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Only a sampling of pictures received from those sent in by conference attendants are shown here. We regret that some who attended the conference may not be in these pictures. Also, pictures of some in attendance appear several times; this was not intentional on the part of your editors- we wanted to show a sampling to convey to those in attendance some happy memories and to those members who did not attend some flavor of the conference. We invite additional pictures for later issues.

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P. 278 ------------------------------------------------------
  1. Bill Eller presenting J. W. Hook Award to Madeline Fletcher.
  2. Madeline E. Fletcher- with the J. W. Hook Award.
  3. Madeline E. Fletcher- with her sister, Helen Evans.
  4. Madeline E. Fletcher's brother Calvin Evans

P. 279 ------------------------------------------------------
  1. Charlotte Eller Marshall presenting the EFA Special Service Award to J. Gerald Eller
  2. Charlotte Marshall presenting award to Juanita Eller for services as Co-Editor- of The Eller Chronicles and for making the new Eller Family Association banner.
  3. Janine Eller Porter with the new Eller banner. (She originated the idea for the banner).
  4. Bill Eller presents award to Myrrel Baldwin for his assistance in distribution of the reprint books.

P. 280--------------------------------------------------------
  1. Bethel Eller Stolte (sister of Lynn Eller-) with one of her clowns used as table decorations and table prizes at the banquet.
  2. Entertainers: Lynn Eller, Solveig Korte (dau of Carleton Sperati.
  3. Intertainers: Carleton Sperati (Flute), San Dee Watson (piano) and Lynn Eller (master of ceremonies and singer).
  4. Entertainers: Kendra and Kirsten Korte (singers) dau. of Solveig Korte

p. 281 ------------------------------------------------------
  1. Entertainers: Solveig Korte and Klaus Napp-Zinn singing in German
  2. Walton G. Eller, Sr. talks of Texas Ellers.
  3. Marjorie Godfrey (Recording Secretary for the conference) and Klaus Napp-Zinn (talking about Eller country in Germany).
  4. Founders of the EFA, introduced as the new rock group: "The "Papa and the Mamas", (Charlotte Marshall, Gerald Eller, Janine Porter.

p. 282 -------------------------------------------------------
  1. Gerald Eller presents award to Klaus Napp-Zinn for his services to the EFA both in the U.S. and in Germany.
  2. Byron Eller, EFA's Civil War authority on Ellers in the war.
  3. Myrrel Baldwin talks about the Harvey Eller family of Iowa and Nebraska.
  4. Janine Eller Porter talks about he gr. gr. grandparent, Joseph Eller of Buncombe Co., NC.

p. 283 -------------------------------------------------------
  1. Myrrel Baldwin presents Award to Lynn Eller for his planning and participating in the banquet entertainment.
  2. Charlotte Marshall presents award to Bethel Stolte for her services in maintaining the EFA Conference Heritage Book and for arrangement of table decorations at the banquet.
  3. Gerald Eller presents awards to Byron Eller for his research and writings on the Ellers in the Civil War.
  4. Bill Eller has just presented to Richard Eller an award to Mary Eller (Richard's mother) for her book ELLER-COCHRAN (reviewed by Bill in The Eller- Chronicles, Vol. IV:4, pp. 199-207.

P. 284 ------------------------------------------------------
  1. Ladies L-R: Janine Eller Porter, Katherine Owen, Hazel James, Nancy Eller (Mrs. Walton), Juanita Eller. Men L-R: Joe C. Eller, Walton G. Eller, Sr., Gerald Eller (All of the immigrant Jacob Eller (of Rowan Co., NC) line.
  2. Clockwise L-R: Sidney and Dorothy Vaughn (sister to Lynn Eller), Lynn Eller, Gerald and Donald Eller (twins from Neb.) Myrrel Baldwin, Bethel Stolte, Joy Eller, Beverley and Douglas Eller (All of the Harvey Eller line of Iowa, Neb.)
  3. Clockwise L-R: Bill and Madeline Eller, Klaus Napp-Zinn, Katherine Owen, Hazel James, Nancy and Walton Eller.
  4. Clockwise L-R: Glenn Eller, Karen Plezman, Selma Eller, Mary D. Clamp, Mabel Eller O'Hara.

p. 285 --------------------------------------------------------
  1. L-R: Juanita Eller, Joe C. Eller, Charlotte E. Marshall, Hazel James, Katherine Owen.
  2. Clockwise L-R: Don and Roma Eller Crewdson, Jean Eller Mouer (Roma and Jean are sisters of Bill Eller), Lynn Eller, Janine Porter, Joe C. Eller, David B. Eller, Charlotte Marshall, Juanita and Gerald Eller, Mary Clamp, Robert Eller (bro. to Bill).
  3. Clockwise L-R: Bethel Stolte, Madeline Eller, Jean Mouer, Roma and Don Crewdson.
  4. Winnie Mae Green, Blanche Hausley.

p. 286 ------------------------------------------------------
  1. Solveig Korte and dau. Kirsten Korte with their map displaying distribution of all registrants at the conference.
  2. Gerald and Juanita Eller, Phyllis and Vernard Eller, Charlotte Marshall.
  3. President Bill gets another session underway. Ladies in 1st Row L-R: Roberta Smith, Marjorie Huffine, Jane Huffine.
  4. Hazel James, Katherine Owen.

p. 287 -------------------------------------------------------
  1. Dwight and Patricia Eller from Tucson, AZ.
  2. Julia and Roger Eller from Raleigh, NC.
  3. Gerald and Donald Eller (twins) from Nebraska.
  4. Leetha Renwick, ( new German translator for the EFA)

p. 288 -------------------------------------------------------
  1. Registration: Standing: Mary D. Clamp and Mabel Eller O'Hara, Bill Eller. Seated: Glenn and Selma Eller.
  2. Registration: Nancy and Walton G. Eller, Sr. (Nancy is new Secretary-Treasurer of the EFA and Walton is a new member of the Board of Directors.
  3. Chuckwagon Supper and Western Show: Left front: Bethel Stolte, Right front: John C. and Leona Eller.
  4. Front Row L-R: Marjorie Eller Godfrey, Vernard Eller. Second Row, center: Clarice and John Stanley.

p. 289 ---------------------------------------------------------
  1. Chuckwagon Supper-: John and Leona Eller, Charlotte Marshall.
  2. L-R: Joy Eller, Myrrel Baldwin, Lynn Eller
  3. L-R: Byron Eller, Bill Eller, Bethel Stolte, Joy Eller.
  4. L-R: Lynn Eller, Sidney and Dorothy Vaughn.

p. 290 -------------------------------------------------------
  1. L-R: Walton G.Eller-, Katherine Owen, Hazel James, Charlotte Marshall, Nancy Eller, Janine Porter, Klaus Napp-Zinn.
  2. L-R clockwise: Jean Eller Mouer, Selma and Glenn Eller, Velvyn and Russell Jarboe, Bernice Eller and Roberta Smith, Mary D. Clamp, Karen Plezman.
  3. Ist Row L-R: Leona Eller (Mrs. John C.), Roberta Smith, Bernice Eller, Joanne Ball. 2nd Row L-R: Bill and Doris Burgess, Kathryn Owen, Hazel James, Nancy Eller.
  4. Velvyn and Russell Jarboe.

P. 291 --------------------------------------------------------
  1. Waiting for the Chuckwagon Supper.
  2. Gerald in deep discussions with Blanche Hausley about their common Biffle ancestors.
  3. Richard and Bill Eller.
  4. Cowboys entertaining at the Chuckwagon supper.

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