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The Eller Chronicles Vol.- VIII-2 MAY 1994

...Terry Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Eller, (Veta May, Mrs.) William Elrod

========== Big Family Affair in Gainesville ==========
Dixon Eller Closed Up His General Store In Clarkesville and Came to the Reunion

Times Staff Writer

    Eighty-year old Dison D. Eller operates a general store and cornmill in Clarkesville. He drives his own car to work every day, but Saturday he closed his mill for a while.
    He closed because he and his wife, 77, had to make a trip to Gainesville. They were going to the first family reunion the Eller family has ever held.
    Now, Mr. And Mrs. Eller have lived in North Georgia all their lives: but their 11 children have moved to all parts of the country.
    The Ellers have children and grandchildren living in North Carolina, Texas, California, Florida and New York, and they don't see those people as often as they, would like.
    But Saturday afternoon, the children were at a Gainesville restaurant where the reunion was being held. Forty-six grandchildren and 33. great-grandchildren made four, generations of Ellers under one roof.
    Although this was a "first" reunion, the idea began four years ago with the Eller's oldest son, Herman, who lives In Corpus Christi, Tex.

    He and his wife did most of the planning for the occasion, and have been in Gainesville for, the past week making final arrangements.
    Mr. and Mrs. Eller, wearing crowns as "king and queen" of the family, sat in, chairs of honor while Danny Dillon, of New York who has appeared on the Ed Sullivan TV show, and the Wes Baxter Orchestra, from the Piedmont Country Club in Atlanta, provided a floor show.
    The Eller's oldest daughter, Mrs. William Elrod from Gastonia, N. C., was present as well as the youngest great-grandchild, Terry Jones. Mrs. Thomas McIntyre, Mrs. Loyd Frankum, Mrs. Verner Sisk, David D. Eller Jr., and Mrs. Olif Ellington, the Eller's children who live in Clarkesville, also attended the reunion.
    Daughters Mrs. Henry J. O'Brien Buffalo, N. Y., and Mrs. Eugene Barbon, Tampa, Fla., made long trips to attend the reunion. Mrs. John Pike, Cornelia, and Mrs. Odis Dodd, Gainesville, came to the reunion to honor their parents.
    Mr. and Mrs. Eller, were born in Hiawassee, but they came to Clarkesville 47 years ago. Eller began his store and corn mill operation in 1936, and has been operating in Clarkesville since.
    He said he thought the reunion was "just fine", and he hopes to have another one' next year.

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994

Descendants of DISON DAVID ELLER22 Sep 1994

Dison David Eller
b 10 Dec 1878-Towns county, Georgia
d 7 Aug 1969-Clarksville, Georgia

sp: Lassie Mae Wood
b 3 Jul 1882
m 2 Mar 1902-Towns county, Georgia
d 12 Jun 1961-Clarksville, Georgia

Veta Mae Eller
b 28 May 1903
d May 1989-Castonia, North Carolina

sp: William Thomas Elrod

Gertrude (Gertie) Eller
b 9 Jul 1904
d 1992

sp: Thomas B. McEntire


Hugh R. Eller
b 5 Mar 1905
d 3 Mar 1922


Hermon Jessey Eller
b 12 Jun 1906
d 1977-Corpus Christi, Texas

sp: Harriett Banning

Dale Eller

Richard Eller

sp: Dorothy

Jim Eller

Barbara Ann Eller

David Eller

sp: Lillian

Lucy Hasseltime Eller
b 17 Dec 1910

sp: Lloyd Frankum

Eula Christine Eller
b 28 Jun 1912

sp: Otis Dodd
m-Gainsville, Georgia

Bertha Marie Eller
b 27 Apr 1915
d 5 Jun 1988-Clarksville, Georgia

sp: Verner William Sisk
m-Clarksville, Georgia

Mary Faye Eller
b 26 Mar 1917

sp: Eugene Barbon
b 3 Jun 1923
m 29 Oct 1940-Gainsville, Georgia

Eugene Preston Barbon
b 13 Feb 1942

sp: Tressa Devone
m 16 May 1963

Willie Mae Eller
b 22 Mar 1919

sp: John Pike

Dison David Eller
b 15 Apr 1921

sp: Carolyn Viola Scott
b 28 Dec 1928
m-Clarksville, Georgia

Bernice Eller
b 26 Jun 1923

sp: Henry James O'Brien
m Jan 1943-Tampa, Florida

Burnell Eller
b 26 Jun 1923

sp: Olef Ellington
m 25 Dec 1945-Tocca, Georgia
d Apr 1988

Herman Jessey
DOD - 3 wives
5 children by
wife 1 & 2, none by #3

This material on Dison Eller and Lassie Wood Eller submitted by John and Lucy Eller of Skiatook Oklahoma,


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