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Minutes of the Biennial Membership Meeting
Friday, July 19, 1991
Estes Park, Colorado

The General Membership Meeting of the Eller Family Association was called to order by President J. William (Bill) Eller at 2:55 p. m., after Charlotte Marshall had recognized all people present who were also at Conference '89 at Salisbury, and all newcomers.

Dwight Eller then spoke briefly about what is generally termed "junk mail" from Gloria A. Eller (perhaps not her real name) in Ohio, warning members to be careful before investing in her book-and to "go ahead at your own risk."

President Bill extended a warm welcome to those present, then moved to business matters

  1. 1.   AGENDA-- Bill presented the proposed agenda for approval. The agenda was approved, with no additions or comments from the membership.

  2. 2.   MINUTES and FINANCIAL STATEMENT-- The minutes of the last meeting (Salisbury, NC, 1989), and the financial statement up through June, 1991, were read. There were no questions or comments from the membership. The minutes were approved with no questions or comments.

  3. 3.   BUSINESS:
    1. a.   BOARD MEMBERS: TERM of OFFICE-- It was determined, during the past two years, that working with eight members on the Board of Directors is too laborious. Therefore, the number has "arbitrarily" been lowered to five. The Board of Directors, in its meeting during this conference, voted unanimously that a By-laws Committee shall be formed to change the By-laws to read five members, rather than eight. Bill requested and received approval of this by membership.

      Bill said that most matters discussed during the Board of Directors Meeting the previous evening were referred to committee, and that several committees, including a By-laws committee, will be formed to consider a number of matters. They will work with the Board to send out to the Association a ballot with the Board's recommendations, so that a revised By-laws may be brought to the next conference. He mentioned one such matter: tax exempt status.

    2. b.   TAX EXEMPT STATUS-- The question of incorporation, or articles of incorporation leading to tax exempt status has been mentioned. No decision has been made, since proper legal advice is needed, and will be sought. Pros and cons will be carefully studied.

  4. 4.   ELECTION of OFFICERS and BOARD MEMBERS-- President Bill called Joe C. Eller [Chairman of the Nominating Committee] to chair the election of Officers and Board of Directors.
      • President, A. William Eller
      • Vice President, Charlotte E. Marshall
      • Secretary/Treasurer, Nancy Eller
      • Board Members:
        • Byron H. Eller, present Board member
        • Lowell Eller, present Board member
        • R. Vance Eller, present Board member
          [Not present at Conference 1991]
        • Walton G. Eller
        • Bethel Stolte

      There were no nominations from the floor. At Joe's request, a motion was made and seconded that all nominees be elected by acclamation. The entire slate of nominees (above) was elected, without discussion, by acclamation.

  5. 5.   CONFERENCE '93-- Charlotte Marshall of Nyssa, Oregon, Vice President, 1991-1993, will chair Conference '93 -.The Board and Bylaws committee will study changing the By-laws to read that the vice-president will also take on the responsibility of chairing the next conference. Charlotte will "more than likely" arrange to have Conference 1993 in Portland. Bill explained that the Conference is held in July because the organizers felt that most members could attend in July more easily than in another month.

ATTENDANCE-- Bill said that at Conference '89, Salisbury, North Carolina, there were 125 in attendance, representing 26 states and Germany; and at Conference '91, Estes Park, Colorado, there were 93 people from 20 states and Germany.

Bill's hard work during the past two years was recognized by much applause, led by Gerald. Bill, in turn, thanked his wife, Madelyn.

The General Membership Meeting adjourned at 3:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marjorie E. Godfrey

Marjorie Elle Godfrey
Recording Secretary

- 214 -

Conference '91 - Preliminary Accounting
Total Pre-Conference receipts$ 3320.35
(Deposits - May$ 971.65
Deposits - June2051.55
Deposits - July            297.15
July 22, 1991 W/D conference change   $ 400.00
$ 2920.35
Receipts from Conference
Redeposit conf. change$ 400.00
Conf. costs receipts899.45
Reprint (received cash -24.00
check #1 for book fund) Stationery80.50
T-Shirts (sep. check)       14.00
$ 1999.50    $ 1999.50
Ck. #122 Stationery$52.00
it #123 Logo badges30.55
#124 Refund Lucy Trostle46.45
#125 Refund Solveig Korte29.50
#126 T-Shirts365.00
#127 T-Shirts148.00
#128 Lazy B-Ranch876.50
#129 EFA - book fund24.00
#130 Holiday Inn2139.08
#132 Holiday Inn   397.56
TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS$4108.64   $4108.64
Balance in Account811.21
A. Wm. Eller-conf. cost120.00
Int. accrued to EFA - May to Sept.       35.79
Shipping Buddy Lovette's videos $-24.45                 
NET BALANCE (check #134 to EFA 9/16)$942.55
Deposits sent to Holiday Inn * -850.00
Expenses - Charlotte Marshall * -154.90
Bal. owing for T-Shirts -75.00
Bal. owing for stationery      -37.00
These expenses are not outstanding
A. William Eller, Pres. EFA
Chairman 1991 EFA Conference
Holiday Inn, Estes Park, Colorado

- 215 -

FROM:         Charlotte Eller Marshall

November is here again! The years have flown by since I've been working with the ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATION. This year we send our membership dues to the new secretary/treasurer, Nancy Eller of Crowley, Texas. I will miss all the notes and letters that I have become accustomed to receiving each fall. I hope to hear from all of you anyway!

The Eller's had a wonderful time at Conference '91 in Estes Park, Colorado. If you were there you know it was decided to hold Conference 193 in Portland, Oregon. This will complete the first stage of the original plan to hold our conferences by regions, East, Mid-America, and West. This should give all members an equal opportunity to attend, if not all conferences, at least the one that is in the area of the United States closest to them.

As I live in the Western U.S., I am coordinator of Conf. 193 with the help of many active members of our family association. If you have any ideas or would like to help, please write me. All ideas, thoughts and desires will be considered. We may not be able to implement all of them, but as these conferences are yours, we want what pleases you.

You probably know that plans have already started:
  1. )There will be an Album Quilt to be raffled. All Ellers will have an opportunity to receive chances on the quilt for a donation. That's the way we conduct raffles here in Oregon. More on THE QUILT in February 192 issue.
  2. ) We are going to have a craft sale or auction. If you are "crafty", please plan to donate item(s). If you have other talents perhaps you have a relative who will make items if you share the cost of materials. I hope every member, and any Eller who would like to participate, will Donate craft items and come to Conf. '93 to see and take part in this sale. Those working on this are very excited about it. All items will be donated with all proceeds going to the R & R fund. That's restoration and research! Any other ideas for fund raising, please contact me. Available time during the conference will determine what we can do in addition to the above mentioned plans.
  3. ) Along with all the ELLER presentations and genealogy, we are going to spend one day seeing some of the wonders of the area. This will be an organized tour, by bus and by sternwheeler up the Columbia River. Those who choose not to go on the tour might make any one of several short (2 or 3 hour) excursions about the city, or we might plan an organized activity for them. More on THE TOUR in the Feb. issue!
  4. ) Time for lots of visiting and learning about Eller history and genealogy will be scheduled.
  5. ) Last and certainly not least, more of the great entertainment that was enjoyed so much at Conf. '91 will be planned. When that committee contacts you, feel honored and be willing to participate in the fun. If your talents have been hidden thus far, Volunteer!

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future with your thoughts and ideas for Conf. '93. My best regards to all,

Eller Family Association
Charlotte Eller Marshall
2832 Hwy. 201
Nyssa, Oregon 97913

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