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ANOTHER REUNION, another time - 1925

by Lynn Eller

At the second Biennial Family Conference in Estes Park, CO., July 1991, a dialogue with Dwight Eller of Tucson, AR. turned up a scrapbook that has been in the Harvey Eller family for some 75 years. Dwight and his wife Pat Eller sent this old scrapbook of newspaper clippings to me after the conference. Among it's many treasures are obituaries printed in various newspapers. one of great importance is the obituary of Capt. Jesse Franklin Eller who died Nov. 5, 1900. Another obituary is of William Hamilton Eller from a Greensboro, NC paper. And the obituary of Barnett Cleveland Eller, second eldest son of Harvey and Caroline, contains information never before known to this generation. Cleveland is quoted in the obituary describing the day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Cleveland was a member of the Union Army and stationed in Little Rock, AR. on that fateful day.

I have concluded that the scrapbook was compiled by my aunt, Ella Eller Owens, of Stratton, NE. It covers a period of 1900 to 1930. At her death, the scrapbook fell into the hands of my parents, Verne and Stella Eller who in turn presented it to Dwight and Pat Eller.

A major article in the scrapbook covers the proceedings of the first Harvey Eller reunion in Clay Center, NF. in June, 1925, by the Clay County Sun. It is reported that 114 descendents of Harvey and Mary Caroline Eller were present for the three day event. The duration of the reunion and the numbers attending curiously correspond with those figures surrounding the Salisbury and Estes Park conferences! The reuning group elected officers and they proceeded with a program startlingly similar to our own recent reunions. Of great interest at this 1925 conclave was the presentation of James W. Hook's first edition of our family genealogy. Though he did not attend the reunion, Hook was elected vice president of the group as well as it's historian.

The Sun article fortunately lists all 114 descendents who attended. Of that number, five names stand out. They are Leetha Troxel Renwick, Floise Morris Sperati, Dorothy Eller Vaughn, and Gerald and Donald Eller. These five descendents were also present at the Estes !lark Conference just concluded.

Printed herewith is the historic article from the Clay County Sun.


114 Members of Old North Carolina. Family Here for
First Set Meeting of all Branches
Jacob H. Eller Sponsors Three Big Days
of Feasting and Visiting,
Never before in the history of Clay Center, Nebraska has so numerous and so desirable a crowd of people all of a kin honored this town as last week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (June 24, 25, 26, 1925) when the Eller family from all over the country gathered here for their first formal family reunion. They came by train and by auto and at the family dinner and supper served Thursday, 114 members of the clan sampled Nebraska food and gave every evidence of their approval of it.

Harvey and Mary Caroline Eller, the foundation from which sprung all of the throng assembled here on this occasion moved from North Carolina to Iowa in 1852 and in the early 1880's the first representatives of the family came to Clay County Nebraska, and have ever since been prominently identified with its growth. After a successful career as a banker in Clay Center Jesse Franklin Eller moved to Harvard, Nebraska and later to California, where he has maintained his residence for many years. Cleveland Eller was a successful business man of Clay County for years and since moving to David City, in Butler County, has continued being very successful in commercial lines. After several years living in Clay County, Mr. Thomas Arnold Eller moved to Hitchcock County Nebraska where he could have more room to spread out and he has no greater delight than his yearly trips back to Clay County to tell the rest of us how foolish we are that we do not move out and neighbor with him. Jacob H. Eller, the one brother, who came to Nebraska with the rest and never ceased to think Clay County the very best place on earth to live is one of the leading merchants of the state and it was upon his invitation that there assembled in Clay Center 114 of the descendents of Harvey and Mary Eller to make new ties and cement old affections. It was a remarkable meeting and Clay Center was highly honored by reason of it being held here.

The first day of the reunion was taken up in receiving the guests and getting acquainted. The second day was the day of reunion and after a magnificent dinner served in the Congregational church dining room by the Ladies Aid of the church, the following program was thoroughly enjoyed.

PreludeMrs. Calvin Rollins
Song"How Firm a, Foundation"
invocationDaniel C. Troxel
Song"Come to the Church in the Wildwood"
Address“A Pioneer Family" - Daniel C. Troxel
The Family HistorySadie Hook Passig
Reports of Attendenceby families in order of seniority
Description of Eller Memorial Church - erected at Greensboro, NC in honor of William Hamilton Eller, oldest son of Harvey Eller:
by Mrs. Bess Eller Stone
Letter from the only living brother of Harvey Eller, James Eller of Ashe County N.C., who was 97 years old on June 25, 1925:
read by Otis R. Eller
Reminiscences Cleveland Eller
More Distant Branches of the Family Gaither Whittington
The In-LawsDe Los Davis
Song“Blest Be The Tie That Binds"
Song“God Be With You Till We Meet Again"
BenedictionDaniel C. Troxel

At the supper hour a committee consisting of Mrs. Sadie Hook Passig, Hugh Eller, Bess Eller Stone, Daniel C. Troxel and Mabel Eller Jessup was appointed to consider arrangements for a permanent organization. Their recommendations which were concurred in by those present, appointed permanent officers as follows: J. H. Eller, Pres.; James W. Hook, New Haven, Conn., Vice President and Historian; Otis R. Eller, Lincoln, Nebraska, Secretary and Treasurer; Carrie Eller Eelch, Greensboro, N.C., member of executive committee.

Later in the evening an impromptu program was presented by the younger-: members of the family. This program consisted of readings, solos, duets, and short addresses concluded the day.

To accommodate such a throng might in some places the size of Clay Center prove a difficult task, but here good neighbors of the Eller family hastened to offer their homes if needed to house the visitors and everyone was made comfortable under most home-like surroundings. The brothers and sisters, children of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Eller were entertained in the commodious J. H. Eller home while the younger relatives were cared for at the spacious home of Mr. Calvin Rollins, son-in-law of Mr. Eller. (and daughter, Mary Merle Eller Rollins)

A genealogy of the Eller-Hook families in America compiled by James W. Hock of New Haven, Conn., was presented at this reunion. The genealogy covers the complete history of the Eller family for eight generations since it first settled in America.

Greetings were received by wire from Jesse F. Eller of Red Bluff, Calif., the only living member of the immediate family of Harvey and Mary Caroline Eller, who was not present.

The Clay County Sun

The following is the register, by families, of those attending the first formal reunion of the Harvey Eller family held at Clay Center, Nebraska, June 24, 25, and 26, 1925:

Blair, Nebr.Lusk, Wyoming

William Hamilton Eller Family:
Mrs. Carrie E11er Welch, daughter Carolyn WelchGreensboro, N.C.
Mrs. Bess Eller Stone, daughter Elizabeth StoneGreensboro, N.C.

Barnett Cleveland Eller Family:
Cleveland Eller and wife Annie Troxel Eller. David City, Nebr.
Dale, Maurice and Lucille Buckley David City, Nebr.
Troy and Louise Eller, EugeneDavid City, Nebr.

Virginia Eller Hook Family:
Orrin HockPomona, California
Sadie Hook Passig and Edgar Passig Humbolt, Iowa

Nannie (Nancy) Eller Troxel Family:
Leetha Troxel Washington, D.C.
Daniel C. Troxel Hiram, Ohio

Anderson Eller Family:
Anderson Eller Glenwood, Iowa
Harvey and Mrs. Harvey Eller Omaha, Nebr.
Tyndall O. Eller and Mrs. Tyndall Eller Glenwood, Iowa

Jesse Franklin Eller Family:
Charles Eller and Mrs. Charles Eller Harvard, Nebr.
Donald and Gerald Eller Harvard, Nebr.
Hugh and Helen Flier Council Bluffs, Iowa
Mrs. Lulu Eller Sherburne and Ernest J. Sherburne..Cambridge, Nebr.
Mrs. Leo Sherburne Shoemaker Cambridge, Nebr.
J. L. Buckley (wife Marguerite Eller, deceased)Cambridge, Nebr.

Martha Clementine Eller Dickens Family:
Martha Eller Dickens Farson, Iowa
Rella Dickens Dickey and Clyde Dickey Hedrick, Iowa
Arthur, Fern, Florence Dickey Hedrick, Iowa

Maggie Eller Davis Family:
Maggie Eller Davis and E. De Los Davis Hedrick, Iowa
Grace Hawthorne Davis Hedrick, Iowa
Mary Davis Douglas Ottumwa, Iowa
Lyle De Los Davis Trumbull, Nebr.

Curtis Eller Family:
Louise Eller Morris and daughter Eloise Morris

Thomas Arnold Eller Family:
Thomas A. and Alicc, Phelps Eller Stratton, Nebr.
Alden and Mrs. Alden Eller, Kenneth EllerOak, Nebr.
Ella Eller OwensTrenton, Nebr.
Verne and Stella Eller, Dorothy, Donald and WadeStratton, Neb,
John and Mrs. Lula EllerGeneva, Nebr.

Jacob H. Eller Family:
J. H. and Mrs. Frances Gillette Eller Clay Center, Nebr.
Merle Eller Rollins and Calvin Rollins, Catherine, Frances, Calvin, Jr., Marjorie Rae Eller Clay Center, Nebr.
Mabel Eller JessupLos Angeles, Calif.
Florence Eller Cowan and Ralph Cowan ,Robert, Richard, Charles Russell Cowan Lincoln, Nebr.
Frances Eller
Raymond FlierClay Center, Nebr.

Otis Eller Family:
Otis R. and Mrs. Ruth Matraw Eller, Henry Eller Lincoln, Nebr.

Edson C. Eller Family:
Mrs. Jennie Davis Eller, Lester C. and Mildred Eller Hastings, Nebr.

Jesse Eller Family:
Virginia Eller KirkLincoln, Nebr.
Edward E. and Mrs. Elizabeth Eller, Ernest & FrankN. Wilkesbcro, N.C.

America Eller Whittington Family:
Gaither Whittington, Mrs. Ella Whittinpton & Eva,Farson, Iowa

others attending:
Martha Hockett Deeder
Alma Hockett Harvard, Nebr.
T. J. EllerTrumbull, Nebr.
America Eller Knorr and Jonathon Knorr Hastings, Nebr.
Floyd and Mrs. Floyd Knorr Trumbull, Nebr.
Fannie Eller Case
Amly Case McCoy & George McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Tinder, and Cecil
Hastings, Nebr.
Mrs. Lena Gueck Eller York, Nebr.
Robert T. Eller and Fannie Palmer;Eller Hastings, Nebr.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Phelps

The Clay County Sun


1st Row L-R: Byron Eller, Lynn Eller, _____, Solveig Korte, Kendra Korte(standing), Susan Eller.

2nd Row L-R: , Patricia Eller, Kathryn Owen, Joy Eller, Dorothy Vaughn, Leetha Renwic, Kirsten Korte, ______, Jean Mouer, _______,

Back Row: _______, ______, Bill Eller?, Dwight Eller, Donald & Gerald (twins) Bethel Stolte, Robert Eller, ______, Myrrel Baldwin, Burton Eller, Thomas Eller.

(Eds. Sorry we do not have a really good picture of this group; most, if not all, are descendants of Geo. Michael Eller from Iowa & Nebraska Ellers. Some were in attendance at the 1925 reunion in Nebraska)

- 241 -


Submitted by R. Vance Eller, Salisbury, NC

W. V. Eller of Rowan County, N.C. and Fannie A. Kepley of Rowan Co., NC, married September 15, 1901 at home of bride by Rev. J. S. Nelson.

Witness: Napoleon Traxler, D.W. Kesler & others.


William Vance Eller b. Sept. 5th 1878
Fannie Alice Kepley b. 29th Jan 1885


Emma Viola Eller b. 16 Jun 1902
Mary Ethel Ellerb. 10 Sep 1904
Gladys May Ophelia Ellerb. 5 Jan 1908
Margarette Odette Ellerb. 30 Jul 1910
Reuben Vance Ellerb. 1 Jul 1917
Infant boy lived 2b. 22 Jul 1920


Fannie Kepley Ellerd.16 Dec 1953
Wm. Vance Ellerd. 27 Jan 1960
Emma Viola Ellerd. 11 Jul 1975
Gladys Mae O. Ellerd. 4 Dec 1986
Margarette O. Eller Juliand. 10 Apr 1990

Viola Eller and Thomas Lee LentzAug 1921
Mary Ethel Eller and Otis T. Woods15 Dec 1923
Margaret O. Eller and Wilber C. Julian19 Apr 1942
R. Vance Eller and Charlotte Louise Fisher17 Jul 1943

FROM: Gladys (Eller) Smolinski, 1565 Highland, Clarkston, WA 99043.
CORRECTIONS AND ADDITIONS TO 1900 SOUNDEX CENSUS - Vol. V No. 3, August 1991, p. 175:

Nez Perce County, Idaho
Original County; Lewiston 83501
Eller, John Beardb. 3 Nov 1859; d. 2 Jul 1907
-CordeliaW b. 23 Aug 1863;d. 22 Apr 1954
-Lydia BellD b. 28 Feb 1882d. 14 Jun 1972
-Lulu FrancesD b. 10 Dec 1884;d. 12 Jan 1971
-BessieD b. 10 Jun 1888;d. 26 Apr 1908
-Franklin JohnS b. 20 Jun 1890d. 21 Jan 1938
-Wesley NewtonS b. 4 Nov 1886d. 4 Feb 1887
-InfantS b. 11 Sep 1893 d. 11 Sep 1803

"My cousin and I cannot think who Westen E. might be."
This family descends from Leonard Eller, 2nd son of George Michael Eller."

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