 21 years old. She was born 29 Dec. 1828. Died 21 Feb. 1900, buried at Ithaca, Ohio, age 71 yrs. 1 mo. 220 (sic.) days. Father - George Swank.
AARON ELLER5, (on Marriage Record Ehler), b. 17 July 1855 in Montgomery County, Ohio, d. 1 April 1936, 80 years old. Buried at Abbottsville Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio. Father - Daniel S. Eller. Mother - Fannie Swank. Married first wife Margaret Hunt, 21 Nov. 1878, in Preble County, Ohio. Margaret (Maggie) Hunt was born 17 Oct. 1858, Warren County. Moved to Harrison Twp. 1844. She d. 1909, 50 years, 7 months, 13 days. Buried at Abbottsville Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio. Father - James Hunt. Mother Elizabeth Seybold. Second wife, Mary Jane Skilman Hughs, was b. 1870, d. 1952. Mary Jane's first marriage was to Stephen A. Hughs.

- 2 0 3 -


[Excerpted from the October 1962 The PALIMPSEST published by the State Historical Society of Iowa]

Joel Howe's family consisted of himself, wife, and six children; besides four married children who were not at this time members of his household, and only one, Mrs. Noble, was in the settlement. He settled on the cast side of East Okoboji [Lake], at the south side of the grove. The names and ages of their children were as follows: Jonathan, aged twenty-three;, Sardis, eighteen, Alfred, fifteen, Jacob, thirteen, Philetus, eleven, and Levi, nine. Alvin Noble, son-in-law of Joel Howe, with his wife and one child, some two years old, and Joseph M. Thatcher, with wife and one child, seven months old, came with the family of Mr. Howe, from Hampton, Franklin county. They were formerly from Howard county, Indiana. These two families also settled on the east side of East Okoboji, erecting one log cabin, which was occupied by both families. Their cabin was at the north end of the grove, about one mile from the home of Mr. Howe. . . . A. G.
During this same period, lnkpaduta, a renegade Indian chief, had assumed the leadership of Wamdisappa's band which numbered anywhere from fifty to one hundred and fifty men, women, and children . . . Inkpaduta and his band were considered a 'bad lot of vagabonds' who caused a great deal of trouble" to red men and white men alike . . . Inkpaduta and his band reached the vicinity of Lake Okoboji on the evening of March 7th 118571. WJ.P.
A.G.:        The Indians had gone but a short distance on East Okoboji when they met Mr. Howe, who was on his way to father's to borrow some flour. Him they shot, and severed his head from his body . . . Thence they proceeded to the house of Mr. Howe, where they found his wife, his son Jonathan, his daughter Sardis, a young lady, and four younger children. They left only lifeless bodies, here, to tell the story of their bloody work.
From here they went to the cabin of Noble and Thatcher, where were two men and two womcn-Mr. and Mrs. Noble, Mr. Ryan, and Mrs. Thatcher, besides two children. (they killed the two men and the children) . . . they took the two women -Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Thatcher -captives and started back to their amp. On their way they again stopped at the house of Mr. Howe. f ]ere terrible spectacle met the gaze of the captives. Mrs. Noble found her mother lying dead under the bed . . . brother Jacob, . . . conscious, although unable to speak. the savages made sure of their work before they left, killing him before her eyes.

[We] proceeded to the house of Mr. Howe, about a mile beyond. Here the door was also closed; on opening it, a sight met our eyes which sent a shudder through our veins and fired our minds with thoughts of vengeance and dire retribution upon the cowardly assassins. It was such a sight as a sensitive person might well avoid encountering, and which for humanity's sake we would gladly have erased from our memories. But there it confronted us in all the tragic horror of a fearful reality. There lay before us, in an incongruous heap, the mangled forms of seven human beings, from the aged Grandmother down to the prattling child of tender years, who alike fell victims to the merciless savages inordinate thirst for human blood. After covering the bodies we returned to our companies and buried the two first found, also a little daughter of Mr. Thatcher. H.H.
A.G.:        Abbie Gardner Oater Sharp), who as a child of fourteen, saw the massacre of her family and others, and was taken captive by the Indian band. History of The Spirit Lake Massacre and Captivity of Miss Abbie Gardner, first pub. 1895.
References: D.A.R. Index; the Palimpsest excerpts from book by Abbie Gardner, only survivor of massacre by Indians at Spirit Lake, Iowa. All the family except four children who were married and did not go with them, were killed. Loami was living at the time of massacre in Clay Township and related these facts to his family.


Mary wrote this about her husband's father which includes a brief note about herself and their children:

ORVAL DAVID ELLER, 1). 30 Dec. 1881, Jaysville, Ohio, d. 20 July 1962, Lot No. 107, Gray Gables (Wynwood Nursing Home), 80 yrs. 7 mos. 20 days. Burial Greenville Cemetery New Addition. Father - Aaron Ellcr of Greenville, Ohio. Mother - Margaret Hunt of Ithaca, Ohio. Married Susan Smith, 1). 3 June 1879, Montgoriicry County, Ohio, d. 2 March 1966, Wynwood Nursing Home. Burial Greenville Cemetery New Addition. Father - John Jacob Smith. Mother Elizabeth Horning.
Miscellaneous Information: He was a farmer, Ice business, and trucking. Also helped his father with ice delivery from Aaron Eller Ice Plant.

Children of Orval and Susan Eller:
DENVER LOWELL ELLER, B. 29 Aug. 1903, Greenville, Ohio. Married Mary Edith Cochran, 30 May 1928, Munfordsville, Hart County, Kentucky.
ELDRED THERON ELLER, b. 16 Oct 1909, Greenville, OHIO, D. 23 Dec 1982, burial Greenville, Ohio, Married Mary Alice Reeves, St. Mary's Parsonage, Greensville, Ohio, Sreved in Europe in World War II in Medics. No Issue.
ARLENE, b. 23 June 1913, Greenville, Ohio. Married William F. Vogt, 3 June 1938, St. Mary's Parsonage, Greenville, Ohio.

DENVER LOWElL ELLER, b. 29 Aug. 1903, Greenville, Ohio. Father - Orval Eller. Motlicr - Susan Eller. Married Mary Edith Cochran, 30 May 1928, Hart County, Kentucky, b. 2 Oct. 1909, Indianapolis, Indiana. Father - James G. Cochran. Mother - Martha Ann Howe Cochran (Fulk) - 2nd.

Miscellaneous Information: Denver Eller started first Barber Shop on Central Avenue in 1925 in what was known as the Mahar Building. During the Depression, he left there and ran a shop on South Broadway across from Citizens State Bank. He closed this shop and bought a shop next to the Advocate Building. Later this building was closed and he worked for D. (Keck? /Wreck?) for 10 years. He built his present shop in his hme and is still operating It in 1983. Belongs to Elks Lodge, United Com. Travelers, Modern Woodsman, E. U. Methodist Church. Worked various places after 8th grade. Took Barber schooling in Dayton, Ohio.
Mary Eller joined D.A.R. in 1969. Joined Mayflower Soc. in 1969, Miami Valley in 1970, Missionary Soc. in 1969, Christian Soc. Relations E.U.M. Church in 1970. She worked at Dayton Racquet Factory in Arcanum during the war. From 1946 to 1965 she worked at various stores as a clerk.

Children of Denver and Mary Edith Eller:
JAMES LOWELL ELLER, b. 2 Jan. 1929, 329 E. Fifth (home), Greenville, Ohio. Married Norma Jean Spahr, 6 February 1949, E.U.B. Church, Greenville, Ohio.
RICHARD EUGENE ELLER, b. 3 June 1932, 6 Sweitzer St. (home), Greenville, Ohio. Married Mary Kathryn Merkt, 13 Sept. 1969, Chapel of Our Savior, Episcopal Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
CHARLOTT ELLER (Twin), b. 30 May 1936, 417 Tecumseh St. (hospital), Greenville, Ohio. Married Charles Robert Delk, 16 Aug. 1958, E.U.B. Church, Greenville, Ohio.
CHARLENE ELLER (Twin), b. 30 May 1936, 417 Tecumseh St. (hospital), Greenville, Ohio. Married Charles Bulcher, 12 Oct. 1958, E.U.B. Church, Greenville, Ohio.



In late 1850's, Daniel S. Eller and His wife, Francis, and five of hls children migrated from Montgomery County, Ohio. According to marriage dates, lie left here shortly after his marriage to Francis Swank. Before he came to Montgomery County, Ohio he lived In Maryland He married a Rachel Mote, They were married in Miami County Ohio and settled in Montgomery County, Ohio. In Montgomery County, Ohio I find only a marriage to Francis Swank 27 March 1851. His first wife died 9 April 1850 and in 1851 he married Francis Swank. They left here by wagon train shortly after his second marriage. William A. Eller was the only child born to his first marriage. In the wagon train were people who could make up or start a new village comprised of a blacksmith, carpenter, miller and other people necessary to the care of people and their health and progress. They settled somewhere in Missouri and owned farmland, but this I cannot prove as the records were all burned of the deeds in 1911. During the Civil War tile Confederate soldiers came arid burned all their wheat fields and Aaron, William remembers looking back and seeing the stalks of grain burning in the fields. The people took what possessions they had and started back to Ohio. They suffered many hardships and two of Daniel's children were buried along the way, Ira Calvin and Amanda Jane. Daniel related he felt so sorry to have to leave them there. They were buried in a wood box made by the men, no grave marker or anything else to remember them by. They came back as far as St. Louis, Missouri and by this time were without food. They met a Martin Eller, a cousin of Daniel's, who directed them to a fort where they could get food to see them through. Martin related to his grandson, Wayne Eller, how one of his oxen had died and left him with one ox, which he said couldn't pull his wagon, he confiscated a cow from one of the people on their wagon train. She didn't like the idea arid they got into an argument. She was standing by the campfire hearing water and became so enraged she threw the hot water on him. They left St. Louis and came on to Illinois and then back to Gordon, Ohio where they lived until the end of their days. Theodore Eller was born to Daniel and Francis coming back on the wagon train. Daniel Eller was a farmer, owning land adjoining the Studebaker Farm in Preble County, Ohio. Aaron owned the farm after Daniel's death as related by Cletus Weisenbarger (his father owned an adjoining farm). These were all farms near Gordon, Ohio. Wayne Eller said Daniel was married to a Rachel Mote. Jan. 1969, had a letter stating Daniel Eller married Rachel Mote in Miami Co., Ohio, June 6, 1847, Wayne said, from Mrs. Nolan L. Jeff; Jan. 27,1969 - information says they migrated to Cedar County, Missouri.

As related to me by Wayne Eller, October 26, 1968


Mary and Denver Eller's Pedigree Chart


Eller Cochran book
Cover of Mary E. COCHRAN ELLER'S Book
Mary & Denver Eller

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