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Descendants of George Michael Eller

  • Harvey(5), SIMEON(4), b. 1794, John(3), Peter(2), G.M.(1)
    • William Hamilton(6), b. 29 Oct 1842. Co. D, 10th IA Inf.
    • Barnett Cleveland "Cleve"(6), b. 29 Feb 1844. Co. K, 9th IA Cav.
    • Mary Octavia(6), b. 10 Dec 1848, m. 24 Oct 1868, Josiah Phelps, b. 27 Jan 1843. Co. E, 17th IA Inf.
  • John Cleveland(5)
    • America Elizabeth(6), b. 10 Apr 1850, m. 4 Jun 1868, Abraham C. Fisher, b. 29 Jul 1845. Co. K, 9th IA Cav.
  • James(5), b. 10 Jul 1830. Co. K 53rd NC Inf. Rejected.
  • David H.(5), b. 10 Jul 1830. Co. K, 53r-d NC, Inf. (Wilkes Rangers)
  • Jesse Franklin(5), b. 17 Dec 1835. Co. K, 53rd NC Inf.
  • Thomas Jefferson(5), b. 1837/1838. Co. B, 1st NC Inf.

  • David W. (5), JOHN JR(4), John(3), Peter(2), G.M.(l) b. 19 Dec 1836. Co. A, 1st NC Cav.
  • Jesse W.(5), b. 22 Aug 1837. Co. A, 1st NC Cav.
  • John Harrison(5), b. 18 Jan 1842. Co. A, 1st NC Cav.

  • Mathias (Mathis)(5), ABSOLOM(4), John(3), Peter(2), G.M.(l) b. 22 Mar 1831. Co. K, 53rd NC Inf.
  • Francis(5), b. 3 Jan 1833. Co. F, 52nd NC Inf., & Co. K, 53rd NC Inf.
  • James Madison(5), b. 17 Jun 1840. Co. C, 26th NC Inf. (Wilkes Volunteers).
  • William Harrison(5), b. 16 Sep 1843. Co. K, 53rd NC Inf.

  • Barnett Cleveland "Cleve",(5), PETER(4), John(3), Peter(2), G.M.(l) b. 9 Dec 1837. Co. B, 1st NC Inf.
  • Henry Gordon (Harvey Gordon)(5), b. 27 Apr 1841. Co. K, 53rd NC. Inf.
  • Rufus(5), b. 19 Oct 1843. Co. B, 1st NC Inf.
  • John Horton(5), b. 10 Aug 1845. Co. F, 37th NC Inf.

  • William, A.(5), WILLIAM "Footy Billy"(4), Peter Jr.(3), Peter Sr.(2), G.M.(l) b. 1831.
  • Henry Harrison, (Harrison)(H.H.(5), b. 1844. Co. K, 53rd NC Inf.

  • Jacob(5), JACOB(4), Peter Jr.(3), Peter(2), G.M.(l) b. 1843. Co. C, 26th NC Inf.

  • Jesse H.(5), GEORGE(4), Peter Jr.(3), Peter(2), G.M.(l) b. 1832. Co. G, 18th NC Inf.

  • James F.(5), NANCY(4),(single parent), Peter Jr.(3), Peter(2), G.M.(l) b. 1837. Co.. B, 55th NC Inf., Co. B, 26th NC Inf.
  • Leander(5), b. 1842, Co. K, 53rd NC Inf.

  • Aswell Peter(5), LUKE(4), Jacob(3), Peter(2), G.M.(l) b. 21 Nov 1834. Co. D, 5th Bn., NC Cav.
  • Hansford(5), b. 25 Apr 1841, Co. D, 5th Bn., NC Cav.

  • Benjamin(5), LEONARD(4), Adam(3), Leonard(2), G.M.(l) b. 1833. Co. D, 79th IN Inf.
  • Andrew(5) ? whether s/o Leonard or David. b. 1838. Co. D, 79th IN Inf.
  • David(5)(Cothren), DAVID(4), Adam(3), Leonard(2), G.M.(l) b. 1826. Co. F, 59th IN Inf.

  • Thomas J.(5), ANDREW(4), Adam(3), Leonard(2), G.M.(l) b. 1837. Co. D, 79th 'IN Inf.
  • David(5), b. 1839, Co. D, 79th IN Inf.
  • Andrew Jr. "Jack"(5), b. 1843. Co. D, 79th IN Inf.
  • Johnston, Newton, step-son of Andrew. b. 1830. 17th IN Inf.

  • Henry(5), Joseph(4), John(3), Leonard(2), G.M.(l) b. 1837. Co. G, 147th OH Inf.
    • Enoch (Enos)(4), b. 2 Aug 1825. Co. D, 147th OH Inf.
    • Martin(4), b. 1824/25. Co. K, 13th IN Inf.

  • Joseph W.(5), ABSOLCM(4), Joseph(3), Leonard(2), G.M.(l) b. 1839.
  • James W.(5)
  • Fernando Cortez(5). b. 4 Nov 1843. Co A, 132nd IN Inf.
  • Marion Absolam(5). b. 15 Nov 1845. Co. A, 132nd IN Inf.

  • John A.(4), George Jr.(3), George Sr.(2), G.M.(l) b. 19 Dec 1830. Co. A, 42nd NC Inf.
  • George W.(4). b. 1833. Co. B, 10th VA Cav.
  • Samuel F.(S.F.)(4). b. Nov 1838. Co. D, 15th NC Inf.

Descendants of Jacob Eller

  • Humphrey Posey(5), JOSEPH (Joe)(4), Susannah "Sukey"(3), Jacob Jr.(2), Jacob(l) b. 1826. Co. E, 52nd GA Inf.
  • William(5). b. 1832. Co. G, 65th GA Inf.
  • Elisha Hedden (E-H.)(5). b. 24 Oct 1837. Co. G, 65th GA Inf.
  • Jeffrey (Jeffers)(5). b. 1838. Co. E, 52nd GA Inf.
  • Jacob F.(5). b. 1838. Co. D, 24th GA Inf.
  • George Henry (G.C.)(5). b. 25 Apr 1842. Co. D, 24th GA Inf.
  • Alfred Webb(5). b. 18 Jun 1847. Co. F, 30th Bn., GA Cav.
  • Albert "Bert" M.(5). b. 18 Jun 1847. Co. D, 11th GA Cav

  • William (W.R.)(5), Jacob "Jake"(4), Susannah "Sukey"(3), Jacob Jr.(2), Jacob(l) b. 1837. Co. E, 52nd GA Inf. (Hiawassee Rangers)
  • Robert (R.H.)(5), b. 1840. Co. F, 52nd GA Inf.
  • Hardy (H.W.)(5), b. 16 Jul 1843. Co. E, 52nd GA inf.
  • John P.(5), b. 1845. Co. E, 52nd GA Inf.

  • George C.(5), William "Bill"(4), Susannah "Sukey”(3), Jacob Jr.(2), Jacob(l) b. 1836. Co. G, 65th GA Inf. (Fain's Reg't.)
  • William Henry(5), b. 1841. (Appears on Georgia roster, but Reg't. ?)

  • John(4), Joseph "Joe"(3), Jacob Jr.(2), Jacob Sr.(l)
    • John Wesley(5), possibly Westley, Co. B, 69th NC Inf.
  • Jacob(4), b. 13 Jan 1822. "Ethan Allen" Co.
  • Abraham A.(4), b. 26 Aug 1833. Co. A, 2na NC Cav. (Cherokee Rangers)
  • Joseph Michael(4), b. 11 Mar 1835. 1. Cherokee Mtd. Riflemen, 2. Co. G, 65th GA Inf. 3. Co. H, lst SC Art.

  • Joel W.(3), John "Johnny"(2), Jacob(l) b. 25 Nov 1825. Co. B, 157th VA Militia.
  • Abram J.(3), b. 1.828. Co. B, 157th VA Militia.
  • Henry B.(3), b. 1837. Co. B, 157th VA Militia
  • John W.(3), Abram (Abrahm)(2), Jacob(l) b. 16 May 1836. Co. B, 157h VA Militia
  • David(3), b. 1840/42. Co. B, 157th VA Militia.

Descendants of Christian Eller

  • George(4), John(3), George(2), Christian(l)
    • Henry B.A.(5), b. 1 May 1845. Co. I, 10th IN Cav.
  • John Jr.(4), b. 1815. Served in Mexican War.
    • James M.(5), b. 1838. Co, G, 31st IN Inf.
    • Isaac P.(5), b. 1842. 20th Batt., IN Light Art.
  • Henry(4)
    • John Thomas (Thomas J.)(5), b. 29 Jul 1840. Co. I, 22nd IN Inf.
    • James W. (Willian)(5), b. 29 May 1846. Co. I, 10th IN Cav.
  • James H.(4), b. 12 Apr 1821. Served in Mexican War. Co. I, 82nd IN Inf., (C.W.)
    • John W.(5), b. 1 Oct 1841. Co. I, 145th IN inf.
    • James W. (Wright)(5), b. 3 Jul 1843. Co. I, 22nd IN Inf.

Descendants of Henry Eller

  • Martin(5), Henry(4), Daniel(3), Henry Jr.(2), Henry Sr.(l) b. 20 Sep 1837. Co. A, 11th OH Inf.
  • John(5), b. 11 Dec 1840. Co. K, 34th IN Inf.

  • William(4), Elias(3), Jacob Sr.(2), Henry Sr.(l) b. 17 Apr 1833. Co. K, 1st MO Cav. (CSA)
  • Abraham(Abram) S.(4), b. 1835. Co. D, Perkin's Bn., MO Inf.(CSA)

Ellers Not Yet Traced Back to an Immigrant Ancestor

  • Ephraim S/0 Aaron & Mary Erhart-Eller. (1850 Census, Wayne Co., IN) b. 12 Apr 1835. Co. E, 147th IN Inf.
  • Jacob, b. 14 Oct 1840. Co. I, 34th IA Inf.

  • Hirman(Hiram), S/0 Henry & Docia Norris-Eller. (1850 census, White Co., TN) b. 1835. Co. K, 1st TN Mtd. Inf. (U.S.A.)
  • James H., b. 20 Aug 1836. Co. K, 25th TN Inf. (C.S.A.)
  • Thomas, b. 1841. Co. D, 1st TN Inf. Bn. (Colm's) (C.S.A.)

  • Thomas A., S/0 James & Susan Eller. (1860 Census, Monroe Co., KY) b. 1840. Co. B, 5th KY Cav. (U.S.A.)
  • Jacob Franklin, b. 1842. Co. B, 5th KY Cav. (U.S.A.)
  • James L., b. 1844. Co. F, 1st TN Mtd. Inf. (U.S.A.)


  • Moses(5), Charles(4), John(3), John Melcher(2), Jacob(l) w. Maria Goettge b- 1828. Co. D, 23rd NC Inf.
  • James(5), b. 1835. Co. H, 23rd NC Inf.
  • David(5), b. 1836. Co. D, 42nd NC Inf.
  • Jesse Benjamin(5), b. 1844. Co. B, 42nd NC Inf.

  • Jesse, (Pedigree not known). (1850 Census, Rowan Co.) b. 1830. Co. F, 7th NC Inf.
  • Richard E., (brother of above), b. 1834. Co. D, 23rd NC Inf.

  • John M., s/o Andrew & Catherine Eller. (1850 Census, Rowan Co.) b. 1828, Co. D, 7th NC Inf.
  • Cornelius, b. 1834. Co. D, 42nd NC Inf.
  • Eli, b. 1835. Co. H, 23rd NC Inf.
  • Samuel, b. 1838, Co. H, 23rd NC Inf.

  • Jacob, s/o Conrad & Mary Eller. (1850 Census, Rowan Co.) b. 1841(?). Co. D, (Rowan Artillery) 1st NC Art. & Ord.
  • Joseph, b. 1843. Co. C, 57th NC Inf.

  • Joshua, s/o. Charles & Catherine Eller. (1850 Census, Rowan Co.) b. 1834. Co. D, 23rd NC Inf.
  • Caleb, b. 1838. Co. F, 7th NC Inf.
  • Benjamin (Jesse Benjamin?), b. 1840. Co. G, 6th NC Inf.
  • William, b. 1842. Co. D, (Rowan Art.), 1st NC Art. & Ord.

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Eller Chronicles Vol. VII (3) Aug, 1993


605 Vine St.
Martins Ferry, OH 43935

At the ELLER Conference II, Estes Park, Colorado I submitted a Computerized Family History of Henry & Elizabeth BIGLER ELLER. There have been a few additions since that time; however Information is still needed on their children; especially their oldest son Joseph ELLER.

The purpose of this report is to tell you about a new computer program that I have obtained recently that uses the data of my Personal Ancestral File Program obtained from the L.D.S. Family History Dept. which has already been entered. It Is called PAF Ability, and prints in a new format. Instead of Family Group Records and Notes to follow; It Is a modified version of the "Register" or "New England System" used by the "New York Genealogical and Biographical Quarterly", and prints by Generation with different numbering system. After individuals are named along with personal data, the notes follow Immediately, making It easier to read and understand.

In comparison this version Is much smaller than the original submitted. This copy has 47 pages, including 5 pages of Index. The other one has some 215 pages of actual data Including a Descendancy Chart of 10 pages. There was no Index. Of course I included personal documents in the original, making It almost two inches thick.

Examples are being submitted for your examination. Also, In case it might be of Interest, I am including a page giving Information where these Genealogy Programs may be obtained. The Personal Ancestral File is from L.D.S. as mentioned previously; and the new PAF Ability from an Individual in Maryland.

I am sure there are other programs that would be just as satisfactory, and I have seen them advertised. This Is merely to tell you about what does the job for me. I have also done my husband's family; and hope to do other ancestral lines.

In closing, Good Luck In your own Research; and I present my latest version of the HENRY & ELIZABETH BIGLER ELLER FAMILY HISTORY to the ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATION



Clarice V. (Eller) Stanley, 605 Vine St., Martins Ferry, OH 43935


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Family History Department
Ancestral File Operations Unit, 22.2
50 North West Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150       Phone: (801) 240-2584

Originally bought 2.1 Version at $35.00 which included Manual In 1988. Updated 2.2 Version Diskettes cost $5.00 Plus $8.00 for Manual - $13.00 in 1989 (Copyright 1986, 1988, 1989)
I do not know the cost as of now; however probably around $45.00? LDS does not advertise; therefore making their program much cheaper.
When ordering, you advise the type of computer that you have, and size of diskettes, etc.

Item of further Interest - The Family Group Sheets, as well as the personal data entry screen will show Fields for Dates of Baptism, Endowment and Seal. This is for those who wish to submit family records to the LDS Temple. IN CONFIGURATION, YOU CAN ELIMINATE THESE LDS ORDINANCE FIELDS, AND THEY WILL NOT APPEAR ON THE SCREEN OR REPORTS!


PAFAbility, Version 2.0     Copyright (c) 1991, 1992

Barbara A. Bennett
6426 Pound Apple Court
Columbia, MD 21045-5414     Phone: (410) 381-1735


Cost as of April 1993 - $10.00, plus $2.00 s&h.

System Requirements for PAFAbility Version 2.0:
Computer with IBM-DOS or MS-DOS operating system, version 3.0 or higher.
640K Memory
Hard Disk
Personal Ancestral File Data Flles
Optional:     Expanded memory-, mouse, printer.


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Eller Chronicles Vol. VII (3) Aug, 1993

A Restoration Project
42nd 28th St.
Atlanta, GA 30309

  1. 1) Attached to this outline is a letter dated 21 October 1992 that details the two proposals of the project, that of David Eller and John Eller. The letter explains quite clearly the reasons why restoration is needed and that it is proper that we accomplish such efforts.

    This letter was posted to twenty descendants of John and Simeon Eller relatives who are closest to these lines. Within six months we had responses from 10 descendants who have contributed a total of $760. We continue to appeal to others of these lines to make a commitment. Our goal is $1000. The restoration of David's marker will be approximately $150.00. The gravestone for John will be about $450.00. Other expenses for this project will be a contribution to the New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery Fund and an honorarium for the Honor Guard which will attend the ceremony and dedication for David.

  2. 2) Organizing a Restoration Project:
    1. a. Obviously the first requisite is a NEED. Those of us who have visited the New Hope area have clearly seen the need to restore a broken gravestone. It is heartbreaking to see the stone of our Civil War casualty relative broken and lying on the ground. We also felt the NEED for a proper marker for John. This will be erected next to the gravestone of John's wife, Susannah Kerns Eller.

    2. b. Organizing this particular effort should involve two or three interested persons, it was thought. Myrrel Baldwin, Byron Eller and I did just that. My responsibility was writing the initial letter to descendants, contacting the New Hope Baptist Church for approval and establishing a target date for completion. Myrrel's responsibilities have been receiving and acknowledging contributions which he then forwarded to the EFA Treasurer, Nancy Eller. Disbursements for the expenses of the project will be made by the Treasurer. And, Myrrel is in command of having the marker repaired and contracting with a Wilkes County artisan to design a proper marker. Byron's involvement is in the area of planning a proper service and dedication for David Eller. Byron's connections with Civil War organizations have produced a N.C. Honor Guard which will be present at New Hope in July 1995.

    3. c). In summary, when such a restoration project is established, you must first feel the NEED. Then you must organize a small group to spear head the project and to carry out it's mission to a proper conclusion. Thought should be given to a budget that will be required, action taken to contact relatives and descendants for financial assistance AND participation in a proper dedication ceremony. You should target a time frame an conclusion for the project. Most importantly, funds collected for such a project, which is under the umbrella of the EFA, must properly be handled by the EFA Treasurer. At the conclusion of a restoration project, funds remaining after all expenses, should revert to the general Restoration and Research Fund.

(Eds. Lynn has provided a model for similar cemetery restoration projects. Those wishing to contribute to these projects should send their contributions to:

Myrrel Baldwin, 20 Windihill Drive, Greenburg, PA 15601)

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