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Lowell Eller
HARVEY ELLER (1819-1906)
Lynn Eller
MORE ON HENRY ELLER, the Immigrant
- - Letter & Chart
Brian Christensen..
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Clarice Eller Stanley
- - A New Eller Book
A. Wm. Eller
- - Letter and Notes
Gale Honeyman
Gale Honeyman
Clarice Stanley
Gale Berlin
Edith D. Lyle
Edith D. Lyle
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  1. Eller Family Association membership fee of $15.00 for 1991 is due before the next issue of the Eller Chronicles (Feb., 1991) can be mailed. Please make check to EFA and mail to Charlotte Marshall, 605 S.E. Park Ave., Corvallis, OR, 97333.
  2. Don't delay ordering a copy of reprinted James W. Hook 1957 book on GEORGE MICHAEL ELLER. Only 250 copies are being printed and most of them are already sold. Cost of this book ($24.00) has been kept as low as possible with no profit going to the EFA or any person. Make check to EFA and send to A. Wm. Eller, 370 Upham St., Lakewood, CO 80226. (GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEA!!)
  3. Members are urged to answer the questionnaire found on P. 163 of the August 1990 issue of the Eller Chronicles and return to A. Wm. Eller as soon as possible. Some 60 members have indicated plans to attend Conf '91. This may be the largest gathering ever of Eller descendants. Remember you do not have to be a member of the EFA in order to attend. HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT CONF' 91 AND MAKE PLANS NOW TO ATTEND.
  4. The 3 members of the EFA German Liaison Team have each experienced health difficulties this past year. Klaus Napp-Zinn was ill for several weeks and then spent a month in a health spa before recovering from bronchitis. He recovered in time to spend an active summer including a trip to Russia for botanical lectures. Georg Eller also spent a month in a health spa but, unfortunately, now reports continuing problems. Louise Eller, EFA translator, remains in Germany to care for her ill father. Both Klaus and Georg sent copies of Ellers from the Mosel River, p. 230. We wish all a speedy recovery.
  5. A long letter from Dr. Rose Eller of Austria is in the hands of the translator and will be pubished in the Feb. 1991 issue.

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Yes, the George Michael Eller reprint has been released to the printer. Present timetable indicates the books will be mailed out about Dec. 15, 1990, just in time for Christmas. Why not consider put-chasing a copy as a Christmas present?

Approximately 70 copies have yet to be sold. I am still accepting orders. Final printing costs have set the price of the book at $24.00 which includes mailing.

We are indebted to EFA member, C. Myrrel Baldwin, for his willingness to pick up the books at the printer and mail them out, thus saving this cost.


You will be asked in our conference questionnaire in the Feb. 1991 issue of the Eller Chronicles to commit to firm plans concerning your attendance at the conference.

A number have asked about room costs at the Holiday Inn in Estes Park. The cost is $67 for a single or double occupancy per night per room plus $8.00 for each additional person over two.

Facilities exist in Estes Park for RV and trailer parking with hook-ups, but I'm still gathering information on this matter.


As indicated in earlier issues, the reprint of the George Michael Eller book is designated Volume I of a series of projected books on Eller genealogy. In the February 1991 issue of the Chronicles and at the conference in July, criteria for a uniform format for the books and their contents will be examined.

We have a great thing going with the advent of the EFA organization now with nearly 200 members. Through the organization a fertile field of Eller genealogy and that of associated families has been tapped. We dare not let any opportunity to enhance our knowledge of Eller genealogy or build for the future of the ~EFA to pass us by. The only possible way our goals can be reached is for each of us to realize the need for individual participation and contribution. Several people, so far, are standing by waiting, not only for your genealogical input but for your offers of help.

There is so much information out there yet to be received, so much data that has appeared in past Chronicles as well as the considerable amount that has been received this past year, all of which needs to be sorted and coordinated for typing and publication in book form. I encourage everyone not already doing so to begin serious research and compilation of your own family lines. We invite you to submit it for publication or for preparation for publication. Place queries in the Chronicles and find out what may already be compiled on your line.

We need people who are willing to help with the work especially on specific lines such as those of Henry Eller, Christian Eller, Melchior Eller, etc. as well as the second volume on descendants


of George Michael Eller. One team of compilers (Janine Porter, Charlotte Marshall, and Gerald Eller) are actively compiling data for a book on Jacob Eller, Sr.

I have had no direct replies to my request for help that appeared in the May 1990 Chronicles. Some specific EFA help needs: organizational talents, help with correspondence, typing and manuscript preparation, Wang and PC operators.

Continue to keep in mind as you prepare your genealogy that some narrative, such as you find in the GME book, is very important. I have received some interesting new narrative about the New Hope Church in Wilkes Co., NC and about Simeon and Peter Eller.

One of the primary immediate goals of mine is to begin gathering all the corrections/ additions for the 2nd Vol. on Geo. Mich. Eller. I know many members of that line are anxious to have this 2nd volume compiled and published. As you know, the reprint was printed exactly as the original out of deference to the children of James W. Hook. With the publication of the reprint, we can begin seriously to work on the 2nd Vol. In a future issue of the Chronicles, I will propose an organizational plan for the material in the 2nd Vol. and ask for your suggestions.


Refer to the stick chart on p. 207. It shows the manner in which you can condense over 30 generations into an 8 ½ X 11 in. sheet for easy reference.

This stick chart differs from the one I presented in the Nov. '89 Chronicles in that it generally follows only a single family line of descendancy to achieve a specific purpose.

I have received a few of the requested stick charts from EFA members and have developed a few such as that of Mary Eller on P.
( 207 ). I would like to hear more from you with copies of stick charts.

A. William Eller, President, EFA

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This is the last issue of the Chronicles for 1990. The 4 issues for this year contained a total of 233 pages. As the year passed, we were pleased to receive more and more new genealogical information. This and the last issue contains more genealogy than any two previous issues. Your editors salute and extend our warmest thanks to all who submitted material in 1990. We hope many of you will begin now to prepare information for the February, 1991 issue and submit it no later than January 10, 1991.

A promise was made in a previous issue to publish a questionnaire for evaluation of the Eller Chronicles. We regret that time to do this has not yet arrived. In the meantime, we continue to invite our readers to feel free at any time to offer criticisms and suggestions. We do value your advice.


As we close out this year, we wish to say some things about Bill Eller, President of the EFA. Working with Bill this year has been delightful. No person could have brought more energy or a greater sense of dedication to the position. Few know the many hours he has spent and the hundreds of letters he has written. He has pursued the goal of publishing the GME reprint with zeal and a determination to see the job done on schedule. His leadership in publishing the reprint at the lowest possible price is a major contribution to the EFA and Ellers everywhere. His vision of publication of a series of volumes of Eller genealogy is a goal that is entirely possible if members continue the present level of support. Bill has moved the EFA forward toward many goals during this past year. In addition, he is working hard on plans for a great Eller Family Reunion in Estes Park in 1991. CONGRATULATIONS BILL! !

We also salute Charlotte Eller Marshall for her continuing help, which this year expanded to full responsibility for providing the mailing list to Closson Press for each issue of the Chronicles. She also took over the job of maintaining copies of back issues of the Chronicles and handling all orders for them. This removed a considerable load from the editors for which we are most grateful.

One negative note: This year Charlotte, Bill and I wrestled with the problem of whether or not to continue to send the Chronicles to members who had not paid their dues. With each issue, Feb., May, and August, we decided to send a copy to all members who had paid 1989 dues but not 1990 dues, hoping that those who had been paying members in 1989 would pay 1990 dues. Now, with this issue we decided to stop deficit financing--only the Federal government can engage in that practice. Over 30 members who received 3 issues this year will not receive this issue unless they pay 1990 dues. We regret to take this action but we cannot ask paying members to subsidize non-paying members.

We encourage each member to do these things: plan to attend Conf '91; purchase a copy of the GME reprint; respond to Bill's call for help; and get involved in serious genealogical research of this fascinating and diverse group of human beings that share the name of Eller. We hope that each member of the EFA has gained through the EFA greater understanding and respect for those who have borne the name of Eller in the past and who today carry this proud name into the future. The same is wished for those Eller descendants who happen to carry Eller genes rather than the Eller name.

WE WISH ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY 1991 adios... until February 1991.

...... Gerald & Juanita Eller


"So My Reader, whoever you are, if you hold the name of Eller or have Eller blood in your veins, know that you inherited an honorable name. Keep it that way, won't you? If you know some Ellers, I hope you know the "Gems" among them
"The Gem of the Blue Ridge", p. 16, by Ruth Cozart Eller (wife of Rev. J. Ben Eller)

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