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Gale Honeyman, 470 Grove # 2, San Francisco, CA 94102

Thank you for sharing what really does appear to be the lost daughter of HENRY ELLER, II. . . . Henry Eller, II moved from Washington Co., MD circa 1807 to Alleghaney Twp., Huntington Co. (Now Blair Co.) PA and by 1815 to Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co., OH.

(Ed. The "lost daughter" of Henry Eller, II to which Gale refers was Christina Eller who m. Henry Shoup. See information from Brian Christensen, this issue p.

Madeline Fletcher of Ft. Collins, CO. shared some research material collected by her late mother, Chloe Louisa (Welker) Evans, in the 1950's.

"Peter Grabill, Sr. will dated 11 Mar 1811 and proved 2 Nov. 1812 Frederick Co., MD. By witnesses Johannes Wampler and Martin Garber. Daughter Saree was to care for her unnamed mother; children Peter, john, Elizabeth, Franey, Joseph. WILL LIBER R.B.I., FOLIO 327.

"Final account by Executora John Grabel filed 26 Apr. 1813. Fanny w/o Henry Eller, Joseph Grabel, Elizabeth w/o Joseph Eller, Peter & John Grabel.

"Note: The widow nor Saree are here named. Administrators Accounts for Estates 1812-7, pp. 192-3.

"I feel that a deed issued by Peter the same day his will was written provides the name of his wife as Mary. A 40 acre tract was being sold to John Grabill. DEED LIBER W.R. 39, FOLIO 561. Born in 1858, John died in 1844 and was buried on his farm along the Molasses Rd. near Johnsville, MD.

"Peter, Jr. wed Christina Wampler and moved to Ashe Co., N.C. Among their children, Barbara and Michael respectively wed David and Polly, children of Michael & Catheriaane (Eller) Stoker)"

Research of Clarice Eller Stanley has identified Peter Eller, son of emigrant Henry..... (Eds. this portion of letter substantially same as that fromn Clarice Stanley in this issue, P. 187.)

I have discovered another connection in Ohio. Peter Lehman and Catherine Eller were wed (27 May 1788, per the I.G.S. Morman record in Middletown Evangelical Lutheran Church and second entry gives same date and Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church; However published books on both churches fail to list this marriage.) They moved from Frederick Co., MD to Maontgomery Co., OH ca 1805 where they bought the east part of section 27 in Washington Twp. (Now part of
- 2 0 8 -

Kettering) and the east half of inlot 43 in Dayton. John Lehman was appointed Administrator in 1818/l/ and a petition for partition was settled in July Court 1821/2/
  1. Probate Court, Docket C-1, p. 225
  2. Common Pleas Court, Book E.-1, p. 598.

Listed in order of petition which apparently is not the order of birth:

  1. l.Betsy ca 1790 m. William Cox ca 1791, 1850 living in Dayton, OH.
  2. 2.Susannah ca 1787 m. 8 Dec. 1808 Mont. Co., OH, Samuel Bucher (petition & marriage license) Boogher (correct spelling) ca 1783; 1850 living in Dayton, OH.
  3. 3.Catherine, 24 Aug 1786- 31 Jan 1837 Dayton, OH, m. 18 Jul 1816 Mont. Co., OH Jonathan Stutzman ca 1786- 29 Apr. 1870 Dayton, s/o David Sr. & 2nd Ann (Nesbitt); Jacob Stutzman 1775) his children and grandchildren, 1682, John Hale Stutzman, p. 73.
  4. 4.Margaret "Peggy" ca 1793-25 Jan. 1867 aged 73 Dayton OH, m. 15 Aug. 1816 Mont. Co., OH, Daniel Stutzman ca 1790- 5 Sep. 1833 Cayton of cholera, brother of Jonathan; ibid. P. 80.
  5. 5.Polly m. 20 Apr. 1820 Mont. Co., OH, Conrad Dodran.
  6. 6.John
  7. 7.David
  8. 8.Jacob (? m. 2 Dec. 1824 Mont. Co., OH, Lydia Knight)
  9. 9.Peter (? m. 2 Dec. 1824 Mont. Co., OH, Mary Carroll)

The last five were not in Montgomery Co., OH 1850 census. No license was issued in Frederick Co., MD for Peter and Catherine's marriage. I am sure the Morman record is in error. Note the birth date of dau. Catherine.

Finally, the article from Soviet Life quoting HILLER ELLER and showing his photograph, in Estonia and a communist party leader is enclosed. In appearance he looks to be a bright and happy man.

(Ed. A part of this article appears on the following page. Efforts to contact Hiller Eller in progress.)

P.S. Jacob Eller Sr. ca.1764-8 May 1831 aged 67 near Burkittsville, MD, s/o immigrant Henry Sr. had just one wife, Eva Margaretha "Margaret" Williard (27 Aug. 1775- post 1820 & pre 1830), d/o Johann Elias & Rosina (Gump). They wed 14 Oct. 1792 in Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church.


page 210

A thumbnail of a page from "Soviet Life", May 1989.
Showing a Hillar ELLER


July 11, 1990
TO: J. Gerald Eller, Rt. 2, Box 145-D, Whittier, NC 28789
FROM: Clarice V. Stanley, 605 Vine St., Martins Ferry, OH 43935



Frederick Co.
ELLER, Elizabeth1790
 1 M. 16 & Up, 1 M. under 16, 4 F.
Probably w/o Henry Eller, Sr.)
Washington Co.
ELLER, Joseph1790
2 M. 16 & Up, 1 M. under 16, 7 F.
ELLER, Henry1790
1 M. 16 & Up, 1 M. under 16, 4 F.
(Sons of Henry & Elizabeth Bigler Eller)
Frederick Co. - Election Dist. 1, (Printed copy of Census Rec.)
ELLER, Jacob1800
2 M. under 10, 1 M. 26-45; 1 F. U-10, 1 F. 26-45
(Son of Henry & Elizabeth)
Washington Co. - Page 486 of Microfilm
ELLER, Jacob1810
1 M. U-10, 1 M. 10-16, 1 M. 26-45
1 F. U-10, I F. 10-16, 1 F. 26-45
ELLER, Joseph - Also page 4861810
3 M. 10-16, 1 M. 45-Up
1 F. 10-16, 1 F. 16-26, 1 F. 45-Up
(Sons of Henry & Elizabeth)
Frederick Co. - Page 124 of Microfilm1820
ELLER, Jacob
1 M. U-10, 2 M. 16-26, 1 M. 45-Up
1 F. 16-26, 1 F 26-45, 1 F. 45-Up
(No record of Joseph - 1820)
Frederick Co. - Page 66 of Microfilm1830
ELLER, Jacob, Jr.
1 M. U-5, 1 M. 20-30, 1 M. 60-70 - (Jacob,Sr.?)
I F. U-5, 1 F. 20-30 (Jacob, Sr. d. 1831)
Note: Jacob Eller, Jr. in Callaway Co., Missouri in 1840. - See your listing.

Callaway Co. - Page 297, 12th. Dist., Microfilm Roll 432-393 1850
ELLA, Jacob (ELLER)       Error in name.
 Elizabeth40 MD
 Ann M.23 MD
 Martha18 MD
 Elizabeth16 MD
 Daniel W.10 MO
 Jno. T.8 MO


Audrain Co. (Soundex E-450), Vol. 2, ED 5, Sheet 12, Line 261880
South Salt River
ELLEN/ELLER, Abraham(Abram) 45 VA Note: s/o Elias - per C. Stanley
 Mary A. (W)40 MO
William S. (S)15 MO
 Franklin P. (S)13 MO
Lilian(D) 11 MO
Vandelia(D) 9 MO
2nd. Card- living with Abraham:-
ELLEN/ELLER, Elias (N.R.) 79 MD
Note: Father of Abram - per C. Stanley

Callaway Co., Jackson (Soundex E-460), Vol. 5, ED 32, Sheet 9, Line 13 1880
ELLER, Warren51MD
 (Note: s/o Jacob, Jr. - per C. Stanley)
Mary A.(W)45MO
Lucy A.(D)21MO
Mary P.(D)18MO
Allace W.(D)14MO
Ida L.(D)12MO
Card #2
Susan B.(D)10MO
Elias W.(S)8MO
Nathan F. (S)1MO

Callaway Co., Jackson (Soundex E-460), Vol. 5, ED 32, Sheet 4, Line 7 1880
ELLER, William47 VA
 (Note s/o of Elias, never married - per C.Stanley)
WOLLERYBecky(Se)?50 KY
"James (Se)22MO
"Thomas (Se) 16MO
" Ruth (N.R.)12MO
 Mollie (N.R.) 9MO
Card #2

Newton Co., Benton (Soundex E-460), Vol 24, ED 102, Sheet 13, Line 9, 1880
ELLER, Thomas A. 38 TN
 (Unknown Eller per C. Stanley)
Card #2

- 212 -

Fayette Co.
ELLERS, Daniel, p. 097, George Twp.1810
Washington Co.
ELLER, Peter, p. 091, West Bethlehem Twp.1810
 (Son& of Henry & Elizabeth)
Fayette Co.
ELLER, Daniel, p. 119, Redstone Twp. 1820
Washington Co.
ELDER(ELLER), Peter, P. 238 West Bethlehem 1820

Fayette Co.
ELLER, Daniel, p. 248 Redstone1830
ELLER, Daniel, p. 180 Menallen1830
ELLER, Peter, p. 248 Redstone1830
(Per Microfilm as follows):-
1830 Fayette Co., Menhallen Twp., p. 180
DANIEL ELLER 1 m. 60-70; 1 f. 10-15, 1 F. 70-80
1830 Fayete Co., Redstone, p. 248
DANIEL ELLER 1 M. U-5, 1 M. 5-10, 1 M. 20-30
(JR.??) 1 F. 5-10, 1 F. 30-40
1830 Fayette Co., Redstone, p. 248
PETER ELLER 2 M. U-5, 1 M. 20-30
1 F. U-5, 1 F. 20-30

Note: Believe older Daniel Eller is son of Henry & Elizabeth. Daniel the younger and Peter Eller above could be sons of the older Daniel Eller. Per C. Stanley

Refer to May issue of Eller Chronicler, pages 63, 64, 65. Daniel Eller and wife Hannah, living with son Peter Eller 1850 Census, Ripley County, Indiana.
What happened to Daniel, Jr.??

**Gerald:On your list for 1830, Fayette Co., you have two Peters and one Daniel. I find two Daniels and one Peter.

ELLER, Peter, P. 090 West Bethlehem Twp.            1830

Note: This is youngest son of Henry & Elizabeth, and he died 1843. Could not find him on Census Index for 1840.

Washington Co.
ELLEN,(ELLER), Daniel, p. 186 West Bethlehem Twp.           1850
Note:This is brother to Henry Eller, 1850 Census on your list. They are sons of Peter Eller who d. 1843. (Another misspelled name).

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